Obsidian Command

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Assessing the Damage

Posted on 10 Oct 2018 @ 10:59am by Police Lieutenant Matt Butler & Commander Amaya Lance & Ensign Vahlen Serra & Police Sergeant Janie Kline & Police Officer Aaron Fisher & Police Officer Peter Young

Mission: The Void
Location: Operations (Deck 12)
Timeline: MD-01

The air felt warm, a combination of adrenaline and energy weapon discharges heating the room as rapid-firing plasma bolts whizzed past Amaya's head. She counted five intruders, which meant that the defenders had the numbers advantage despite being caught by surprise. Unfortunately, surprise counted for a lot and she watched two of the crew go down before they could react.

"You are trespassing on a Federation starbase! I don't know who you are, but consider this-" Amaya's attempt at diplomacy was cut-off by another burst of plasma fire and an animalistic bark that the universal translator couldn't interpret. "Yeah, screw talking..." Amaya muttered to herself. She dared a quick look out of cover, taking stock of positions and movement.

The station's operations center was large and circular, with the majority of the workstations facing either inward to the center console or lining the walls; probably intentionally designed so that the commanding officer was at the core of everything and could give and receive commands from the middle. Great in theory, but she was most at risk of being flanked around the sides should the attackers manage to reposition.

"Commander!" Serra fired her phaser at one of the aliens, knocking it down temporarily. Evidently, it had been attempting to do just that, given the way it had fallen.

Hoping to show that she wasn't helpless, Amaya raised her own phaser and fired a couple of half-sighted blasts. It was enough to keep heads down, at least.

"For the love of..." Amaya breathed, sinking back down into cover. "Now would be a really good time for some cavalry..."

The clanks of each vent from above the Starfleet officers caught the intruders completely off-guard. Their eyes darted to the floor as they tried to process the sudden change in their environment. It wasn't until the leader's body landed on top of the center console of the room that they realized they were suddenly outpowered.

"Amaya, duck down!" Matt called from his spot as he fired down towards the intruder that had made a giant leap towards the woman. His voice was being covered completely by the ensuing firefight but luckily Young had his muzzle targeted at the perfect time and in the perfect spot. It only took two pulls of his trigger to knock yet another intruder to the ground.

Amaya peered over the console to double-check the situation. Nothing seemed to be moving but she didn't want to risk it, motioning for the others present to stay still until they could be sure.

The smell of the phaser blasts filled the entire area as the room fell to complete silence. You could hear a pin drop as all of the officers double and triple checked the room for any other attackers. When it felt like minutes had passed by, Matt and the three SWAT officers slid out of the vents and onto the muddied Ops floor. As the SWAT officers moved to check on the casualties, Matt's eyes immediately fell to Amaya and the blood that had dried on her uniform jacket as she stood up slowly from behind the console. Stepping over the fallen bodies of the intruders, he strapped his rifle behind him and immediately reached out and checked over her face and head for any major injuries. "Jesus, leave it up to you to get big-ass green guys to attack Ops."

Amaya brushed-off the concern rapidly, turning to investigate first the fallen crewmen - both of whom were clearly dead - and then the alien intruders. She didn't recognise the species.

"Status report," she called out, a hint of anger and frustration in her voice.

"Intruders on multiple decks...we don't have communications yet so I can't establish whether they're contained or not," the tactical officer reported.

"Shield status?"

"Recharging. Slowly. The power systems are still being drained, Commander, and I can't raise anyone in engineering."

Amaya sighed, finally glancing over at Matt.

"Thanks for your assistance. I know you're going to want to help others, but right now I need you and your team to secure Ops. We're not equipped to hold this position, and it's critical we do."

Matt smirked at her frazzled state of being. "That's the plan, Sister." He then nonchalantly grabbed his Tac Comm and changed frequencies. "Hey, Paul, we got Amaya up in Ops. Whoever's boarded has got some pretty solid firepower." He grabbed the dead leader from the console by its shoulder with one hand and pulled it onto the floor. "They're big, green, but not much for focus. If you run into any, try to distract them first." He looked back over to Amaya who was hunched back over her console. "Want to say a few words to Paul before he talks our ears off?"

She looked at him again. This was possibly the worst situation they'd ever encountered and he was cracking jokes and playing it off like a game? Her jaw tightened a fraction, holding back what she wanted to say. "He probably knows as much as I do right now," she said. "Get him to coordinate what he can and secure the critical areas."

Matt raised his eyebrow at her as he turned back to his Comm. "Amaya would like for you to coordinate what you can and secure the critical-"

"Matt, give her a Tac Comm and stop clogging the frequency," Paul interrupted dryly but with a hint of humor, knowing that since she didn't come up and make the request herself something else was focusing her attention. The man was in dire need to speak with her directly and in no mood to waste Matt's time playing the middleman.

Matt looked over at Amaya and shrugged, handing her one of the extra Tac Comms from his belt and turned it to Paul's frequency without saying another word.

"Lt Butler's attitude notwithstanding, his team have secured Ops. We're dead in the water, suffering power drain and it looks like there are intruders all over the place." Amaya didn't really wait for pleasantries. She was past that now. "Secure all critical sectors, use whoever you can muster. Right now it looks like we're being raided for supplies, so take that into consideration when I say 'critical'."

"I copy. I'll divert officers that way. Engineering officers are all scattered, and we only have gotten a hold of the lucky officers that happened to be either off-duty on the upper decks or doing work up there. No one's been able to get to Central Engineering since the lifts aren't working and that's one hell of a drop through the Jefferies tubes." Paul continued in his matter-of-fact voice.

