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Blood and Guts - Part 2

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Mission: The Admiral's Daughter
Location: Basement, Onyx Hotel
Timeline: MD-03

"Stop fretting Cross!" Blaise snapped and shrugged off his lieutenant's hand, as he walked over to Matt. "You think you're so clever, don't you? Using your words to try and rile us up, get us to make a mistake? Starfleet can't find you. Starfleet will never find you. This planet deflects sensors. They can't find us." He glowered. Blaise held up the knife, with some of Joey's blood on the blade. "I'm going to enjoy making you all suffer before you expire..." He said as he thrust the knife into Matt's arm.

Matt's mouth clenched shut, trying to hold back his howl from the blade. His heart began racing as he felt the stinging of the bloodstream pouring down to his shoulder and onto his chest. His eyes watered as his breath forced it's way out. All he could do was think of MacKenzie and being back home with her. She wouldn't be able to live with his memory if he didn't fight as hard as he could. "You should've listened to your Lieutenant, Boss..." Matt's eyes slowly met with Blaise's as his lips curled up in a sneering grin. "Go to Hell."

At that precise moment, the door blew apart with the force of a shaped explosion, at the same moment a section of the left-hand wall also blew open, and a stream of marines burst into the room. "DOWN! DOWN ON THE GROUND! DOWN NOW!"

Blaise turned and pulled a disruptor pistol from his jacket and fell back to his bodyguards, who were pushing him down behind a desk, and bringing out their own weapons to fire on the marines. The bodyguards opened fire, hitting one of the marines in the chest, sending the poor kid flying backward in a heap.

Paul was not having it. As soon as the Marine’s body hit the tile, his eyes moved to the back of the table where two more bodyguards stood tall with smoke floating from the ends of their phasers. Where were these guys coming from?!, Paul thought quickly, the assholes keep coming out of nowhere! Pointing his rifle towards the men, he let them have it, sending them flipping back over the table to where Blaise and Adam cowered.

The Sergeant helping Sharpe run the squad, as they still had no replacement officer, dropped to one knee and fired focused shots at the origin of the weapons fire. They had to be careful what they were shooting at. Several others followed suit, causing a deadly hail of phaser fire to light up the room.

“You guys have insane timing!” Matt called out to his rescuers.

Joey’s blood pumped with excitement at the sight of his fellow officers. “They’re behind the table!”

This was a nightmare scenario. The hostages were in the way, and could potentially get hit by stray fire, and it worked in the defenders favour that the assaulters had to be careful. If they didn't get the room secure in the first fifteen seconds, it'd be a nasty drawn out fight. Richard didn't want that, as it exposed the hostages - his friends - to unacceptable risk.

Pulling a flash grenade from his belt, he shouted out "FLASH OUT"

The grenade plinked against the far wall, and bounced back to where Blaise, Cross and the bodyguards were hunkered down. The resounding flash that went off with the grenade allowed the marines a moment to breach forward and take down the remaining defenders, leaving Blaise and Cross alone at the back of the room, well away from the hostages.

"Get the hostages down!" Richard called out to his men. "Medics up front!" He walked over to where Annie was hanging, separately from the guys, and using his hand phaser, destroyed her shackles allowing her to drop down into his arms. The look of sheer relief on her face made it all worth it. "We got you Annie." He said, taking a blanket from one of the marines who'd jogged up next to him carrying it, and wrapping it around her. "I'm going to hand you over to Corpsman Taylor." He said, indicating the young blonde girl who'd brought the blanket over.

Annie could barely hold herself up. Her arms had gone numb from being held above her and her nose still stung from the impact of Adam’s fist. It more than likely was broken but she could have cared less at that moment. They were all free. “Took you guys long enough,” she teased to Sharpe. She looked over at Taylor and gave her a crooked smile and turned back to Sharpe. “Give ‘em hell, Major.”

Richard gave her a small smile, then nodded to the Corpsman. "Get her checked out, then take her up top to the LZ for extraction."

Taylor nodded, and took Annie's battered and weak form from Richard's arms, and helped her walk out of the basement on her own two legs. She hadn't had to be told to allow the hostages the chance to walk out on their own, it was a pride thing.

"I'm not done with you yet!" Blaise shouted from the back of the room. "You think you can beat me!?"

Richard turned to face the Nausicaan, who was posturing, holding some kind of blade he'd pulled out of his cane. Strange that he thought he could take on twenty marines and nine police officers single handed.

"I hate to tell you this, but we already did." Richard said. "Your hotel, is ours. Your girls, we've secured them. Your prisoners..." Richard gestured around him. "...are rescued. Your drug operation is blown open, and we have more than enough evidence to put you and your friend Cross in a small hole for a long time."

