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92nd Marine Regiment

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The 92nd Marine Regiment, otherwise known as the 92nd Regiment within the Corps, is a standard size multi-role unit, comprising of infantry, artillery and armoured units.

The initial breakdown at the Regimental level is as follows:

    Headquarters Company, 92nd Marines

    1st Battalion, 92nd Marines (1/92)

    2nd Battalion, 92nd Marines (2/92)

    3rd Battalion, 92nd Marines (3/92)

This can be broken down further into the sub-units:

Headquarters Company, 92nd Marines

    Regimental Commander (Commanding Officer/CO)

    Executive Officer (XO)

    Command Sergeant Major (CSM)

    S-1 (Manpower)

    S-2 (Intelligence)

    S-3 (Operations)

    S-4 (Logistics)

    S-5 (Planning)

    S-6 (Communications)

A typical battalion will comprise of the following units.

    Battalion Headquarters Company

    3 or 4 Companies.

The Battalion Headquarters Company is the exact same model as that of the Regimental Command, only larger to encompass far more command and control.

A standard infantry company will comprise of the following breakdown:

Company Headquarters

    Company Commander (Commanding Officer/CO) – Captain (O-3)

    Executive Officer (XO) – usually a First Lieutenant (O-2)

    First Sergeant (1stSgt, E-8)

    Gunnery Sergeant (GySgt, E-7)

    Property NCO (Sgt, E-5)

    Messenger/Driver (Pvt-LCpl, E-1/3)

Rifle Platoon (3)

Platoon Headquarters

    Platoon Commander – Lieutenant (O-1/2)

    Platoon Sergeant – Staff Sergeant (E-6)

    Platoon Guide – Sergeant (E-5)

    Messenger – (Pvt-LCpl, E-1/3)
Rifle Squad (3)
    Squad Leader – Sergeant (E-5)
Fire Team (3)
    Team Leader/Grenadier – Corporal (E-4)

    Automatic Rifleman – Lance Corporal (E-3)

    Assistant Automatic Rifleman – (Pvt-LCpl, E-1/3)

    Rifleman/Scout – (Pvt-LCpl, E-1/3)

Weapons Platoon

Platoon Headquarters

    Platoon Commander – usually a First Lieutenant (O-2)

    Platoon Sergeant – Gunnery Sergeant (E-7)
Machine Gun Section (6 – MC-30 Heavy Machine Guns)
    Section Leader – Staff Sergeant (E-6)
Machine Gun Squad (3)
    Squad Leader – Sergeant (E-5)
Machine Gun Team (2)
    Team Leader – Corporal (E-4)

    Gunner – Lance Corporal (E-3)

    Ammunition Man – (Pvt-LCpl, E-1/3)
LWCMS Mortar Section (3 – M-401 Quantum Mortars)
    Section Leader – Staff Sergeant (E-6)
Mortar Squad (3)
    Squad Leader/Gunner – Corporal (E-4)

    Assistant Gunner – Lance Corporal (E-3)

    Ammunition Man (2) – (Pvt-LCpl, E-1/3)
Assault Section (6 – Mk17 Missile Launchers)
    Section Leader – Sergeant (E-5)
Assault Squad (3)
    Squad Leader/Team Leader/Gunner – Corporal (E-4)

    Team Leader/Gunner – Lance Corporal (E-3)

    Assistant Gunner (2) – (Pvt-LCpl, E-1/3)

An armoured Company will comprise of 4 platoons of 4 tanks per platoon. An Artillery Company will comprise of 5 guns per platoon.

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