Obsidian Command


What are Siblings for Anyway?

Posted on 10 Oct 2018 @ 11:45am by Civilian Caroline Hatfield & Civilian Phillip Sharpe

Mission: The Void
Location: FCPD Office, Deck 586
Timeline: MD-01

As soon as Phil stepped, or limped, through the open FCPD office, Caroline jumped up from her seat and ran over to him. “Phil!” She had tried to be as careful as she could with her embrace but couldn’t contain a small portion of her excitement. As soon as she felt his body stiffen up, the girl immediately jumped back slightly as her eyes widened in apology. “Sorry! I just-” She cut her apology off as she looked over him. They weren’t particularly close, but he was technically her brother, and every bit of family counted right now. “I was so worried when I heard over the Comm…”

Phil chuckled and winced a bit. "It's okay, I got cut up pretty badly by the broken glass, but nothing that a good visit to a medic can't fix." He said, and patted Caroline affectionately on the head. "It probably sounded worse than it did over the Comm. Do you really think I'm allowed to die? Annie would bring me back just to kill me for dying on her." He gave her a smile, then a hug. "I'm glad you're okay kiddo. You heard from the others at all?"

"Uncle Paul went up to Security and Uncle Matt went up to get to Ops to help Amaya. Aunt Sully got hurt but she's okay according to Annie," she then paused, feeling her eyes burn slightly from the tears that began to form. "We haven't heard from Richard or Aunt Archie yet..." Her voice broke slightly as she tried to remain strong like everyone else was.

Phil brought her into a tight embrace, holding her close to him. "It's okay, Richard's like a bloody cockroach. You just can't kill him for trying, and if he's with Archie, there's no way he'd be doing anything foolish, as she'd scold the crap out of him. Trust me, they're fine." He said, putting conviction behind his words. Truth was, he was as worried as she was, but he had to believe it for her sake. She'd lost so much, and her life had finally started to come together, then this happened. He couldn't take that from her.

Caroline shook her head quickly as she buried her head into his shoulder and wrapped her arms around him again. It had all become too much. Everything that had happened to her the past year began pouring out of her. She thought she had escaped from the danger... "I'm sorry..." she tried to apologize for her outburst but the words were barely audible and her tears were already soaking through his shirt.

"Shhh..." He said, quietly, holding her close. "Let it out..." He soothed her gently. Caroline had no doubt been holding everything together with chewing gum and prayer, but now that there was someone she could just be with, she was able to really relax and allow the flood-gates to open. Phil knew that she was here with Max, but she would've been putting on a brave front for him, so that he could stay focused. Now that Phil was here, she could stand down from that duty. "Don't worry, this lot are professionals. All we need to do is help them do what they need to do. Think you can do that for me Caz?" He asked.

Caroline pulled herself back as she tried to quickly but clumsily wiped her cheeks dry with her hands. "I think you might need to be worked on first," she nodded towards his legs. "You had a piano fall on you." The young woman began her tactical breathing to bring her lungs and her racing mind back to a normal pace as she walked back over to her temporary station and grabbed her tricorder and pointed to the empty chair in front of her. "I haven't seen my quarters since Max and I were walking home when whatever this, whatever it is, happened. I can't imagine it fared any better than yours probably did."

"Oh, you have a pointless decorative piano in your apartment as well?" Phil asked, chuckling, as he sat down on the chair to let his sister treat him. "I assure you, my apartment looks like a war-zone, piano's not withstanding, but then I had a lot of glass around the place, so that didn't help. Next time, we're going with functional décor."

Caroline chuckled. "The standard-issue stuff isn't so bad. I mean," she looked up at him after she finished her scan, "I'm just gonna go over your cuts and stuff again to reinforce everything, ok?"

"No problem." Phil replied. "Why should I use the standard issue stuff though, its ghastly, and I like the finer things - not to mention I like spoiling Annie."

She switched the setting on her tricorder and began going over the wounds the officer had done field patchwork on. "You don't really need anything too fancy to be comfortable. That way you don't have to worry when the base gets flipped over on its head." Caroline gave him a smile as moved on to the cut on his forehead.

"It's a starbase, its not supposed to move and flip around." He laughed. "I much prefer being comfortable at home when I get home, and the standard stuff just isn't that nice. This time around though, I'll let Annie help me decorate, rather than an interior designer. I really didn't need that piano, and it nearly killed me."

"You don't need a lot of those things, Phil," Caroline furrowed her eyebrows a bit. "I know Annie doesn't even want half of that stuff. It's nice and all but look at what happened. It's all shattered to bits. And neither of you even play the piano." She stuck her tongue out playfully at him. "Annie is incredibly lucky to have you, Phil, and not just because you give her nice things." She paused. "Though I may have to borrow some of the stuff in her place until I'm able to fix whatever's left of my stuff."

"I'm sure she won't mind." Phil grinned at her. "I'm using one of her phasers after all, and I doubt very much she'll object to that." He winced when she healed one of his more severe wounds. "As for my stuff, I like my stuff, and I'm not going to assume that the station is going to do barrel rolls all the time and use the crappy ass Federation furnishings designed to be put together in a hurry."

Caroline paused to give Phil a break. She looked over his face, feeling a twinge of hurt from his somewhat casual discussion of furniture preferences. But she decided to let it pass. He just didn't understand her situation as much as she had hoped. She continued on to finish healing up the rest of his wounds without saying anything. She chewed on her lower lip in focus until she finished up the last bit of wound on top of his head. "There..." she stated quietly as she looked him over one more time.

"Thanks kid." Phil said, stretching out his muscles. He turned to look at her and noticed the glum expression. "Uh oh, did I say something that upset you? I wasn't trying to be insensitive or anything you know."

She paused, placing down the tricorder and shook her head at him. "I know. Just... some of us, like Annie, aren't really lucky to be able to have those nice things readily available. So those 'crappy ass Federation furnishings' are better than not having anything."

"I apologise for my insensitivity." Phil replied, putting a hand on her shoulder. "But don't forget that lecturing me on my own furnishings and being too attached to fancy things and needing to settle for standard furniture is also a bit presumptuous of you. I imagine that were the situation reversed, you'd care if you had better things than standard too."

Caroline let out a sigh. "I'd rather have you guys with me than some fancy glass bowl set that is only there to look at. That's all I was trying to get at..." Her eyes then widened at the sudden thought. "Rocky!" She looked over at Max who was looking over the armory. "I need to go check on Uncle Matt's cat! He might be hurt!"

Max looked over at her, tilting his head to the side. He didn't want to let her go back out into the chaos but knew he couldn't spare an officer for a cat, even though it was a pretty awesome cat. He looked over at Phil with a knowing look. "Think you could help her out?"

Phil looked at Caroline's pleading face, knowing that if he didn't go, she'd be devastated. It was obviously a waste of resource to send a rescue worker out to look for a cat, but likewise it could be dangerous to send an eighteen year old girl out alone to look for a cat. Obviously, Rocky meant the world to Caroline, and she'd likely go off on her own if he said no anyway - or pout. "I'll go with." He said. "Give me one of those radio things in case we get into trouble."

Max tossed him a Tac Comm before gesturing for Caroline to come over to him. He placed his hand gently on her cheek and kissed her on her lips. "Don't do anything I wouldn't do, okay? You get the cat then you come right back here." He was gentle with his request but firm enough for her to know that he was serious about her coming back to him alive.

Caroline nodded in agreement and gave him one last kiss before hugging him with all of her might.

"Lets go save a cat." Phil said, clipping the Tac Comm to his belt.