Obsidian Command
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Any Other Day

Posted on 07 Oct 2018 @ 6:00pm by Lieutenant Commander Jonathan Russell

Mission: The Void
Location: Turbolift
Timeline: MD - 01

Just like any other day, Jon stepped onto the turbolift on his way to his office. The door slid closed and he rubbed his eyes as it got underway, there were days when he wondered if he ought to keep some of the good coffee in his quarters and not just the office, days like this when he really could have done with another hour in bed. Since he was the sole occupant of the lift, he leaned against the wall in a less than formal manner.

There was a shudder, the turbolift shaking a little, unusual but not particularly worrying. Jon had been on enough ships and stations that he had an idea of what was a problem and what was just something a bit temperamental. He let out a wordless sigh, and then there was another shudder. He felt himself tense up slightly as the floor lurched to one side under his feet. Sirens began to blare as the station shifted violently, then he felt the lift drop. He tried to brace himself against the walls as it plummeted, gravity fluctuating in a horribly nauseating way.

The emergency clamps finally kicked in, gaining purchase against the lift shaft. There was a grinding metallic screeching from outside the lift as it dragged itself to a halt. Jon found himself slumped in a sitting position, slightly unsure of how he got there. He wiggled his fingers and toes, half expecting to feel something broken, but everything looked ok and, although he felt a little sore and unsteady, he felt ok too.

The counselor hauled himself to his feet, and hit the door release control. Luckily, he hadn’t stopped between decks and it opened into a corridor, dimly lit with emergency lighting. He stepped out, keen not to be in the lift if the emergency clamps failed, and looked around him. He wasn't entirely sure what deck he was even on, the fall had felt like it went on forever, but he couldn't be totally sure, perceptual distortion could have meant that he only fell a couple of decks. He tapped the nearest computer access panel, communications were down and aside from alert warnings, he didn't get much of a clue as to what had actually happened.

If he was going to work out what was going on, or even be any help, Jon needed to get oriented. He'd only travelled down in the turbolift shaft, so it stood to reason that even though he didn't know which deck he was on, he knew where he was on that deck. He turned right and made his way along the corridor, looking for anyone else around. It didn't look like one of the accomodation areas, more like something to do with utilities or engineering, which wasn't much help to him. He arrived at a t junction in the corridor, peered around to either side then took another right.

Moments later, Jon arrived at the end of the corridor, facing a door. He tapped the open button on the control panel and stepped into the room. It was a fairly large space with a table console in the centre and a couple of other workstations around the edge, it looked like a lab of some kind. He wasn't too interested in the equipment though, it was the window that drew his attention. He had wanted to get a look outside in case it offered a clue as to what had happened to the station, but what he was seeing just brought up more questions. Outside the window was black, an absence of light or any celestial objects. Staring out at it actually made him feel slightly disoriented and triggered a primal feeling of panic in the back of his neck. “Aw hell.” He muttered, this was bad.


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