Obsidian Command

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The Colonel Bogey March

Posted on 09 Oct 2018 @ 2:15am by Police Lieutenant Matt Butler & Police Sergeant Janie Kline & Police Officer Aaron Fisher & Police Officer Peter Young

Mission: The Void
Location: Jefferies Tubes
Timeline: MD-01

The echoes of their whistling of the ‘Colonel Bogey March’ filled the Jefferies Tubes as Matt and the three SWAT Officers Kline, Young, and Fisher continued their ascent up to Ops. Luckily SWAT had been working with the Marines on the deck below Matt, so it was easy to round up a few of them to lend a helping hand to Amaya. Each officer had taken a separate path to optimize their formation upon hitting Deck 12 and wound up assigning their own frequency on the Tac Comm should anything pop up unexpectedly. However, their journey turned into a songfest as the minutes stretched on into the thirties. At least they all discarded their uniform jackets back in the Marine office, leaving the police officers in their black undertanks, black BDUs, tac belts, tac boots, and rifles slung behind their backs.

Just as they reached Deck 40 the low boom of the Intruder Alert nearly knocked Fisher off his feet. He wasn’t expecting an attack so soon, especially in the vast unknown they had landed in.

“Pick up the pace, ladies!” Matt called over the Comm just as soon as the new alarm began blaring. Fisher began chewing on his lower lip as he climbed each rung two at a time, feeling the sweat bead up around his mouth from the thickening air. “Looks like we’ve got some company!”

The alarm only added fuel to the fire deep inside of them. While most of the FCPD officers were known to be fond of rolling around in the mud, the SWAT officers were the ones who dove in head first. Not only did they face danger on the front lines, but they also looked at danger square in the eyes and enthusiastically flipped it off.

Today was no different.

Deck 20… 18… 15…

The phaser fire became sharper and more succinct the closer they came to Ops.

“Everyone stay back!” Kline commanded as everyone hit Deck 14. Technically Matt was above her rank but as she was the SWAT Leader, he was more than happy to give her the lead on this. Not only was she a killer shot but she was well known for her tactical planning and strategic layouts. The woman continued the race up to Deck 12 and laid herself down on her stomach as she crawled to the closest vent. The phaser blasts were throwing her off; there were too many to count. She couldn’t let that stop her from zeroing in on their current task.

Positioning one of her rifles in front of her, Kline slid easily against the floor of the tube all thanks to the workout they just enduring during their climb. She quickly wiped her brows with the back of her hand as the open Ops room came into view between the vent openings.

The battle was in full swing as she counted the people in the room: five extremely large and ugly alien monster things, a species she had never seen before, and at least twice the amount of Starfleet officers. It wasn’t the officers that were keeping the firing going on for so long seeing as they far outnumbered the intruders, but it was the actual firepower that was keeping them cowering behind their stations. Kline made a mental note to have Paul set up an armory closer to Ops.

Kline slid back out of view and keyed up her Comm. “Five intruders, guys. They’re in a flanking position and are coming around to get to the Commander. We need to fire simultaneously and catch them off guard. Keep your heads low. On my first count, make your way up to Deck 12 and set up at the nearest vent. On my second count, knock out said vent and give ‘em Hell. If anything, we can distract them from the Commander.”

“At least she’s still alive,” Matt whispered to himself with relief. The last thing he wanted to do was tell Richard, whenever he showed up on the Comm, that his girlfriend was DOA. Sending a positive thought to himself and to MacKenzie (he had never felt so desperate to come home alive every day ever since their engagement), he waited for Kline’s countdown to end before he pulled himself up onto his stomach and into the Deck 12 tube. He could feel his heart pound against his chest as he crawled on his elbows and knees to the opening. “Ready, Tiger!” He called out to Kline on the comm.

“Just need to wait for the princesses to get into place,” Kline tossed out jokingly to take the edge off the building tension.

Young shook his head in amusement as he finished getting his rifle in front of him. “Some of us professionals always make sure we get it right the first time,” he shot back.

Fisher remained quiet, almost turning into a different person the closer he got to the action. “Ready, Kline!” He ran his tongue along his lips to wipe off any sweat beads that trickled around it.

Kline let out a long, steady breath, closing her eyes for a moment before zeroing in on the larger intruder and apparent leader in between the vent slats.

“Three… two… one…”


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