Obsidian Command

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Anomalies Don't Exist on Obsidian Command

Posted on 03 Oct 2018 @ 4:11am by Police Sergeant MacKenzie Sullivan & Police Detective Annie Sharpe
Edited on on 03 Oct 2018 @ 4:12am

Mission: The Void
Location: MacKenzie's Office, Deck 557
Timeline: MD-01

MacKenzie was feeling very proud as acting Captain of Sector 29. With both her Lieutenant and Captain away on training back at the FCPD Headquarters on Earth, she was taking full advantage of the extra responsibilities. She had never seen herself promote off patrol, loving every moment she spent walking the floors of the Promenades and getting her hands dirty. But being there for her officers and organizing everything was a bigger thrill than she ever imagined it would be. If Matt could make the job fun, why couldn’t she?

As Annie let out a loud laugh, MacKenzie leaned back in her desk chair as she stretched her arms over her head and then laced her fingers back behind her head. She kicked her feet up on top and the desk, giving her best friend a quick wink.

“I swear, Sully,” Annie pushed out in between chuckles, “you’re just having a wedding for the sole purpose of having a bachelorette party.”

MacKenzie’s smile widened. “Well, duh! You and Archie didn’t have one, and Amaya got stuck with having to deal with the baby shower. She deserves a break after working like a slave to the station.”

“Good point.” Annie took a drink from her water. “What were you thinking? Overnight trip? Or something on the base?”

Giving her a shrug, “I don’t know. Haven’t really thought…” MacKenzie’s then looked up at the ceiling, noticing the light fixtures fluctuate ever so subtle. “You see that, Annie?” She slowly moved her feet off the desk as Annie lookup up as well.

“Power surge?” Annie raised her eyebrow as the floor let out a low rumble against their feet. Their eyes widened as the locked with each other. “Definitely not a power surge.”

Annie jumped up to run to the main Sector 29 Office area as MacKenzie leaned over her desk and reached for her comm. The blaring Red Alert alarm only added more to their already long list of questions running through their heads. As soon as MacKenzie pressed the button to raise Ops she found herself tossed over her desk and onto the floor of her office. As the lights cut out and the room felt like it was spinning in a hamster wheel, the woman tumbled continuously until the far wall of her office cut her off. All she could feel was a sharp crack in her ribs and the small streams of blood that fell down her cheek.

Letting out a long moan, MacKenzie rolled onto her back and looked up at the ceiling. The emergency power had kicked on, leaving a dim post-battle feeling throughout the office. “Is everyone alright?” She could hear Annie’s voice from inside the main office. It was followed by grumbles and questions from the officers that had been tossed around like a salad shaker in the offices. Every time she tried to sit herself up she could feel the sharp pain radiate throughout her torso. Yup, she definitely broke a rib… or four.

“Annie…” MacKenzie called out with as much effort as she could muster. Her voice was breathy and strained as she tried to take in as much air as she could without passing out from the pain. “Annie!” She finally managed to call out loud enough for her to hear.

The sound of footsteps towards the office door gave MacKenzie a bit of relief. “Jesus, Sully!” Annie dropped down to her side and wiped off the blood on her cheek that had begun dripping onto the floor.

“Fuck!” MacKenzie coughed out as she strained to lift her head off the ground. “Not only did the wall break my nose-dive over my desk but it broke a few of my ribs in the process.”

Annie ripped open MacKenzie’s uniform jacket revealing the black under tank underneath and began gently feeling around her rib area without accidentally sending the woman into shock. The area on the lower ribcage was tender and hot to the touch but nothing protruding immensely against her skin. “Probably cracked,” Annie stated with a bit of relief since it was an easy enough fix with a tricorder, “nothing a quick scan can’t fix.”

MacKenzie dropped her head back down and closed her eyes, letting out a slow tactical breath to help curb the pain. “What the hell was that?”

Annie slowly pulled the sleeves off of MacKenzie to make any future treatment easier on her. “No clue. Comms are down but Sato and a few of the others are getting into the armory to grab the Tac Comms and the rifles. No phaser fire yet, so doesn’t look like it’s an attack. Maybe some anomaly.”

“Anomalies don’t exist on Obsidian Command,” MacKenzie let out a pained, airy chuckle.

Annie couldn’t help but return the laugh. The woman was right. ‘Expect the unexpected’ was the running theme of the base. “I’m gonna go down to the Infirmary a few doors down and try to grab a doctor to get you fixed up. I think it’s safe to assume I’ve been temporarily assigned to Sector 29. If comms are down, more than likely the lifts are down too. Since full power hasn’t turned on yet it probably won’t be on for a while.” She ran her fingers down MacKenzie’s sweaty and blood covered cheek. “Don’t go anywhere. We’re gonna get you all fixed up.”

“I don’t plan on it.” MacKenzie’s smirk remained strong through the increasingly sharp pain shot through her entire body with each breath.


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