Obsidian Command

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Welcome to the Jungle

Posted on 04 Oct 2018 @ 12:37pm by Police Sergeant MacKenzie Sullivan & Police Detective Annie Sharpe & Lieutenant Leah Bailey

Mission: The Void
Location: Deck 557
Timeline: MD-01

Annie pushed through the dimly lit Promenade as she made it to the entrance of the nearby Infirmary. She nearly knocked a woman onto the ground after turning they both turned the corner blindly. Everyone was in a frenzy, including the stretched-thin medical staff. Annie quickly grabbed onto the woman's shoulders, both to prevent her from falling and trying to claim her for the FCPD officers after noticing the teal uniform. "We've got casualties in the FCPD office," Annie stated calmly but with a bit of a heavy breath. "We need your help."

"We've got casualties everywhere, miss..." Leah shook her head, not recognising the officer in front of her. "Look, we have four children already holed-up in the ward scared out of their minds, one of them has been separated from her mother. What on earth is going on and why can't I raise Operations?"

Annie looked behind the woman at the swarm of doctors and nurses and casualties being brought in. "Comms are down but we've got Tac Comms being sent out to each department. Look," she brought her attention back to Leah, "It's madness in there. Grab a bunch of supplies and some of the bigger medkits and set up shop in the FCPD Office. That way we can alleviate the pressure off of the Infirmary by handling the minor injuries there. Sergeant Sullivan cracked her ribs after getting knocked off her feet." Annie's eyes darkened and pleaded with the doctor. "It would be harder on her if we tried to move her and I only have basic field medic training. I need her with me."

Leah looked over her shoulder. There were at least six other medical staff charging around in there, and although she felt she might have been able to support some of those families that needed some reassurance, her crisis response training was kicking-in. "All right." She turned and barked at one of the orderlies.

"You! Triage will take place here in the entrance. Only let serious injuries requiring urgent attention into the main Infirmary. Otherwise, push the minor ones over towards the restaurants and police offices. I'm going to set up there and start helping them prep for anything worse. You need me, you send a runner." Leah looked back at Annie. "If you have a guy or two to spare, then helping the team here should be priority. As more and more folks make their way to the Infirmary, it's going to need a steady set of hands to make it sure it doesn't get out of hand."

Annie nodded quickly. “Thank you thank you thank you! When we get back to the office I’ll send a few this way.” After grabbing a few kits herself she quickly turned and jogged back towards the office.

Leah shouldered an emergency response medkit and followed after.

Arriving before Leah, Annie grabbed a couple of the officers and directed them towards the crowd control. As Leah came in, she pointed towards MacKenzie’s office and led the way to where MacKenzie remained on the ground and in a lot of pain. “Main goal now is to establish communication everywhere and making sure the injured are located and taken care of.” She dropped down beside MacKenzie and wiped off a bit of the blood that was beginning to dry on her skin. “Sully, this is-“ Annie paused, realizing she never even asked for the woman’s name, “I’m so sorry, I didn’t get your name.”

"Lieutenant Bailey." She crouched next to the police officer and started running a tricorder over her. "You can call me Leah, though. Any idea what happened?"

MacKenzie raised her head up slightly, furrowing her brows a bit at the question. "Yeah, the station decided to toss me around a bit and the wall decided it would be helpful and break my tumble." She chuckled but then winced in pain from her laugh.

"It's not serious, but you're going to have to be careful." Leah applied a hypospray. "That should take the edge off the pain. I'd recommend a few days rest, but...well, I think we both know that's not exactly realistic in the circumstances." She looked up at Annie. "What's the word on how this all happened?"

Annie shrugged as she helped MacKenzie sit up against the wall. "No clue. We haven't been able to get a hold of Ops or any of the Command Staff. Whatever it was it's bad. None of the turbo lifts are working. Commander Reed told me and Sully to stay point. One of the FCPD officers is heading up there to help out. Anything I can help you out with before I go help out on the Promenade?"

"Organising and coordinating communication between groups comes first," Leah said, falling back on her training again. "The moment that breaks-down we'll have chaos on our hands. If we can funnel those who need help to the right areas we can let those in charge fix the problem."

Annie raised her eyebrow slightly. The woman must be new on the base. “We’ve got contact with the other FCPD offices and Marine offices, just not with the one place we need to be in contact with. One of the officers is heading up there through the Jefferies tubes. Right now it’s just help those we have ready acces to and prepare for the worst, which is an attack.” Annie looked over the woman. “You might want to strap on a rifle. It’s never just one thing here. There’s always follow up.”

"I'm trained with a hand phaser..." Leah murmured. Perhaps it wasn't important to get into details. She could likely keep herself alive if it came to a full-on confrontation. "I can manage. It's the people that can't that I'd be more worried about. There are a lot of civilians in and around the promenade. Parents and children."

“We are getting them as fast as we can, Leah,” Annie tried to reassure her. “Welcome to the Jungle.” She paused, realizing Leah was probably feeling bad for being stuck in the office when she could be out getting to those who are stuck and in dire need for help. “How about we get a couple more medical officers here and you and me and Sully can go out into the Promenade and find the people who may be trapped and try to get everyone in one location? Or would you prefer to stay here?”

"No, you're right. I'm probably more capable than most of helping people on the move." She paused, feeling the need to explain. "I used to work in emergency response; post-Dominion War cleanups, the Hobus response team...I've seen some pretty terrible situations. I'd like to think I can help you out there, if you need it."

Annie smiled. “Oh yeah, we’re putting you to waste in here.” She looked down and MacKenzie. “You okay, Sully?”

MacKenzie winced slightly as she pushed herself to her feet, still feeling a dull ache whenever she breathed too quickly. “I’m good.” She looked at Leah and stuck her hand out in greeting. “Thanks for this,” she pointed towards her injury. “I owe you one. I’m Sergeant Sullivan, but you can call me Sully.”

Annie nodded to Leah. “I’m Detective Ayers, but you can call me Annie. Sorry, probably should’ve given that to you before.”

Leah gave them both a nod. It was one of those moments where there wasn't much time to start getting too friendly. "Well then, Sergeant, Detective. Put me to use."


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