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The Exception to the Rule

Posted on 10 Oct 2018 @ 10:55am by Police Captain Ari "Archie" Reed & Police Officer Dale Green & Lieutenant Colonel Richard Sharpe
Edited on on 15 Oct 2018 @ 12:02am

Mission: The Void
Location: Deck 589 Turbo Lift
Timeline: MD-01

The sharp pains in her stomach were gradually picking up in pace the longer Archie and Richard remained stuck in the lift. She had no idea how long it had been, but each contraction was becoming more intense and becoming more frequent. Cooper was going to be coming out whether she and Richard were ready or not.

And just when she thought things couldn’t get any worse…

Archie’s eyes moved straight up to the ceiling as the Intruder Alarm began humming just outside of their lift.

“Really?!” She looked over at Richard with worry-filled eyes. She felt her blood pressure rise steadily as she grabbed the tricorder and began yet another scan of her stomach. This was supposed to be one of the happiest days in her and Paul’s lives, and it was going horribly horribly horribly wrong.

“Looks like we still have some time,” she let out with a light exhale. “Can’t say I don’t like to keep things interesting…”

"What is it with you Reeds and doing everything the bloody hard way?" Richard grumbled, as his injuries had recovered more over the past thirty minutes or so. He was in no means in a fit state, but he wasn't pinned to the floor anymore with crippling pain. He had three major concerns right now; One, Archie's impending delivery. Two, the fact that they were still trapped in a lift and no one knew where they were. Three, the intruder alarm going off had really got his tactical senses on high alert.

He'd managed to stand for a few moments, unable to feel the pain from his injuries due to his 'changes', and had broken open the weapons locker inside the lift-car. Really, Starfleet engineers thought of just about everything. Who else would put a small compartment under the main comm panel in the lift for a Med-Kit and two hand-held phasers? He'd taken the phasers out, putting one on his belt and handing one to Archie - not that she'd need it, but it made her feel better having a weapon with the dulcet tones of the Intruder Alert going off.

"You think you're going to be able to manage until we can get out of here?" He asked, nestling back down next to her, placing a reassuring hand on hers that were across her stomach. "I can give you some pain-relief from the med-kit if you feel it'd help."

Archie shook her head slowly as she tightened her grip around the phaser grip. "First dose didn't help." A weak smile formed on her lips. "I need the good shit."

A warm, muffled voice then came from high above the lift. Archie looked up above them, then back down to Richard, hoping he believed it was a friendly voice too. As the voice grew louder, Archie grabbed onto Richard's shoulder and hoisted herself to her feet, with his help of course. "Hey!" She yelled out towards the ceiling. "We're in here!"

"Be careful, we don't know for sure that they're friendly." Richard said, concerned. He held her up with his left arm, whilst holding the phaser aloft towards the hole in the ceiling, ready for anything.

The voice grew louder, more distinguishable, causing Archie to excitedly tighten her grip on Richard's good arm. She recognized that slight Midwestern twang anywhere.

"Archie, that you?!" Dale's feet dropped down on top of the debris that covered the lift. "Commander, I think I found them! I need an Engineering officer to the lift shaft next to the Sector 1 FCPD office... they're stuck in there."

Archie nodded quickly as she pointed for Richard to try to open the emergency latch that had caved in. "Richard's with me too! We're both okay!"

There was shuffling heard coming from above them as Dale tried to move the broken pieces around to get to the latch. "Watch out, guys, I don't want anything to fall on you..."

Archie stepped to the side, covering the top of her better with her sweat-dampened arms. For a brief moment, she had been relieved of the steady contractions in hopes of being able to be free from the potential death trap.

Richard opened the hatch, and could see through the gap in the debris at the familiar face of an FCPD Officer. "Dale, is that you up there?" He asked, as he could see movement. "Careful, that stuff up there isn't very stable. I don't want you getting hurt."

Dale, slightly frustrated at the instability of the floor around him, moved down to his stomach so he could look into the lift. "What the hell happened in here?!" The walls looked like they had been ripped apart in means of trying to find an escape.

"Archie and I decided to have a banging good time." Richard said, rolling his eyes. "You know how women get in disasters, so horny, I couldn't keep her off me." The sarcasm dripped from every word. "You did notice that the station kinda rolled around a bit, right? Hey, do you have a Tac Comms on you, be nice to talk to someone who has a slightly higher IQ than that of a coconut." He teased, showing off his good humour at finally being located.

He let out a chuckle as he grabbed two of the Tac Comms he carried and handed them down to Richard, "I'm pretty sure the Commander is dying to hear your pretty voice, Sharpe." He let out a chuckle as he looked over Archie and her clammy disheveled face. "Arch, you okay?"

Archie shook her head as another contraction kicked in. She couldn't hold back anymore; she bent forward slightly and let out a shriek in pain as she fell back against the wall for support. It was all becoming too much now...

"Despite my best efforts, she got banged around a bit, and has gone into premature labour." Richard said, all joviality gone. "She's been getting steadily worse as time has moved on. I suspect she'll give birth soon."

"Oh my God..." Dale's eyes widened at the sight, never having heard the Captain mention having gone through any type of pain before. He keyed up his Tac Comm and was unable to hide the anguish in his voice. "We need a doctor! Archie's having contractions and they're pretty freakin' bad..."

Archie looked up at Dale, "Romanos! Dr. Romanos!" She coughed out, feeling desperate to be able to have at least some part of Cooper's birth go according to plan.

"Dr. Romanos! Wherever you are!" Dale repeated into the Comm.

