Obsidian Command
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An Uneventful Journey

Posted on 15 Sep 2018 @ 2:39pm by Lieutenant Commander Jonathan Russell

Mission: Character Development
Location: USS Trent
Timeline: After 'The Admiral's Daughter'

Loki III was a long way out from Deep Space 4. Jonathan Russell's previous assignment had been the USS Tasmania, an old Nebula class ship which had spent the last two years engaged in scientific research focussing on binary star systems on the edge of explored space. It hadn't been a particularly eventful assignment, the majority of the crew were scientists going about their research. The most dramatic moment had been the rescue of a Nyberrite freighter that had managed to get itself caught in the gravity well of a gas giant when the engines failed. It hadn't been all that taxing for Jon, although he'd gained a little knowledge about binary stars.

After the Tasmania had completed its assignment, they reported back to DS4 and a lot of the crew had rotated out for their next mission, which was something geologically focussed. Jon had taken the opportunity for a transfer too, accepting a position on the 9th fleet’s headquarters, Obsidian Command, as it was more dramatically referred to.

In order to get from one station to the other, Jon had gotten a ride on a Runabout, the USS Trent. It was under the command of a particularly grumpy Andorian named Shev, who was assisted by Gol, a Bolian who had seemingly dedicated his existence to finding ways to irritate Shev. It had made the journey somewhat more entertaining for Jon and the other guests, a couple of Ensigns fresh out of the academy.

Jon wandered through to the cockpit as the Trent approached the Loki system. He'd read about the system and the station, but he wanted to see it for himself as they approached. The Counselor took a seat at one of the consoles towards the rear of the flight deck, not wanting to get in the way of the crew as they worked, even if it was saying fairly routine bit of flying.

“Approaching the system now.” Shev announced from the pilot's seat. “Dropping out of warp in 3,2,1…”

The stars stopped streaking past the little ship, settling into distant constellations around them. The impulse engines kicked in, pushing them towards the station. Jon smiled, it had been a while since he had served on such a large facility and he was looking forward to the challenge. Obsidian Command's nature meant that it should offer some unique opportunities too.

In a few minutes, they were ready to begin their approach to the docking section. There was a familiar error tone from the flight control console. Jon glanced towards Shev as the sound cane again. “The impulse engines aren't disengaging.” Shev said. He shot a look at Gol. “Is this one of your pranks?”

“Nothing to do with me.” The Bolian suddenly took on a far more serious tone than he had in the rest of their journey. “It looks like a problem with the plasma injector cutoff. Safeties aren't functioning either, looks like a mechanical issue rather than software or connections.”

Gol stood and began movings towards the back of the ship. “I'll cut the power manually.”

“You need another pair of hands?” Jon asked, standing himself in anticipation.

“Can't hurt.” Gol didn't break stride, and Jon followed. He wasn't much of an engineer, but he could follow instructions and he was even less of a pilot. They quickly arrived at the small access panel for the engines. One of the disadvantages of a Runabout was the limited space available for things like maintenance. Most of it was usually carried out on ships and stations because doing so onboard wasn't easy.

The young Bolian worked quickly and Jon was just about able to keep up, providing him with the tools he needed. The ship began to shudder a little, they were approaching the planet's gravity field. It shook and rattled harder and harder and red alert lighting bathed the interior, the sirens already silenced. The Runabout lurched violently to port, Jon lost balance and toppled over. He heard a frustrated growl from Gol as he tried to pick himself up as the young Bolian thrust a tool into the access port. Whatever it was worked, the engines cut out and Jon felt the thrusters fire hard, scrubbing off momentum and forcing him to brace himself to avoid falling again.

The Counselor sighed with relief as the ship came back under control. He had been prepared for his new assignment to be more exciting than the last, but he hadn't expected this level of drama so quickly. He got to his feet and checked on Gol, who fortunately was fine. He made a mental note to recommend him for a commendation, he'd probably just saved all their lives.


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