Obsidian Command
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Old Flames

Posted on 28 Sep 2018 @ 2:28am by Lieutenant Leah Bailey & Marine Captain Levi Drake

Mission: Character Development
Location: Obsidian Command - Infirmary

"I don't care how much you had to drink, kissing an alien species known to have venom sacs in their gums is still the most stupid idea I've ever heard." Leah placed the hypospray against Ensign Parker's neck. "I hope I don't see you back in here for at least another two weeks, understood?"

The chastised ensign nodded glumly, unable to really speak much of an acknowledgment past his heavily swollen face.

Leah did a double-take as a large figure arrived through the infirmary door as the poor young officer swerved to avoid it. Recognition crossed her face at the tall man in marine fatigues paused in the doorway then made eye contact with her.

"Levi..." she murmured. He inclined his head, also making the connection.

"Well I'll be," he responded, approaching. He practically towered over her, dwarfing the doctor in both height and width. "Doc Bailey."

"Lieutenant Bailey," she corrected him. "Gosh, it's been - how long?"

"Five years," he nodded, barely a flicker of emotion on his face. "Betazed field hospital."

"How's the shoulder?" she asked, recalling the incident. He shrugged, as if to prove that it wasn't an issue.

"Can't complain about the treatment you gave me," he grunted.

"Better than the treatment you gave me," she replied pointedly. If there were some regret in his mind, he wasn't showing it on the outside.

"We shipped-out the following morning. Short-notice reassignment. It happens a lot." He inclined his head again, his arms folding across his massive chest. "I didn't realise I needed to apologise."

"You don't. If you don't want to."

Her words made him fall silent for a moment. Logically speaking he didn't need to say sorry for something that had happened a number of years ago. There was an expectation in her tone, though. Like he was supposed to but she wasn't going to tell him as much.

"Did you need something?" she asked. "I'm sure you aren't here to see me, given you didn't come to talk about it."

"I just arrived. I'm supposed to formally report my presence to the local medical staff." Again, he spoke plainly.

"I see." She picked up her medical tricorder and ran it over him briefly. "Anything I should know? Recent changes to medical history. Perhaps significant instances of regret, or guilt?"

He looked at her with an 'are you serious' expression. She smirked, enjoying the moment of winding him up.

"No recent changes. Old knife wound sometimes plays-up but it's manageable."

"Old wounds tend to do that," she noted meaningfully.

"I'm not going to apologise for something I didn't do," Levi replied.

"Quite. I suppose that's the point, isn't it?" You didn't call. Didn't write or even acknowledge... "Well, physically you check out as in perfect condition. As ever." Her eyes drifted over his exposed forearms, each of them almost as big as she was.

He nodded. "That'll be everything then."

"You should come back tomorrow, though..." she blurted-out, a little too quickly. "I should run some tests on that old wound. Make sure it's not something more...serious." Her eyes flashed at him, hoping for a response.

"If you say so." It wasn't exactly what she wanted to hear, but it wasn't a 'no'. As he turned and headed back out of the infirmary, she spotted a pair of nurses giving him the eye.

"Hey, back to work!" she reprimanded them, knowing full well that she'd been doing the same thing a few moments before. Having Levi back in her life wasn't something she'd expected when accepting this assignment. Perhaps it was a chance to remedy something that had gone wrong all those years earlier. Then again, when it came to Levi Drake, nothing was particularly certain.


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