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Federation Civilian Police

Created by Captain Ovik on 06 Sep 2017 @ 12:02pm

Starfleet Civilian Police is a sworn civilian police organization that assists Starfleet Security officers on stations in space and on the ground in day to day patrol, focusing on non-Starfleet civilian matters. They also handle smaller crimes committed on the bases and may assist Starfleet Security during larger investigations and emergency tactical situations.

While they are still loosely associated with Starfleet, Police officers go through a separate, shorter, academy focused on police patrols, tactical strategies, criminal investigations, laws, and Starfleet procedures.

Police Officers may be called upon or drafted/sequestered by Starfleet in emergency situations to assist with station security matters of large scale. Rarely will these officers be called upon naval or marine operations outside their stations of duty.


The ranking structure for the Civilian Police Department on a station is as follows:

Commander (LtCmdr/Maj Equiv)

Captain (Lt/MCapt Equiv)
Lieutenant (LtJG/1Lt Equiv)
Sergeant (Ens/2Lt Equiv)
Detective (WO Equiv)
Patrol Officer (WO Equiv)

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