"Try to get someone with a TacComm down there. There are emergency reactors all over the place, we could do with securing them and trying to funnel some power into key systems." She was almost breathless as she spoke, trying to hold her nerve.

"You're doing good, Amaya. Focus on figuring out where we are at and how to get us back home," Paul tried to reassure her. "Richard's okay. He's trapped in a lift with Archie. The turbulence caused her to go into early labor. But so far they're good." His voice had dropped a bit as he tried to maintain its strength.

"She's trapped in a lift and in labor and you're telling me that's a good thing?" Amaya baulked. "Shit, Paul. Get a medical team to them as soon as you can!" Another fire to fight, she realised. He was likely as strung-out as she was. "I'll do my best to keep any attackers away from the station. You work with whoever you have to keep the ones on the station out of trouble."

"We're already on it, Amaya. Officer Green's been working on getting a doctor and some Engineers down there." He paused. "We got this. Just focus on getting the shields back up and advising us of any updates. We'll take care of the rest."

"Understood." She tossed the TacComm on the large console in front of her, taking a moment to gather herself. Although she might chastise him later for his casual use of her first name rather than rank in a crisis situation, she was far too preoccupied to think too hard about it. Right now she needed to concentrate on their safety.

The rest of the SWAT officers were handing out their extra rifles and Tac Comms they had brought with them. Fisher looked at Serra who was visibly shaking in her boots. His victory smile had dropped slightly as he walked over and handed her his last extra rifle. "You alright?"

Serra accepted the rifle and balanced it on the end of her workstation, then furtively looked up at him. "I am a Starfleet Officer. We've trained for crisis situations. So long as I follow protocol and the Commander's orders, everything will be fine."

Fisher smirked. "Yeah, until it isn't." He paused as he watched her turn back to her console. "You did good. You held your own as much as you could."

"I shot someone in the line of duty," she breathed, trying to focus on her console. "May the Prophets forgive me."

Fisher shook his head. "Better him than you, ma'am." His eyes wandered to the vast blackness behind the large observation window next to the panel. This was the first time he really looked out at where they were. There was nothing out there, deepening the heavy sense of dread that was in the pit of his stomach. "We're definitely not in Kansas anymore..."

"Kansas?" Serra frowned, not understanding the reference. Human idioms were especially peculiar.

Giving her a light chuckle, he looked back down at Serra. "Sorry, it's from an old Earth film. One of the characters gets transported to this magical land where there's witches and talking scarecrows and she tells her dog, 'I don't think we're in Kansas anymore...' his voice trailed off as he noticed her eyebrows furrow. "Kind of a silly thing but my little sister was obsessed with the story growing up so it kind of stuck with me."

Serra just stared at him for a few seconds, as if he was talking gibberish. "My younger sister also had an obsession with stories. I thought she wanted to be a Vedek when she was older, she put so much effort into remembering the tales of old Bajor and the Prophets." She turned back to her console, checking various status updates. "Childish notions aren't really very useful right now."

"Sometimes they're more useful than you think." Fisher looked around the room at the carnage and the removal of the casualties from out of plain sight. "Let me know if you need anything, alright? My name's Fisher."

"Ensign Vahlen," she replied simply.

He gave her a warm smile. "It's nice to meet you." He adjusted his rifle behind his back and pushed himself away from the console and back over to Matt and Kline who were looking over the Tac console with Amaya.

"Where are the most critical areas?" Matt pointed towards a large area on the blueprint of the station. "You said they had beamed up supplies before boarding. Cargo bays, right? Engineering? Infirmaries?" He looked up at her, trying to help focus her slightly frazzled mind.

"Those would be the key areas. Weapons stores, too." Amaya frowned at the blinking readouts. Not a lot was clear, and the computer was struggling to overcome a number of severed connections. "Ideally, we need to get a couple of those berthed starships out of the dock. They can provide us the cover we need to get the station's defenses online. The trouble is, we have no way of communicating with them, nor do we have enough power to open the bay doors." She shook her head. Perhaps that wasn't an option right now. "We'll have to prioritise. If the security and marines can cover enough of the key areas that should give us time to stabilise a couple of the fusion reactors and get main power back." She looked at Matt. "I'd love to see those raiders come back at us with all systems functioning."

Matt smirked but quickly removed the smile from his face, remembering how she had reacted to his little joke earlier. "We've got the upper decks covered. We just haven't been able to get to the lower decks and haven't heard from them yet. No check-ins from the Security team." He looked over the deck listings again. "Did any of the armories in the lower decks get taken advantage of by the unfriendlies? That's where they would have their Tac Comms stored and it's been almost an hour since base comms have been down."

"No way of knowing." Amaya pointed to the schematic. "Several structural bulkheads failed when we shifted, and we lost all connection to anything below the main docks. If they were there and found the comm units...I would have thought they could have made contact by now."

Matt let out a long sigh as he looked over at Kline.

"One hell of a mess, huh?" Kline shook her head as she looked over at Amaya.

Amaya rested her hands on the console. "I'll admit that it looks bad, but it's a big station, and she's held together this far. We'll do our best to get her home, but it'll take everyone at their best. I hope I can count on all of you." She directed the question around so the young officers nearby could hear too.

"We're right here with you, Commander," Fisher piped in, "And not just because we're stuck here."


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