Obsidian Command


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Starfleet Admiralty

Gold trim for their pips and collar, but red uniform just like the Command division (or green for Marines).

Rank Designation Marine Pip Marine Rank
Fleet Admiral
Admiral General
Vice Admiral Lieutenant General
Rear Admiral Brigadier General
Commodore Major General

Officer & Enlisted Ranks

Rank Command Operations Science Marine Pip Marine Rank
Captain Colonel
Commander Lieutenant Colonel
Lieutenant Commander Major
Lieutenant Marine Captain
Lieutenant J.G. 1st Lieutenant
Ensign 2nd Lieutenant

Chief Warrant Officer
Master Warrant Officer
Staff Warrant Officer
Warrant Officer

Master Chief Petty Officer Sergeant Major
Senior Chief Petty Officer
Master Sergeant

First Sergeant
Chief Petty Officer Gunnery Sergeant
Petty Officer 1st Class Staff Sergeant
Petty Officer 2nd Class Sergeant
Petty Officer 3rd Class Corporal
Crewman Lance Corporal
Crewman Apprentice Private 1st Class
Crewman Recruit Private

Senior Cadet
Junior Cadet
Sophomore Cadet
Freshman Cadet
Enlisted Cadet

Federation Civilian Police

Rank Designation
Patrol Officer

United Federation of Planets

Title Designation
Diplomatic Attache
Federation Civilian
Special Operations
Antagonist Character

Other Entities

Title Designation
Romulan Empire Senator
Romulan Galae Representative
Romulan Resistance Commander
Romulan Resistance