Obsidian Command

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Coordinating the Chaos

Posted on 03 Oct 2018 @ 6:06am by Police Commander Paul Reed & Police Lieutenant Matt Butler & Police Detective Annie Sharpe & Police Officer Dale Green & Police Officer Max Ivanov & Police Officer Joey Waters & Civilian Caroline Hatfield

Mission: The Void
Location: FCPD Office, Deck 586
Timeline: MD-01

The emergency power flickered on as Joey opened his eyes slowly and looked at the bodies around him. The chaos was hollow in his ears as the initial ringing subsided. His body felt like it was on fire as the bruises began to form underneath his skin. He shook his head back to its senses and pushed himself quickly onto his feet. “Commander!” He yelled at Paul who had managed to situate himself a bit more quickly than he did. Paul was already typing on the computer or at least trying to.

“Comms are down,” Paul stated matter-of-factly. His voice was steady, already in damage control mode. Whatever just happened caused a considerable number of casualties both to the system and the inhabitants. They were now faced with the unknown deaf and blind. “Green, you alright?”

“Yes, Sir,” Dale’s voiced groaned as he managed to stumble to his feet, feeling the warm liquid fall down the back of his head. He looked all around and assessed the officers quickly for any major injuries. So far, everyone managed to break their own falls like the had been trained to do in the Academy. The officers were banged and bruised but were able to get to work in maintaining control over the base.

“Green, Waters, get to the armory. Get the rifles and Tac Comms. Load up as many as you can into bags and get them to as many of the department heads as you can.” He then ran out into the Promenade and looked all around. Archie and Richard were due to be at the office by now. But he couldn’t see them. His heart started racing as the panic rushed over him. What if something happened to her and the baby? He needed to get to them, or at least hear their voices…

Turning to Dale he ran into the armory and strapped two rifles across his back, multiple power packs, and three Tac Comms to his duty belt. He was torn between going to find Archie himself or getting to Amaya and making sure she was okay. He felt Archie’s warmth and hear her soft voice telling him to go to Ops. She would understand his duty to the crew, civilians, and Amaya. He needed to be there for the Commander.

“Green, I need you to find Archie and Sharpe,” Paul ordered. “Get them a Tac Comm and their status update. Make sure Archie gets to the Infirmary. If we got tossed around like a bunch of fish in a tsunami, she more than likely did too. Get them a rifle each, too. Archie will probably argue that she needs one.”

Dale gave him a firm nod. “Where should they be at?”

Paul checked each rifle and power pack before clicking them into their assigned places. “They were supposed to be meeting me here. Go down the Promenade to the first turbo lift to the left. If we’re on emergency power you’re going to have to crawl through the Jefferies tubes to get to Deck 589. Hopefully, they’re either on one of the Promenades or at our quarters.”

“Yes, Sir!” Dale called out as he caught the rifles that were tossed to him by Joey and picked up the Tac Comms that were being placed on the desk next to the armory. He felt his palms begin to sweat. While it wasn’t a glamorous task, it was one of the most important ones in the department. He was set to save the Marine Lieutenant Colonel and an FCPD Captain, and one of his close friends. He would take this task on over chasing bad guys any day.

He looked at Joey and gave him a smile. “See you on the flip side, cowboy.” He strapped the rifles to his back and ran out into the swarming crowds of the Promenade.

Joey returned the smile, feeling the rush of adrenaline pour through his body. Every feeling he had being locked in the basement of the Onyx Hotel six months before had stirred up inside of him. However, it wasn’t fear. It was the strength and the power he needed to step up and help and protect those who needed it. He turned back to Paul and the armory and began loading up a bag with the Tac Comms and extra medical supplies and power packs for his journey. He had no idea where he was going to end up or who was going to be still on the ground while he ran through. Before his undercover work that thought would have frozen him in terror. Now it only added to the adrenaline that was fueling his energy.

“Start with the Security decks first and make sure everyone’s good there,” Paul continued his instructions as he threw the bag over his shoulder. He pressed on his Tac Comm, scanning each frequency for any sign of contact with anyone. Unfortunately, Amaya wouldn’t have ready access to them. They would have to be fetched from the Marines office which was closer to Ops than the FCPD offices were. “Butler,” he stated into the comm, repeating himself on each frequency until he heard the familiar voice. “Damnit, Butler, answer me!”

The crackle of the frequency cut Paul off as he heard crying in the background. “Oh thank God,” the voice called back. It was Matt. Where the hell was he? “I’m on Deck 120 in the Marines office. We’re loading up to head out to assess the damage. Have you heard from Amaya?”

