Obsidian Command

Sim Posting Guidelines

Created by Commander Amaya Lance on 03 Apr 2018 @ 8:32am


Have fun. If people aren't having fun, then they're not playing the game properly. :)


1. Chain of Command:

The Obsidian Command leadership is made up of the Commanding Officer (CO) and the Executive Officer (XO).

In the absence of the CO, the XO assumes the responsibilities of the XO until the latter's return or until the role is filled.

The Command Staff fall under the general rules and responsibilities of Obsidian Fleet, viewable on the fleet's website. In any situation not covered by those regulations or for any other out-of-character matters, the decisions of the Command Staff are final.

2. Posting Expectations:

As a minimum measure of participation, players are expected to log into the Obsidian Command website at least once per week unless they have previously agreed a leave of absence.

Players are expected to respond to JP tags within 4 days. If a player anticipates not being able to respond within this time, they should inform the other participants of the JP.

Players are expected to actively participate in the current mission (while there is one active) by contributing at least one quality post per fortnight to the active storyline. This is a minimum expectation and regular joint-posting with other players is encouraged.

3. Leave of Absences:

There are three types of leave of absence. These should be requested in advance to the CO or the XO.

Leave of Absence (LOA) - If you will be away for 7 days or more (also if you have a JP going and will not be able to reply within 4 days). It is strongly encouraged to notify the Command Staff of this.

Extended Leave of Absence (ELOA) - For any absence in excess of one full calender month. If away for more than 1 full calender month a player may be asked to step down from post and return to any available/applicable position upon return, however this is open to discussion with the Command Staff.

Absent Without Leave (AWOL) - A lack of contact or posts within a 2-week time frame may result in a player being regarded as 'AWOL'. If this persists over a month, a formal warning may be issued by the Command Staff. Failure to respond to this or meet the minimum guidelines may result in removal from the sim.

NB: The above is a guide to our expectations around posting - these are not rules and we do love flexibility, so if you have any questions or concerns please speak to a member of the Command Staff.