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Peas in a Can

Posted on 03 Oct 2018 @ 11:37am by Lieutenant Colonel Richard Sharpe & Police Captain Ari "Archie" Reed

Mission: The Void
Location: Tubro Lift - Deck 589
Timeline: MD-01

The blue, white, and gray chevron-printed flowing maxi skirt and the black fitted t-shirt was the only somewhat nice outfit Archie could fit into. Her long hair was in slightly but intentionally disheveled as they flowed past her shoulders down to her chest. Her hormones had been riding in high gear the entire nine months, and her natural glow, thickened locks, and fuller chest had seemed to help outweigh the negatives of the pregnancy including the back and feet pain and the extra exhaustion of having to lug around an extra 8-9-pound thing inside her uterus.

The woman was still in high spirits. There were only a few days left until her expected due date and she and Paul were more than ready to welcome little Cooper Reed into the universe. But the real question was, ‘Is everyone else ready for little Cooper Reed to wreak havoc on the base?’ She was excited when Amaya and Richard invited her and Paul to a last-minute double date to celebrate the major changes that had been happening and were going to keep happening in their lives.

Richard had come to pick her up and escort her to the Sector 1 FCPD Office where they would meet up with Paul and head to dinner. She and Paul lived only three decks below on Deck 589 so it was usually a nice brief turbo lift ride up to work for them. Luckily the daycare was on the same deck as their offices in case of any emergencies or last-minute critical incidents.

Leaning back against the wall of the turbo lift, Archie placed her hand underneath her round protruding belly as she felt the coolness of the metal up against her arms. Closing her eyes, the woman let out a long sigh then opened them up slowly at the towering Richard. “How much of witnessing me and Paul stumble through this pregnancy makes you not want to have kids?” Archie’s lips twitched up in amusement.

Richard smirked at her from across the turbolift car. Despite looking like she had swallowed a small whale, Archie had never looked more radiant and beautiful as she did right now. He knew deep down it was a biological thing to make sure that the males around her would protect the unborn off-spring, but it was still amusing to him. Whilst he wasn't remotely attracted to his best friend's wife, not to mention Archie being one of his good friends in her own right, he could see why Paul was mad about her.

"Actually, watching you two has done the opposite." He said. "If anything, I'm more keen to have kids of my own. However, Amaya's not remotely ready or interested in that right now. We'll get there, I hope, but you two have really increased my urge."

Archie turned slightly and leaned the side of her hip against the wall to face Richard. "You'll never feel like you're ready, much like you'll never really feel like you're ready for when shit hits the fan on the base. You just do what you've been trained to do and take everything in stride. Amaya likes to go to the extremes and try to overcompensate. I love her to death and I hope she realizes she will literally work herself to death. I also hope she'll come to understand soon that she will never feel like she'll be too prepared." Archie reached out and gave his arm a squeeze. "I think you'll be an amazing uncle and an even better father. Though I hope you have a girl because I don't think Cooper and whatever son you breed will be good for the safety of the base."

"No, probably not. Not if his father and I are anything to go-" He was cut off when they noticed a slight flicker of the lights and the lift slowing slightly.

"Did you see that?" Richard asked, his body suddenly tense and ready for anything.

Archie stood up and looked at the lighting panels dim slightly then brighten more than normal settings. "Probably just a power surge," she tried to shrug off Richard's worry in hopes that what just happened was a fluke.

The lights dimmed again substantially, and the lift came to a stop between floors as it was programmed to do during a power failure of the lift system.

"Looks like power's being taken from life support systems." He said, as they felt and heard a groan from the station, followed shortly by another one, as the red alert klaxtons sounded.

"I've a bad feeling." Richard said, concerned.

Archie's eyes widened as she looked up at him. "Why couldn't they have waited until after Cooper's birth to have an emergency?!"

Suddenly, the world tilted. Richard moved quickly and wrapped himself around Archie, pulling her into him in a massive bear-hug, holding her head into his chest and shielding the front of her body - specifically her baby-bump with his own.

They bounced around inside the car as if being shaken inside a tin-can, as they banged against the wall, the ceiling, the wall, the floor, the ceiling, the wall, the floor, as they tumbled. Richard smacked his head multiple times, feeling his body crash into things, but holding onto Archie as tight as he dared, considering his own strength might hurt her far more.

He felt his head crack against one of the hand-rails, and then everything was black.


Archie had no idea how long time had passed (Seconds, maybe? A few minutes at the most but it felt like all time had stopped for that moment of instability), but it took every ounce of her to focus on snapping Richard back to consciousness instead of completely freaking out. His bear hug had protected Cooper; now she needed to protect Richard. She snapped her fingers next to his ear and followed it with a few smacks on his cheeks. "Wake up, Richard!" She pleaded with him as the blood began falling out of his temple and onto the floor of the lift. "Come on, dude..." She continued her efforts with every ounce of desperation. She couldn't lose him. His body had already gone through enough at the Onyx. She couldn't be the cause of his body going over the edge.

Richard groaned and felt himself becoming aware of his groggy state. Immediately, he noted pain in his body, but due to his augmentation, it wasn't severe pain. As a result of the changes, his pain tolerance was much higher due to the lowering of the sensation of pain in his nerves. He did quickly assess however that his right leg was in trouble, as was his left arm, as well as back pain and head pain. As his eyes adjusted to the low light, he looked up to see Archie's concerned face curtained by her long flowing hair.

"Archie..." He managed to mutter. "...aby okay?" He asked.

Letting out a sigh of relief, Archie shook her head. "All thanks to you and that tank of yours." She chuckled as she took off his jacket slowly to create a pillow for him to rest his head a bit more comfortably. "Alright, what hurts and how bad's the pain?" She leaned back on her heels and kept her hands in her lap to not risk causing Richard any unnecessary pain.