“Negative, they probably don’t have the Tac Comms in Ops.” Paul looked around and direct officers on where they needed to go while he coordinated with Matt. “Archie isn’t here either. Green’s out looking for her and Sharpe.”

“Paul! Matt!” Annie’s voiced jumped in to let Paul know she was okay. “I’m on Deck 557 with Sully. She’s hurt…”

The silence thickened over the frequency as Paul waited for Matt’s angry voice to burst through. But it didn’t…

“Where is she? How bad is it?” Matt’s voice was surprisingly calm but filled with the shock he was probably feeling.

“A few cracked ribs and some scrapes. She’ll be fine. I’m finding a doctor to get her patched up. We’ve got the comms and the rifles passed out down here.” Annie’s voice brought great relief to Paul. His core officers were checking in and were in one piece. “What do you want us to do, Paul?”

Paul paused. He honestly had no idea. His senior officers were all spread out and his wife and best friend were MIA. He needed to get to Amaya, but someone needed to stay behind and hold down the main office. He looked back at Joey and wish that Joey could magically clone himself so one of them could stay behind.

“Commander!” Max’s voice called from the Promenade. His face and arms were banged and bruised, but his hand still held the tight grip onto Caroline. Her eyes were wide, and her lips were trembling. She had been through base attacks back in the Mirror Universe, but this was the first one in her new home. She had hoped and prayed it would never happen, but after going through what she did when Richard and Paul and Matt had come over, anything was possible.

“Uncle Paul!”

Paul ran up to Caroline and picked her up with both relief and comfort and squeezed as hard as he could. He felt her bury her face in his shoulder and tighten her grip around him. “I’m so glad you guys are okay,” he patted her long brown hair and kissed the side of her head before he placed her back on her feet. He bent down slightly and cupped her face with his hands to check for any major injuries.

Caroline smiled weakly at his gesture. “I’m okay, Uncle Paul.” She looked all around at the flurry of movement in the office. “Where’s Richard?”

“I’m gonna go find him, Caroline,” Joey reassured her as he approached her and gave her a hug.

Max was off-duty enjoying a nice meal with Caroline at Sam’s bar. When everyone ended up on the floor of the bar, he grabbed Caroline’s hand and rushed her immediately to the FCPD office. He always carried his Comm badge and his phaser in the off chance another attack was going to happen. Turns out it wasn’t an off-chance. An attack just happened. “Where do you need me, Paul?”

Paul smiled widely. “I need you here, Max. You’re in charge. Everyone else is spread out on the base. I’m going to climb the Jefferies tubes up to Ops. Caroline is probably safer here.” Paul smiled with relief as he patted her gently on her cheek. He then looked at Max and gave him a nod. “Keep that Comm open, clear, and on that frequency.” He turned back to his own Comm to answer Annie's question. "Annie, stay where you're at. Make sure all crew is accounted for and keep the chaos to a minimum. Matt, work with the Marines since you're up there and coordinate a relief effort and stock up on patrols. There needs to be no breaches in security since I'm assuming our shields are at a minimum."

“Paul, you’re nuts!” Matt called out. “That’s at least a three- or four-hour journey up to Ops since the lifts aren’t working! I’ll go to Ops since I’m all the way up here.”

Paul let out a frustrated sigh. Matt was right, but Paul needed to be up there too. Where were Malone and Skovgaard? He hadn’t heard them pop up on any of the frequencies either. This whole situation was a mess. Why hadn’t he heard from Amaya yet? When was Archie’s voice going to bring him relief? He looked at Joey who was still waiting to head out on his mission. He pressed the Comm button and waited a moment before speaking. “Joey and I are gonna head to the Security decks and coordinate from there. Joey is then gonna go to all of the Department Heads to make sure they’re all good.” His voice was defeated and not enjoying the fact that he wasn’t able to make it to where he ideally should be. But that’s just the way the cookie crumbles… “Matt, go to Ops and get the crew and base status and help her with anything and everything. You both have your orders. Be careful out there.”

Annie and Matt acknowledge their instructions in unison before the calm went silent.

Paul turned his attention back to Caroline. “Do you think you could grab a tricorder and help some of the casualties around here? Basic medical aid, nothing like you had to do on Richard.”

Caroline looked at Max then back at Paul with determination. She had never wanted to go into nursing, especially after what happened with Richard in the Mirror Universe, but she understood she had a very useful skill that would continue to come in handy. “Of course, Uncle Paul.”

“Yes, Commander,” Max stood up straighter as he acknowledged his order. “Good luck, Paul,” he then looked at Joey, giving him a smirk. “You too, Joey.”

Joey returned the smirk. “Thanks. We’re all gonna need it.”


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