Obsidian Command
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Permission to Frolic

Posted on 26 Sep 2018 @ 4:01am by Commander Amaya Lance & Lieutenant Colonel Richard Sharpe

Mission: Character Development
Location: Obsidian Command
Timeline: Six months following the Onyx Incident

They'd put it off for about two weeks. What with the arrival of a Bolian delegation and then a serious complaint from the Romulan diplomatic attache - something about the way an Ensign had looked at her - Amaya had become far more bogged-down in the day-to-day political and diplomatic affairs of the station than usual. In a way, Malone had been right about her being the diplomatic one, but she was starting to wonder if she was biting off a little too much.

Practically sprawled on the couch in their shared room she looked across at Richard, who was finishing up laying the table for the meal she'd cancelled twice.

"You know one of these days Du Lac is going to give me a vacation. Somewhere relaxing, like Risa," she sighed. "Goodness knows it would be nice if one of the Joint Fleet Command could have their aides deal with some of the crap we've had to respond to lately..."

"You know, you do have a first and second officer." Richard said, calmly, as he laid out the cutlery. "Considering that Malone and Skovgaard have been given so much free time to go frolik around the place, whilst you've been doing everything. Wasn't Malone sent here because he had a positive relationship with the Romulans, and could handle them? So why did you need to do it, hmm?" He asked. "Part of your 'I need to be more in command of my station' jive again?"

He wasn't trying to be bitter, but it kept coming across as such. All he wanted was a couple of hours of Amaya's time, so that they could be an actual couple. He was in the service, he knew the demands, but even he got off-hours. Amaya seemed to find ways to do more work than was required. He'd promised himself he'd behave himself at this dinner, and he really wanted to, but he couldn't help but have 'leakage' as his counsellor often referred to it. He really cared for Amaya, and he was sure she cared deeply for him too - but the wedge between them had grown considerably as the weeks had gone by. Even having a dinner had become complicated! He'd genuinely spoken to her aide and booked it as an appointment in her freaking diary!

"You do remember that I'm responsible for several thousand people, right?" she retorted. "Goodness knows that's at least twice as much as the average starship captain..." She trailed off as she looked at his expression. Disappointment. Distance. She felt the same thing too. They were living together but not actually living together. "I'm making excuses again, aren't I?"

"Just a little bit." Richard said, turning to face her. "How is it you could manage 'several thousand people' before now, and still be able to come back home at a good time to spend time with me. Yet since the Onyx Club incident, you've been distant, you've spent every moment you can in Ops. You've cancelled on me more times than I care to remember in the last six months. My sisters think you're avoiding them. So what gives? What have I done?"

She leaned back, her hands covering her face as she let out a moan of frustration. She didn't want this, not on the night they'd set aside. "Look. Just because you're okay about all the changes that have been going on around here, doesn't mean that I totally am. I'm juggling running a damned starbase and trying to keep up with everyone's personal lives. Hell, I can't remember the last time I saw Archie..." she let out another groan. "Help me out here, Richard. You're so unflappable. And I'm just...flapping."

"You're trying to please everyone, and successfully failing at it." Richard chuckled at her. "Seriously, you need to take a look at what you're doing, and go back to being the Amaya from before. The one who took her job seriously, but didn't let it consume her very life. You were never really 'fun-lovin', but you knew enough to let your hair down once a week to go with me to the holodeck. I'm not asking for you to come home at five-thirty every night babe, I know that's unrealistic. I'm in the service too. But I would actually like to see you more than once a month. Which is ridiculous considering we live together."

She looked at him, pouting playfully. "I can be fun loving. Besides, I remember when you used to call me Ami and actually come fight for me. Maybe I should send you to fight off the angry Romulans instead!"

"I'd do that in a heart-beat." Richard chuckled. "But I doubt very much you'd actually appreciate me bursting into your office, kicking out the Romulan Ambassador forcibly telling him to stop bothering my Ami." He teased her. "Something tells me I'd be back in front of yet another court-martial."

"Eh, what's another court-martial? You must be pretty used to those by now," she poked out her tongue. Her expression softened as she stood up and approached, putting her hands on his back and gently rubbing his shoulders. "I didn't mean to be hiding from you, you know that, right?"

Richard turned around and put his arms around Amaya's waist so he was looking into her eyes. "You mean a lot to me Ami, you really do, and I know you care for me too. But you need to give us as much time and focus as you give Obsidian. It's the age old truth that if you put too much focus in one area, another area becomes neglected. Please don't neglect me, Ami." He leaned in and kissed her softly on the lips.

"Promise," she replied, enjoying the feeling of his lips on hers. "I'm looking forward to seeing Malone's face when I tell him he won't have quite so much time to 'frolic' any more."

"Who gives a damn." Richard chuckled, and embraced Amaya. "I'm selfish, I want more of you." He said, as he moved her over to the couch, and fell down with her onto it. She squeaked in delight as they fell down together, and he held her, gently stroking her face. "Mine." He said, simply.

Snuggling him for a moment, she made the deliberate gesture of plucking the commbadge from her chest and tossing it on the floor a few feet away. "Tonight, let's just be Ami and Richard."

"I knew they made you a Commander for a reason, you clearly have sound judgement skills." He teased, taking his own comm badge off and hurling it across the room. "Incidentally, you won't be in work tomorrow morning, you'll be far too tired. We have six months to catch up on." He purred in her ear as he moved his hand down her body.

"Absence really does make the heart grow fonder..." she sighed as he kissed her neck, then grasped him by the chin and planted a kiss on him again. "Screw dinner, get in that bedroom, Major."

"Yes ma'am." He laughed, picked her up and tossed her over his shoulder, giving her butt a playful slap as he carried her into the bedroom.



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