Obsidian Command
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Into Darkness

Posted on 02 Oct 2018 @ 4:51am by Commander Amaya Lance & Ensign Vahlen Serra

Mission: The Void
Location: Obsidian Command - Ops (Deck 12)
Timeline: MD-01

Just another day in Ops. Amaya was pacing. She had around 30 minutes until her shift officially ended and she could hand over control to someone else. She'd agreed to meet with Richard immediately after, they were planning to have one last 'double date' with the Reeds before the baby came along. It had been a while since she'd felt relaxed enough to leave work behind and spend actual time with friends.

"Commander?" Serra piped-up from the operations station. "We're reading some strange increase in graviton emissions two-hundred-thousand kilometers from the station."

"Source?" Amaya asked, stepping over to see for herself.

"There aren't any ships nearby. Traffic in the system has been clear for the last few hours. Next arrival isn't due for 10 hours," the young ensign replied. Amaya eyed the readings over her shoulder.

"The tacyhon detection grid is running, isn't it?" she inquired. Serra shook her head.

"Sensors aren't detecting any signs of cloaked vessels, sir." She paused as a faint vibration shuddered through the deckplates beneath their feet. "Detecting strong graviton emissions, Commander, they are increasing in intensity. The station's inertial stabilisers are struggling to maintain our position."

"Yellow alert," Amaya called over to the duty officer on Tactical. "Increase power to the integrity field." She touched a few controls. "Would a localised anti-graviton pulse counter the disturbance?" she inquired, studying the readouts.

The deck shook again. This time lurching to one side somewhat forcefully. One unfortunate crewman lost his footing and crashed to the deck.

"Shear is increasing. We're being pulled out of orbit, Commander!" Serra exclaimed.

"Red alert!" Amaya responded, knowing the station simply wasn't designed to move with such force. Nor did it have significant means of countering the effect of the anomaly on them. "Route power from nonessential systems to the inertial dampeners."

"Limited success, ma'am. The EPS grid appears to be suffering some sort of power drain. Possibly from the anomaly itself," the Lieutenant at the engineering console fed back.

"Do what you can to compensate," Amaya insisted.

"We're falling out of orbit, Commander! The anomaly appears to be pulling us in!" Serra gasped, the tension getting the better of her.

"All hands, brace for impact and possible emergency decompression!" Amaya shouted.

From her perspective, the entire station seemed to fall on its side, almost cartwheeling out of a geosynchronous orbit and tumbling into the strange anomaly that had appeared from seemingly nowhere. The deckplate suddenly came flying at her face as the dampeners strained to keep up with the sudden motion the station had been subjected to.

The next thing Amaya knew, she was staring up at the ceiling. The side of her head was wet, combined with the dull ache of pain. She'd probably hit her head, she realised.

Ops was barely lit, on emergency power and with at least two bulkheads having caved-in. They were somewhat fortunate that the command hub was built several decks down inside the station and not immediately exposed to space. Pulling herself up to her feet, she looked around. One or two of the other crew members were slowly regaining their senses. A few weren't moving.

"S...Status report..." she growled. The duty lieutenant scrambled up to his console.

"Shields at 17%, structural integrity has failed on multiple decks...systems are barely registering here, Commander. Communications are out, long-range sensors aren't functional."

"What's our position?" Amaya asked, pulling her dishevelled hair out of her face.

"Not...sure..." the officer frowned. "I can't get a reading, ma'am. This doesn't make sense. I can't even see Loki from our location."

"That's not possible, Lieutenant. The sensors must be out completely," Amaya shook her head.

"No, ma'am. There's no reading at all. The short-range sensors are registering, just showing nothing." He looked-up. "No stellar bodies, no sign of planets, stars...no matter of any kind. It's a void out there. Completely empty."

Where the hell are we, then? Amaya wondered, though didn't voice the question. Instead she hauled Serra back to her feet. "What's the status of the anomaly?"

"Gone, ma'am. But the power-draining effect is still affecting our systems. We have life support and not much else right now. One of the primary fusion cores is completely offline. I can't get a clear picture below deck 50, but it looks like integrity failed on deck 105. Secondary fusion cores aren't registering. It might be that some of the power connections might have been severed by the loss of stability," the engineer answered. "Commander, if we could get a message down to the lower decks we might be able to reroute some of the power from the docking bay fusion reactors, but as it stands we have no idea what the state of those is."

"Great..." Amaya muttered. "Try to get communications back up as soon as possible, we need to coordinate damage control."

"Commander, sensors are showing something out there. Ships...maybe two or three," Serra indicated her screen. "Smaller, raider-type vessels." She looked up. "They're arming weapons..."

Amaya looked around the silent room. The starbase was in pieces, with minimal power and no way of communicating with anyone. She pushed herself away from the console, wiping the blood away from her cheek and mentally preparing herself for what came next.



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