Obsidian Command
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Into the Fire

Posted on 04 Oct 2018 @ 2:49am by Commander Amaya Lance & Ensign Vahlen Serra

Mission: The Void
Location: Obsidian Command - Operations (Deck 12)
Timeline: MD-01

The station shuddered fractionally as the weapons fire impacted on the shield grid.

"Shields holding at 12% Commander, but we're a sitting duck here!" the ensign at tactical reported.

"Return fire!" Amaya snapped back, gripping tightly to the main console in front of her. "And get me communications!"

"Working on it, Commander..." the young engineer reported. Amaya looked around. She was surrounded by younger, inexperienced officers. The highest-ranking individual she had at her disposal was a lowly junior-grade lieutenant. Not exactly a veteran. The other half-dozen were ensigns and crewmen. One was a terrified-looking last-year cadet probably only on the station for training purposes. Hell of a way to learn.

"Targeting sensors are offline. Switching to manual targeting..." the tactical officer reported in. He was doing his best, Amaya had to remember. None of them seemed particularly like they knew what they were doing. For most this was a sink-or-swim moment.

"One of the raiders has broken-through the lower shield grid. They're..." hesitation from Serra on Ops. "I think they've beamed something off the station. Checking...at a guess it looks like they've raided the emergency food stores."

"Can you slow them down?" Amaya asked the tactical officer. He just blinked at her, then focussed on trying to get firing solutions. Manual targeting, she reminded herself, was next to impossible in space.

Food stores? She wondered to herself. There were plenty of other tactical targets to go for. Then again, with the significant power drain they had suffered, using the replicators would be difficult to sustain for long. Then those food rations would be a lot more important.

"Yes!" exclaimed the tactical officer. Then realised he'd spoken outloud and his face turned a little crimson. "Sorry, Commander. One of the raiders has taken a direct hit. They're leaking drive plasma and moving off."

"Good work, ensign," Amaya replied, trying to be encouraging. "Do what you can about the others."

"More transporter activity detected, Commander. I think this time they're sending over raiding parties," Serra reported. "I can't get a reading from the internal sensors yet, but we're definitely being boarded."

Amaya's face tightened. Dead in the water, minimal defences, cut-off from the rest of the station, and now there were likely armed intruders running around the place. This was getting worse by the minute. "Arm yourselves," she motioned to one of the less-occupied crewmen to hit the weapons locker. "They might decide Ops is a prime target. Can you raise the intruder alert?" she asked. Serra just shook her head. "Station communications are completely down. There might be TacComms in certain areas - marine barracks, police offices..."

"But not in Operations," Amaya sighed. They were definitely cut off then. She looked at another of the crew present. "Crewman. See if you can make your way through the mess to the promenade and try to get a message through to our security teams. Let them know the situation up here." The young crewman shuffled off as another passed Amaya a hand phaser.

"Shields are starting to buckle, Commander. The power drain is just too much; we can't cover the whole station," the tactical officer chimed-in.

"Now detecting multiple transports. Can't confirm all decks, but looks like Decks 123...104...579...12..."

Twelve? Amaya's mind raced. Operations.

She lifted her phaser as the nearby whine of a transport in-progress reached her ears and a group of large, hairy aliens materialised across the room.

"Cover!" she barked, ducking behind the console and opening fire.


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