Adam was cursing himself for not getting out of there soon enough. His shirt was ripped at the shoulder, exposing a cut and various scratch marks on his once flawless skin. He pressed himself against the metal table to protect himself. Grabbing one of the dead bodyguard’s rifles, he readied himself for whatever was going to happen. For a brief moment, however, he was tempted to take out Blaise who was cocky enough to think they were going to win by sticking around. His thought then passed out of him just as quickly. Adam no longer was going to answer to him but he held enough respect for Blaise. As a thank you for all that Blaise had done for him he was going to let him go. Blaise would have wanted to go down in a blaze of glory (no pun intended).

Adam, however, did not.

His sweaty fingers of his left hand reached into his pocket and pressed the keyfob that had been placed there as his S.O.S., his ‘Get Out of Jail Free’ card. Without saying a word, Adam closed his eyes and dematerialized out of the basement and rematerialized into his runabout that had been waiting for him at a safehouse a few kilometers from the hotel. Sean, still under the influence of Adam's drug, stood waiting for him at the door and handed him a briefcase. Adam's money and ability to upgrade his technology had just saved his life.

Blaise roared at the cowering form that was dematerialising. "Get back here you coward!"

Richard worked out what Blaise was on about and barked at a nearby marine. "Try to track that transport!" He ordered. "I want Cross alive!"

The Comms guy held a hand up to his ear to listen, but then shook his head at Sharpe. "Sorry sir, sensors still can't track the signal."

"Damnit." Richard growled, and looked at Paul. "Looks like you have a fugitive on your hands."

Paul let out a growl in frustration. “Malone, keep an eye out for any movement in the surrounding area,” he stated in his comm. “Have the flight crew patrol. Cross just transported out. He beamed out of the basement.”

"STOP IGNORING ME!" Bellowed Blaise, as he stepped towards Sharpe, glaring angrily. "I will destroy you all."

Richard raised his rifle to the en-garde position, as Blaise stepped towards him brandishing an exceptionally thin looking blade from his cane. Sharpe was trying to decide whether he wanted to end this quickly, or have some fun. This guy was responsible for what had happened here, he'd managed Cross. He'd also stuck a knife in Matt's arm, and that offence would not stand.

"You want a fight, do you?" Richard asked. "You Nausicaan scum-bag?" Sharpe knew that Nausicaans had a very different way of seeing the universe, and they'd fight their way out of any situation, regardless of how futile it might seem. The best way to subdue them was to defeat them in combat, and capture them at the moment of loss. They were then honour-bound to do as their victor demanded. This would be of considerable benefit to Paul in an interrogation, if Blaise was cooperative due to being honour-bound to do what Sharpe said.

"Very well Nausicaan, I accept your challenge to combat." Richard said, passing his rifle over to Paul, who was looking at him incredulously. Richard knew what he was doing however, he'd faced off against Nausicaan's in the Death Dome, so he knew about their honour code, and their need to die in combat. "Everyone, fall back and secure the perimeter. No matter what happens, do not interfere."

Paul held his hand up, keeping his rifle steady on the Nausicaan with his other. Richard was crazy but he didn't think he was crazy enough to entertain this man. Not only was it not necessary but it was dangerous. Maybe not for Sharpe with his augments but for someone else around here. "Hold!" He ordered the officers to standby. "Major, let's just stop while we're ahead and take this asshole into custody."

"He's not going to go willingly, and people might get hurt in the attempt. Nausicaan's are very dangerous when they're backed into a corner. We do have an advantage however." Richard explained. "If I defeat him in ritual combat, he's obligated to do whatever it is I say. He'd be a lot more cooperative in an interrogation that way, and you might get some crucial intelligence into crime organisation in this entire sector. I'm willing to take the gamble if it helps you out. Your call, Commander. I can shoot the guy between the eyes, or we can play out his little fantasy, and get a really useful source of information."

Paul looked at Sharpe. Sharpe wouldn't have pushed to continue to fight unless he didn't have a valid reason. The man did have a point. Letting out a sigh but keeping his rifle deployed on the enemy, Paul whistled towards the Marines and Officers and nodded towards the door. "Roll out, and grab anyone that's left!" His eyes fell back onto Richard. "Try to keep him in one piece."

"No promises, but I'll try to keep as much of him together as I can to provide you intel." Richard winked, as he stood up, and removed his combat helmet, turning to address Blaise. "Alright, let's do this. You and me, single combat."

Blaise sneered. "Fine by me human. I'll tear you apart."

"Here's the deal." Richard said, ignoring the taunts. "Under Nausicaan ritual combat laws, I hereby accept your challenge to combat. If I win, you will submit to me and my colleagues, doing whatever it is we require. If you win, you will be at liberty to leave."

Blaise cracked a toothy smile. "My My Human, you are educated. I accept your terms under Nausicaan battle law."

That actually surprised Richard that he'd do that, since he was hardly a reputable character in the first instance. Maybe his cultural heritage still held sway, even for a despotic crime boss. Either that, or he thought he could take advantage of Richard in some way. No matter the outcome, Blaise thought he had the upper hand.

"Very well. Let's do this." Richard said, nodding to Blaise.

"Foolish human, to attempt to fight me with no weapon?" Blaise laughed.

