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Tidal Pool

Posted on 04 Oct 2018 @ 8:40am by Lieutenant Commander Ira Skovgaard & Lieutenant Commander Kerry Malone
Edited on on 14 Oct 2018 @ 4:27pm

Mission: The Void
Location: Swimming Pool, Deck 234
Timeline: Concurrent with "Into Darkness"


This had been an interesting idea for a date, going swimming. Obstensively, Kerry had wanted to go swimming anyway, as it was extremely good cardiovascular exercise. He'd also wanted to spend more time with Ira, as their relationship had developed into a very strong bond. Of course, there was the natural male instinct to see his incredibly attractive girlfriend in a swim-suit as well, but he thought she looked good in pretty much anything.

They'd started the afternoon doing laps against one another, but as the time had passed, they'd slowed their pace down and were generally just relaxing after a good work-out. Kerry floated on his back whilst Ira was sitting on the pool edge, trying to get some tangles out of her hair.

"I still can't believe you cut me up on that last lap." Kerry said, for like the eighth time. He'd been moaning solidly for about an hour now that during their last race, Ira had drifted across in front of him, causing him to stop, thereby giving her a moment to get away and thereby win. He was being a bit sore about it.

Ira chuckled as she shook her head at him. "Don't be such a dårlig taber... a sore loser." Ira continued wringing the last bit of water out of her hair before twisting it into a bun behind her head and securing it. "Situational awareness, Kerry. If you had seen me out of the corner of your eye you would've been able to either duck down or move over." She gave him a playful wink as she rested her hands on the warm pool deck. Her eyes fell onto Kerry as the water shook around his still body and the deck vibrated against her. She sat up a bit straighter in preparation for something to happen, even if it was just an anomaly. "Kerry, did you feel that?"

"Feel what?" Kerry asked, looking over to her. "You must be imagining things, there's nothing going on. If there were, Ops would let us know." He replied, confidently, as he lay back into the water.

"The water..." Her voice drifted off as she felt another slight instability underneath her. She stood up slowly just as the Red Alert blared throughout the room.

So it wasn't just her imagination.

Ira ran over to their bags and threw on her black shorts and her black thin-strapped tank top over her red two-piece workout bikini. Just as she was about to holster her phaser she was knocked forward by the station turbulence and tossed over the bench that held her and Kerry's emergency equipment. Fortunately, she was able to tuck her right shoulder in to fall into a somersault onto the green grass that surrounded the pool. She let out a few grunts in frustration as she clawed her way to a stop by digging her bionic hand into the grass. It felt like the entire station just barrel-rolled in space.

Kerry had still been in the pool when the world went crazy, and he was hurled out of the pool with considerable force, along with all the water when the station inverted. He tucked himself up and rolled along the ground when he was chucked against it, cushioning his fall, until he rolled into the lockers along the far side with a massive crash.

"Kerry!" Ira yelled out. "Are you alright?"

"Ow..." He mumbled to himself as he noted the lack of normal illumination and the emergency lighting along with the steady pulse of the red alert lighting around the room. He extracted himself from underneath the lockers, noticing the cuts and scrapes he'd earned from his flight. "I'm fine!" He called out to Ira. "More or less..." he muttered under his breath. He stood up and then noticed that his right knee didn't like his weight, and buckled under him, sending him crashing back down onto the deck. "Ow..." He said again. "Although, I think I've sprained my knee!" He called out to her.

Ira pushed herself up, feeling her shoulder bruised and burning but still in working order. She ran back over to her comm badge and received no response after trying to raise Ops. "Kerry, I think comms are down." She then tried the comm panel that had been placed next to the lockers where Kerry sat himself down. Still nothing. She had to move on for the moment to bandage up Kerry before they could really do anything. Grabbing the medkit from one of the lockers, Ira dropped down to her knees and quickly scanned his injury. Without saying a word, she switched the settings and began healing the strained muscle.

Kerry could feel the relief as the injury began to heal, as the inflammation was reduced considerably. It became easier to move and less stiff. The real test would be putting weight on it again, but he had every confidence that he could. He wouldn't be super-sprightly, but he'd be able to move. "Looks like main power is out." He said, looking at the comm panel that was flickering. "I suspect we've just gone through a catastrophic event, considering it felt like the station physically tumbled, and as far as I know, they're not meant to do that. I imagine that damage is pretty severe."

He looked up at her face, and saw a trickle of blood from her hairline. "Here, let me look at that." He said, as he grabbed a medical tricorder of his own and scanned her head. "Looks like it's just a cut." He said, getting a dermal regenerator out of the med-pack and cauterising and sealing the wound. "Anywhere else?" He asked.

Ira shook her head as she felt the cut heal together. "I think it's safe to assume the lifts are out too. We'll have to get to the closest Marine or FCPD office to get a Tac Comm." She looked down at his knee. "Would you be up for going through the Jeffries tubes? Closest office to us is at least 100 decks. Same with getting to Ops." Her eyes then moved back up to his face. "We should probably split up. If you can climb up you'll probably be better suited for Ops while I go to the Marines."

Kerry shook his head. "No, we need stick together." He said, firmly. "We know something happened, but our priority should be getting an assessment of the situation. Commander Lance was in Ops, so at least for the moment, we know it's manned. Our presence there won't improve the situation dramatically. If we've got a power failure, our priority should be to link up with the rescue teams to help coordinate. We also have no idea what the tactical situation is either, so splitting up at this point is not wise."

He pulled himself up against the wall and stood slowly, gingerly putting weight on his knee. It protested a little bit, but took his weight. "Lets head up to the nearby FCPD office, get Tac Comms, and get a sitrep from whoever is on the air. We can make decisions after we know what's going on."

"Marine Offices are closer," Ira gave him a small grin as she watched him struggle slightly. At least she was strong enough to be able to help him if he needed a bit of help. She then looked down at her shirt that was beginning to soak up the water from her bathing suit. "Though I would be able to get a fresh set of clothes from either office."

Kerry hobbled over to his kit-bag and threw on a pair of trackie pants and a white t-shirt. "Oh, I don't know, I think you look quite appealing in your current apparel." He smirked. "But yes, there should be some BDU's we can steal in the marine offices. As much as I enjoy what you're wearing, its not practical for what we're doing." He slipped on some training shoes and found he was walking better as the stiffness from the treatment wore off. "Shall we?" He asked.

Ira let out a quiet chuckle as she followed Kerry and holstered her phaser and slipped on her bag. She decided to go barefoot as sandals would not be well suited for the current situation. She was hoping for the best but was expecting to be shot at once the doors to the hallway opened. "Lad os låse og laste. Let's lock and load."


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