Obsidian Command

Sim Communications

Created by Captain Ovik on 26 Jul 2017 @ 12:08pm

Nova is pretty self-sufficient in communications and handling everything in the sim. This includes important information, character bios, mission posts (with email alerts), private messages, and more. But how we communicate in an OOC sense with each other, as players, is a challenge.

Discord Chat

Discord is a great tool for synchronous (live) chat, but those chats are also archived. You can use it on your desktop or iOS/Android smartphone. It is quite versatile. It even does voice chat, which we won't get into with the August.

I would encourage you to checkout the links below and then get joined up. We have to have a separate "server" for the August since the main fleet one cannot accommodate ALL sims having their own group and channel. But you can use any number of servers at once.

Discord Links