Obsidian Command

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My Hero, Joey

Posted on 06 Oct 2018 @ 2:46pm by Police Officer Joey Waters & Civilian Phillip Sharpe

Mission: The Void
Location: Phil & Annie's Quarters
Timeline: MD-01

Joey pushed his way through the dimly lit Promenade. He was on a mission and grateful that Paul let him veer away from his current task to go check on Annie’s husband while he handled the Starfleet Security teams. Once Joey had successfully made contact with Phil he would be able to continue attempting to get a hold of as many Department Heads as he could and help anyone he ran into along the way.

Adjusting his rifle, Joey checked the panel to the door of the quarters. His FCPD override code wasn’t working for some reason, more than likely due to the power being tampered with during whatever had happened to the base. Luckily he was familiar with the Engineering of the base. He ripped off the top of the panel, exposing its wires beneath it and began fiddling around. After a few moments, the sound of the familiar whooshing came from his right side, Joey slid next to the frame and readied his rifle. “FCPD!” Joey called out, not knowing what to expect upon entering. Everything was still up in the air as to what exactly happened.

No response.

“Phil? It’s Joey! You in here?” Joey pointed it inside the room as he turned and made his way slowly into it. The common area was a wreck; furniture had been tossed around and the mirrors shattered from the impact. His boots crunched their way further into the mess as Joey moved his rifle back and forth, half expecting something to pop up and attack him.

He'd been in a daze since it had happened. Phil had been enjoying some free time, having now gotten a lot more of it since things had settled down in his companies. He'd nestled down on one of the couches with an old hard-back paper book that Annie had got for him, and a glass of orange juice and lemonade. When the first rumble had happened, he'd looked up and around, but couldn't see anything. Then the lights had flickered, and he'd become concerned.

Just as he was about to do something about it, the room flipped around like it was in a washing machine. Everything tumbled and crashed around, Phil included, as he was tossed around his massive apartment. At some point, he must've hit his head hard, as he didn't remember the rest of it.

He woke up to the sounds of someone or something banging around inside the wrecked remains of his apartment. Phil found that he couldn't move, as he was pinned under the remains of the ceiling and the... piano? When the heck did they get a piano?!

"Over here..." He croaked, realising quite how hoarse he sounded. He could really use that orange juice and lemonade right about now. No doubt smashed and spilt. He could feel cuts and bruises, and he was laying on broken glass. Note to self, he thought, use less glass next time we decorate.

“Phil!” Joey called out as he headed towards the voice that came from underneath the broken grand piano that Annie told him was a ‘bit too much fluff’. Well, it certainly wasn’t fluff since it sounded like it had Phil pinned to the ground. He lowered his rifle as he saw Phil’s dust-covered face with a trickle of blood coming from his lip. “You alright? We’re gonna get you out...” It looked like some of the ceiling had gotten caught in between Phil and the piano, almost like a cushion that protected the man from being crushed to death. Joey began trying to pull some of the surrounding pieces carefully, trying not to destabilise the piano by pulling pieces out that were directly underneath it. “Any pain or bleeding anywhere?”

"Can't say I've noticed anything untoward." Phil replied. "Although I am lying on a lot of broken glass." He groaned when Joey's attempts to shift the pile caused some of it to move and press down on his already trapped leg. "Hey! Be careful kiddo! That piano ain't light."

Joey winced as he immediately pulled his hands far away from the debris. "Ivanov from Waters, can you spare a few guys to Annie's quarters? I got Phil awake and breathing but stuck under a bunch of debris and that fluffy grand piano..."

"I hate that goddamn thing!" Annie cut Joey off, trying to hide her incredible relief and rather emotional state that was stirring in her voice.

"I'm sending you a few guys now," Max replied to his request with an equal amount of relief.

Joey looked down at Phil as he placed the Tac Comm closer to him, gesturing for him to let Annie know he was still with her while they waited for the helping hands.

Phil accepted the device and pressed the transmit button. "Hey Annie, sorry to say, you're not a widow yet. Although, I did loose that copy of Moonraker you gave me."

Annie's chuckle came through the Tac Comm, "It's not even my favorite one." The laugh faded out into a thick emotional pause. "Joey's gonna take care of you, ok? I'm on Deck 559 with Sully. Don't give him too much trouble..."

Joey couldn't help but smirk at her comment as he walked around and assessed the extent of the damage. Their damage control training at the Academy was basic but creative thinking always seemed to help get the cops through some decently tough scenarios.

"Me? Cause trouble?" Phil said, pretending to be hurt. "I'm the nicest guy on the station." He chuckled into the Tac Comm. "Alright, I know you're busy hun, and I doubt everyone else wants to hear our chat, so I'll let you go. I'm sure Joey'll let you know when they get me out of here. Incidentally, you were right about the piano. When we redecorate, no piano and no glass."

"Agreed," Annie laughed again. "I love you, Phil. I'll see you around."

"Love you too honey." He said, and closed the channel, then handed the Tac Comm back to Joey. "Here you go bud."

Joey grabbed the outstretched Tac Comm and placed it back on his belt. "Well, aren't you two just the sweetest," he jested.