Richard did a self-assessment on his injuries by looking down. His left arm was definitely broken on the fore-arm, but his right leg was worse. It was clearly a compound fracture as there was a dark stain around a protruding bone. He was unsure as to the minor injuries to his back, but there was a risk of spinal damage, plus his head. He started to move and felt a twinge in his back, but it didn't feel broken, and he still had feeling in his body, so it wasn't severe.

"Well, looks like I've broken my left arm and right leg. Possible spinal injuries and obviously head trauma. I won't be dancing a jig anytime soon, that's for sure. Doesn't look like any fractures in my spine though, so probably just bruising. There should be a med-kit under the comm panel over there by the door." He said, gesturing towards it. "How about you, any injuries?"

Archie shook her head as she crawled over to the panel and grabbed the kit. "You were like one of those old airbags, you know the one they used in those cars," she chuckled slightly as she turned the tricorder on and moved back over to Richard's side and began a scan. "And here the Federation tried to paint you as some big giant monster there to rip everyone's heads off. You're lying here with a confirmed broken forearm and leg while a pregnant lady bandages you up." She switched the settings to begin binding the bones in his arm first. "You seem to be the one to attract injuries more than anyone else."

"Just lucky I guess." Richard chuckled. It had been a sore point for not just him, but his friends too, that he'd been branded a horrific monster who'd rip people's limbs off or something. He hadn't even thought about it when the chaos started, he'd just instinctively grabbed Archie to protect her. It was just who he was, someone who put himself in harms way to protect others - hence why he'd become a marine. "No offense Archie, but I don't see you fitting through either of the emergency escape hatches in your current condition."

She looked up at the ceiling after finishing with his arm. "Ceiling's dented. I have a feeling we won't be able to open it enough to even get you through." Archie let out a sigh. "Arm feel alright?"

Richard waved it about a bit. She'd obviously done a field repair on it, and he'd still need a visit to sickbay to properly set the bone, but he could use it, and that was the vital thing. "Better than it did before." He replied, and looked at the ceiling. "Looks like the shaft collapsed above us, either that, or it's debris from higher up."

Archie smiled as she moved on to his damaged leg. She felt a bit of pride that she'd be able to handle her kid's bumps and scrapes after dealing with Richard's bone sticking out of its skin. "At this point, we'd have more success yelling loudly and banging on the walls and doors and hopefully someone passing by will hear us."

"That seems unlikely." Richard said. "We're between decks and there's a lot of sound-dampening qualities built into the decks. We'd need to be screaming our lungs off to stand a chance, and with no water in here, we'd be parched pretty quickly." He chuckled. "Plus, there's still the lower escape hatch in the floor, but with my injuries, I don't fancy trying to do a monkey-hang."

Archie laughed in return as she finished up his leg. "I've pretty much just taped your bones together. Any extreme movement with cause you to look and move like a marionette doll." She stood up, feeling a rush of blood shoot straight to her head. Her knees weakened slightly as she fell back against the wall and began white-knuckling the support bar. "Oh shit..."

"Archie?" Richard asked, looking concerned at her. She'd gone very pale and looked very worried. "Were you injured after all?"

Archie looked down, feeling a cool dampness underneath her skirt. This wasn't happening, not now. This couldn't be happening. But it was. It always did. You just do what you've been trained to do and take everything in stride. This moment was no exception. Cooper decided he wanted to throw in a monkey wrench and join the disarray and she wasn't able to put a cork in her vagina and keep him in until they made it out of the lift. Archie couldn't help but let out another laugh, this time masking the sheer terror she was about to feel in an hour or so. She gave herself a moment to steady herself before she lifted her skirt slightly. "Just our fucking luck, Richard," she raised her eyes to him. "My water broke."

Richard looked at her pole-axed. Here? Now? Why? "Please tell me you're kidding..." He pleaded with her. This couldn't be happening, not here. There was absolutely nothing in this lift-car to help with a birthing, apart from a med-kit. He was still partially wounded himself. They couldn't get out, and no one knew they were there or in trouble. Could someone get to them? Was the lift car completely buried? Then there was the fact that this was his best friend's wife! His best friend was god knows where, had no idea what was going on, and crucially... wasn't here! In fact, there was no one here who could help her... apart from him... and he wasn't prepared mentally or emotionally to help deliver a child into the world. He wasn't trained, and more to the point... it was his BEST FRIEND'S WIFE!!!

Archie shook her head slowly and chewed on her lower lip as if she was being scolded by a school teacher. "I'm not kidding. The stress of the bump around must've jump-started the labor..." She slowly slid herself down onto the ground to get into as comfortable of a position as she could. She let out a slow breath and began cradling her stomach. Now was not the time to freak out. At least one of them had to be the calm and rational one. It might as well be her. "It'll be at least four to eight hours before he comes. I'm sure we'll be able to at least establish communication or get out of here or something before then."

"Let's hope so." Richard said, dragging himself along the floor on his ass to sit up next to Archie against the wall. He put an arm around her for comfort and reassurance. "Just hang on to me, we'll get through this." He said, offering a calming smile. He loved her like a sister, he really did, but he was more than secretly hoping that help arrived before little Cooper decided he wanted to join the party. He didn't relish at all the prospect of helping deliver him into the world.

Archie leaned against Richard and rested her head against him. “I hope everyone else is okay.”

Resting his own head atop of hers in a nurturing way, he smiled. "I'm sure they're just fine. You can't kill this lot, they're like cockroaches." He tried to sound reassuring, but deep down, he was concerned about what the hell had happened that had caused the starbase to roll around like a ship in a storm. Starbases didn't move, and the fact that it had was giving him serious cause for concern.

"Amaya..." He whispered to himself. "...please be okay..."


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