Obsidian Command
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Concerns & Conspiracies

Posted on 27 Sep 2018 @ 3:41am by

Mission: Character Development
Location: Archie's Office

Paul leaned against the door frame of Archie’s office. He still couldn’t believe that she had stayed on so late into her pregnancy. He knew he wouldn’t be able to pull her away from her work, the one thing that kept her sane in the insanity. She would have been more miserable laying on the couch and having to ask for the help from a construction crane to get her off of it. But today was it; today was the day she was officially going on her six month maternity leave. He had a few more days before his own one month leave and he was looking forward to every moment of it.

“That kid is going to be an adrenaline junkie if you keep working when you should be home with your feet up,” he smiled at her as his lips let out a soft chuckle. “You’ve got yourself quite a week ahead of you.”

Archie peeled her eyes away from the final few reports she needed to approve. As they landed on Paul, her mouth curled up into a wide satisfied smile. No matter how many times her eyes laid on him she always felt the surge of excitement and love as if she had looked at him for the first time. And now… she was carrying his child. She was married to him. After over ten long years she finally had what had been missing. “Cooper is gonna be an adrenaline junkie just by being a product of our genes.”

Her laugh sent a chill up Paul’s spine. He needed to get her home. He needed to get his arms around her. “Come on, Kid. Whatever you have left I can handle tomorrow for you.”

Shaking her head slowly, Archie felt a mini-battle ensuing in her. Half of her wanted so bad to go home and lay with Paul and feel his lips nuzzle against her cheek and her neck. The other half, however, had peeked up from her deepest subconscious and began rearing its ugly head. This was the other half that knew once she stepped out of this office there was no turning back. She would be one step closer to becoming a mom and run the risk of turning into her own mother. She feared she would become neglectful and fudge up the bond that is formed with a child upon birth. What if she wasn’t meant to be a mom? “Just one more report, I promise.” Archie’s smile faded into a nervous grin after she saw Paul’s own smile fall. She had gotten everything she had ever wanted and what if she loses it all? She was about to leave work, the one thing she knew she could handle, and dive in head first into a world where one false move could ruin not just her child’s life but the life of her and her husband.

“Babe,” Paul let out a slightly exasperated sigh as he came over to Archie and dropped down to his knees. He could feel her energy shift from one of elation to a suddenly tensed knot. Why was she avoiding going home? Was she having one of her infamous pregnancy mood jumps again? “What’s going on?”

Archie shook her head slowly as she began chewing on her lower lip. She had been so happy to see him and now just the idea of leaving the comforts of the FCPD office had her feeling like she was walking a plank. “I have to finish this report…” her voice barely pushed out before it cracked. She sucked in a quick breath in an attempt to hold herself together.

“Jesus, Kid,” Paul went over to Archie’s chair and wrapped his arms around her. “I know you enjoy your work but you’re putting off going home for a report on a theft from one of the cargo bays…” He let out a soft chuckle as he kissed her on top of her head. “What’s going on in that head of yours?”

Archie buried herself into Paul as much as she could, feeling his calming warmth around her. She was always able to talk to him about things, but this was something she didn’t want him to have to worry about. And she didn’t just want him to worry. She didn’t want him to think that she wasn’t going to be handle the stress of being a first-time mom. She also knew he wouldn’t let her go until she told him the truth. And he would know if she was trying to hide her real feelings from him.

“Paul,” Archie started out meekly. “What if I’m not a good mom? What if I’m not ready for any of this?” She pulled her head back and locked eyes with him, feeling her eyes filling with tears. “What if I turn into my parents?”

Paul let out a slight chuckle at what appeared to be Archie’s growing concerns about her abilities to handle the massive change that will be coming into their lives in a week. He understood completely, having his own fears about caring for their son and their marriage due to his previously failed one. Though the failed marriage wasn’t necessarily his fault. “Kid, what you are feeling is completely natural. What we are about to go through is one of the most difficult things we will ever face, and you and I have been faced with death.” He wrapped his hands around her jaw and gave her a firm and passionate kiss on her lips. “You are the most amazing person I have ever met. You are so smart, and so beautiful, and so strong and you never waver at any challenge that comes up against you. Hell, I’m worried I’m gonna break the damn thing.”

Archie let out her own chuckle as she caught the tear that was about to fall out of the corner of her eye as Paul continued his reassurances. “Baby, I love you so much and you know we wouldn’t have done this if we weren’t ready. What we are about to go through is one of the most awesome and frightening and beautiful things.” He placed his hand over her belly. “We created a human being, Kid. This is ours. And we get to teach it to not be an asshole.” Paul’s lips curled up into a smirk, hoping he was helping settle his wife’s nerves. “And you have a perfect example of what not to do. You are so generous and loving and care for your two families: your actual brothers and your law enforcement brothers and sisters. And you’re the best goddamn wife a man could have. I’m incredibly lucky you decided to keep me.”

Archie’s smile widened as she jumped into his arms nas best as she could without accidentally hitting her large stomach against something. She wasn’t in this alone. Paul was with her and bearing half of the responsibility. He wasn’t half-assing anything, and he never did. They were in this together. Neither of them were perfect so there was no use trying to change that. Looking at what they both have been through and accomplished, Paul and Archie were going to be alright. And so was their son.

Archie gave Paul another kiss on his lips and looked him straight in the eyes. “Thank you,” she whispered to him, placing her forehead against his briefly before she sat herself back in her chair. She let out a sigh of relief at the confidence boost that her husband gave her. “Now, back to important things,” she stuck her tongue out playfully. “This is actually not just a theft report. It’s a series that’s finally been connected. What I find strange is that the items taken are Starfleet supplies, not civilian supplies.”

Paul raised his eyebrow as he took a glance at the report still pulled up on Archie’s computer. “Not like Starfleet has high standards for their standard issue equipment.”

“Right. And taken has been everything from phasers to rations.” Archie typed a bit more to bring their focus to the officer’s observations. “The science officer noticed traces of a transporter but the readings seemed a bit… odd, I guess? Not exactly backwards or anything but like it’s distorted.”

Paul quickly read through the most recent report and the results of the science officer’s inquiry. “Inside job?”

Archie shrugged. “Based off of the readings that would be one hell of a conspiracy theory. And why would anybody in Starfleet want to steal supplies they have ready access to?” She then pulled up video from the various cameras that were set up in the cargo bays. “And we’ve got nothing on the videos, just the items being transported out with no indication by our systems. Whoever is transporting these items knows a detection work-around.”

“Well, since everyone has left, I’ll make sure Annie and Steve look into this a bit more tomorrow.” Paul stood up and grabbed Archie’s hands to help hoist her up and out of the chair. As much as she pushed for wanting to do things herself even with her gigantic belly, he finally convinced her that he was doing it just to make things a bit easier on her. “But right now I need to get you back home. I’m sure your feet could use a rub down.”

Archie’s lips slid into a mischievous smirk. “I can think of a few other things to add to that list.” She reached herself up and pulled Paul’s head down so she could slip in one hell of a kiss before they headed back to the privacy of their own home.


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