"Sweet enough to rot your teeth." Phil chuckled. "Now, any chance of getting me out of here?"

"Joey!" The voices called out from the entrance of the quarters.

Joey stood up and waved the four FCPD officers that were sent by Max. Each of them were in a varied state of minor injury and torn uniform but still eager to keep on working. "He's caught from the waist down beneath ceiling tiles which is actually keeping the piano from crushing him, so we're gonna lift it up enough to loosen the debris and pull him out." The men nodded in agreement and surrounded the piano, getting a solid grip on the edges and hoisting their shoulders underneath the gaps to give a bit more lifting power. Joey situated himself next to Phil across from one of the officers as they grabbed underneath his armpits. "On my count... 1, 2, lift!"

The men grunted as the three officers raised the piano just enough to have Joey and the fourth officer drag Phil out from underneath the trap and pull him to a safe distance. The bang of the piano dropping back down to the ground echoed through the room as Joey and the other officer looked over Phil and began assessing his lower body with proud smiles on their faces. "Any numbness? Or just the pain?"

"Looks like just the pain." Phil said, smiling at them. "Well done gents, truly." He said to them, then winced as he realised quite how cut up he really was. There also appeared to be some injuries to his legs he hadn't been aware of previously, but nothing felt broken. "Say Joey, can you run a scan on my legs, they hurt like hell but I don't think they're broken. I mean, I know I just got dragged through broken glass, but I don't think that's it."

“On it, Champ!” One of the officers reassured Phil as he brought over the tricorder they brought in along with a medkit and began scanning his lower body. “Looks like just some bruising and cuts, Phil.” He switched the setting and began sealing the wounds.

Joey looked at Phil and read the concern and questions on his face. “Comms are down and we have no idea what happened. No contact with Ops or Commander Lance. Green’s out looking for your brother who’s supposed to be with Archie. And Caroline is at the office with Max. She’s okay.” He tried to keep his time a bit on the lighter side, trying not to cause the man any more worry even though he was probably all twisted up internally. “Need a hand getting back to the FCPD office? Or think you can make the walk?”

"I'll try the walk." Phil replied, giving off a smile. Clearly Joey was no stranger to this kind of situation, providing Phil with answers to questions he had only recently begun to figure he should ask. The whole time he'd been pinned down, he'd been worried sick about Annie, if she was in pain or worse. It was selfish of him to think like that, but she was his everything.

He wanted to try walking himself as mostly a pride thing. He didn't want to be carried back to the police station like some kind of invalid. Caroline was there, and no doubt she'd be worried sick about Richard - who appeared to still be missing. One thing Phil could 100% rely on was that Richard was amazingly hard to kill, and if he was in a position where he had to protect someone he cared for - he'd put that ahead of just about any other concern. So, if he was with Archie, who was heavily pregnant, he'd be focusing entirely on her welfare right now.

Struggling to his feet with the help of the cops, Phil looked an absolute state. His beige slacks were torn to shreds and covered in blood, as was his white shirt. He smiled weakly at the guys; "I don't suppose my wardrobe survived?" He asked, gesturing to his clothes.

Joey gave him a shrug. "I'm sure you could salvage a new shirt and pants. But make it quick. The base isn't secure and I want to make sure you make it back to the office." He didn't know Phil very well but he had become close with Annie since their work together on Loki. Phil was still used to this type of life, the life of a cop's spouse, and she never expected him to suddenly be 100% disaster ready and ready to fight with a rifle in his hand. But Joey also knew better than to bruise a grown man's ego in front of his wife's Alpha Male colleagues. "Once a medical officer looks you over we could probably use an extra set of hands with finding and helping casualties. That is if you're up for it."

"I'm not sure how much help I'm going to be, but what little I can do to help, I'll provide." Phil replied, as he hobbled into what was left of the bedroom, and into the walk-in closet. Surprisingly, despite it all, it hadn't fared too badly. It was a little disorganised from the things that had been left laying around, and ironically it would be Annie's drawers contents that had flown everywhere. She had a habit of dressing in a hurry, and leaving the drawers open occasionally. Today happened to be that day, and there were socks and underwear all over the place.

After insisting that Joey and the others wait outside the closet, for Annie's sake more than anything, Phil picked up her things and unceremoniously shoved them into a non-broken drawer. He then grabbed clean pants and a shirt for himself, something he'd change into once the medic had cleaned him up, and turned to leave. He then caught sight of Annie's gun-racks that he'd had installed for her. Grabbing one of the phaser-pistols off the rack, he clipped the hip-holster for it onto his belt and slid the weapon in. He then limped back out into the main room to Joey.

"I'm good to go." He smiled at him.

Joey’s eyes went straight for the holster, and he couldn’t help but nod in approval. “Nice.” He then looked back up at Phil’s face. “Sure you know how to use that?” Before he even gave the man time to roll his eyes at him, Joey widened his smile and nodded toward the Promenade. “Just kidding. Annie would rather die than hear how her husband flubbed around a phaser. Now let’s get out of here before another piano falls on you.”


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