"Officer Green!" Richard said, sternly. "Calm the fuck down. Getting worked up isn't going to help this situation. Take a couple of deep breaths and focus." Ironically, although never having been in this exact situation before, he'd been in more than his fair share of disaster-type scenarios, so was able to summon composure from his experience.

"The chances of us getting Archie out of here in time have now gone to virtual zero. We risk harming the baby and her in the process. So, she's clearly having it here." Richard said, worried about how he was going to actually do this. It couldn't be that hard, right?

"What I need you to do is get some engineers in here to shore up this debris, and get a doctor - Doctor Romanos if you can, but if he's not available, get him on the Tac Comm to talk me through this, and find anyone from medical to get down here. Getting us out of here has to come second to delivering this baby." Richard was giving orders out as if it were a battlefield, but in adversity, this was where he lived. As sad a testament as any, but a crisis really brought out the best in him.

Dale nodded quickly at his orders. The quick fatherly-type of voice that Richard managed to put out reminded him to snap back into the moment and prioritize. He dropped his hand down to hand the man two Tac Comms. "This one is set for the main frequency so you guys can be updated," Dale instructed him as he handed him the other, "and the other one set for a separate frequency at the Commander's request." He looked over at his friend and gave her a warm smile. "I think you know what that one's for, Archie."

Archie looked up at him and nodded slowly. Richard handed it to her and she wrapped both of her hands around it. This was the closest she was going to be to her husband until they can be rescued. She keyed up on it, feeling her breath quiver slightly. "Hey, Commander," she teased, adding in a bit of a sultry flavor to it.

"Babe!" Paul jumped on the frequency. "Jesus, Kid. You really know how to get yourself into a pickle."

Archie laughed as she felt her eyes begin to warm up. "Do I ever!" She paused as she slid back down onto the ground to get into a more comfortable sitting position, which was next to impossible at this point. "I know you would rather be here than where you're at but you have a job to do and I understand that and Cooper will understand that. You have thousands of people to protect and take care of and I love you so much for that."

There was a pause on the frequency as Archie looked up for reassurance from Richard. She wanted Paul so bad right now, but it was completely out of their hands and just a part of the life they live. Neither of them would have it any other way.

"I love you, Kid. And I love Cooper. You guys are a part of me and I'm going to be right there with you listening to the whole thing. I'm not going anywhere without you and our baby, Archie." There was another pause where Paul had to pull away from the Tac Comm for a moment. "You just make sure you and Cooper are okay and I'll handle the rest."

Archie let out her burst of tears as she nodded quickly. "I will, babe. Let's be careful out there."

Paul let out a soft chuckle before he moved on to another thought. "Hey, Richard!"

Sharpe looked at Archie and took the Tac Comm from her. "Yes Paul?" He asked.

"Anything happens to either my wife or my kid, you'll have Hell to pay."

Richard rolled his eyes at that. "Oh please, I'm just going to leave them to it, break out of here and go to the pub. It's not like I care about them one iota or anything."

Paul laughed in return. "I'm really glad you're there with her. Welcome to becoming a part of plan B."

"Gee... thanks... I always love your plan B's...." Richard sighed, and handed the Tac Comm back to Archie.

Dale passed down the rifles to Richard before giving the pair a final nod. Emotions were at an all-time high and what he just witnessed was raw and pure and unwavering. Anyone else in this situation would be throwing a fit and demanding that everything needed to be perfect and the way they want it. Archie and Paul were dealing with a shit situation to the best of their ability and not holding anything against each other. It was romantic and beautiful and something everyone strived for. "I'm gonna go find the doctor and some Engineers so we can clear this out."

"As quick as you can Green!" Richard called up to him. "Whilst I love spending time with Archie, I really really do not want to be the one to have to deliver this baby!"

Archie rolled her eyes, "I'd rather have you than one of the intruders that seem to have made themselves known. You're not exactly a part of the birthing plan but, you know, we don't really have any other choice." She was getting annoyed with Richard's reminders that he didn't want to have to be the one to help her and the baby out. "If you really don't want to be here then get out and let Dale come in. I'm sure he'd be more than willing to find an excuse to get his hands up my skirt!" She leaned her head back against the wall as she rubbed her hands over her stomach to help calm herself down.

Richard narrowed his eyes at her outburst. She was in considerable discomfort, which likely made her snappy. "Are you quite done, Captain Reed?" He replied, coldly. "I do not want to be the one to do this, as I am woefully unprepared and untrained in how to deliver a child, and one hundred and one things can go wrong, and I do not want to be the one who caused it! Then there is yes, the fact that I'd really rather not look up your skirt. There was a time when yes, I'd love nothing more than to do that, but now isn't that time. My concern is harming you or Cooper - but if I have to do it, I bloody well will, now quit complaining and breathe!"

Archie returned his glare as she began her slow breathing much like she and Paul had been practicing with the doctor to help ease her pains. "A child is about to pop out of me. My nether-region isn't exactly the warmest and most welcoming place right now." She relaxed her eyes as a mischievous slowly grew across her lips. "There'll be a doctor who'll tell you exactly what to do. So you can put the liability all on him."

Richard rolled his eyes again, and put the rifle down beside him as he slumped to the floor, then scooted up to Archie, putting his arm around her. "Don't worry, I'm sure it'll be fine, and I doubt Paul will try to beat me up for looking up his wife's skirt. Just don't you beat me up for it either." He teased her.

"I'm pretty sure this situation is the exception to the rule," Archie playfully nudged him as they shared a much needed laugh while they waiting for the doctor to finally show, if he ever would.


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