Richard cracked a smile, then flicked his right wrist and his dragon emblazoned sword appeared in his hand, and Richard pointed the tip towards Blaise. "Ready when you are."

Blaise's face dropped when he saw Richard produce a combat sword from thin air, but it didn't phase him. So what if he had a weapon like that? He'd still win. Blaise charged towards Richard with his own thin blade raised ready to strike.

Richard easily side-stepped the attack, and let Blaise stumble in his failed attack. "Really now Nausicaan. I expected better from someone as boastful as you."

Blaise roared in anger, and launched himself at Richard again, who once again, side-stepped the attack with little difficulty. It was fun to toy with this crime-boss, to really bring him down a peg. He wasn't even exerting himself very much to do it either. Given that he knew he could've defeated Blaise in a moment, it did seem somewhat amusing to mess with him like this.

Over and over again, Blaise charged headlong at Richard in an attempt to strike him, and each time, Richard just moved out of the way at the last possible second. As time went on, Richard would leave it later and later, using impressive bursts of speed that went far into his Augmented powers. There was no way that Blaise could hope to match him.

Blaise lunged for Richard yet again, as he knew this human would once again avoid his attack. How he was doing it so fast, he had no idea. None of the cattle he'd ever seen could do this. He was clearly something special, but his cockiness would be his undoing. Mid-lunge, he swivelled and punched Richard in the stomach hard, sending the human sprawling onto his backside in pain.

In that moment, Blaise turned and sliced down with his blade, cutting Richard across the chest, opening up a significant cut across his torso. Richard's mouth formed a snarl, as he pulled himself up and lashed out with his sword, catching Blaise's blade mid-strike. There was a clang as the two metal blades met.

"Not so cocky now, are you human?" Blaise leered.

Richard didn't reply, but he was no longer toying with this Nausicaan creep. Now he was playing for keeps. As Blaise swung again, RIchard swung to meet the blade with excessive force, so that when the two blades met, Richard's blade went straight through Blaise's inferior blade, severing it in two.

Now Blaise's cockiness was gone as well, and he snarled at Sharpe, ready to lunge at him with what was left of his much shorter blade. But Richard was now in full combat mode, and swung his sword on the back return, severing Blaise's right arm at the elbow.

Blaise howled and clutched the stump of what was left of his arm, as Richard turned again, and brought his blade down hard against Blaise's torso, driving a massive cut into his opponent. He'd stopped holding back his augmentation, and was using his full abilities.

Blaise fell to his knees as green blood oozed out onto the floor. He held up his remaining arm in defeat. "I yield... human."

Richard stood over him, his face contorted in rage, his eyes blazing with anger and fury, holding his sword above his head ready to strike him down hard. Then, as if a lightswitch went off, he stopped, and relaxed his posture. The coping mechanisms that he'd been taught, subconsciously, he had known he'd gone too far, and they'd stepped in.

Stepping back panting, Richard allowed his sword to dematerialise and he turned to Paul. "He's all yours..." He said, as he coughed up blood and collapsed onto his side, blood pouring from the wound on his torso and from his mouth.

“God damnit, Sharpe!” Paul yelled out as he watched his best friend collapse on front of him along with the Nausicaan falling to his feet. “Medic! We need medics in here now!” Grabbing one of the Marines who had been standing behind him, Paul pointed towards the enemy. “Detain him!” Paul dropped down beside Richard and ripped pieces of the man’s shirt to secure the bleeding from his chest. “You’re such an asshole, Sharpe.” He stated half-jokingly but half seriously as he moved Sharpe up against him.

Paul looked fervently at the Marines running in with their med kits. “Get them upstairs so we can get them to the Infirmary!”

Richard grabbed Paul's arm. "I did what I had to do." He said. "But, I may have got a bit carried away." He gave him a weak smile. "Still, you've got what you need now."

“I’m getting you out of here and back home, Richard,” Paul continued to press down on the wound. The Marine Medics dropped down beside them and began securing a bandage around him to stabilize their transport of him up the stairs. “I’m getting my cake and eating it too.”

The trio of officers lifted Sharpe up and stabilized him as much as the could on his feet and kept a tight grip on his waist. “So goddamn stubborn,” Paul stated.

"Why change the habit of a lifetime..." Richard said, as the painkillers that were administered kicked in, and he felt woozy.

Paul watched as the other Marine medics who followed behind stabilized Blaise as much as they could. “Congratulations. You torture my people and now you get free medical care.” Paul made sure the Marines treated his wounds properly despite everyone’s hatred for this man.

"You humans are so soft." Blaise countered. "That's why you should be treated as the cattle you are." He snarled. "That... man... however... is not human."

Paul smirked. "At least he doesn't torture and kill people to feel powerful." He looked at the Marines who had finished doing the patch up job to stabilize the man. "Get him upstairs. Make sure he's secured to whatever when he's in the Infirmary. Separate room away from my people. No one loses sight of him." He then turned to follow Richard upstairs and nodded to the Marines standing by for more orders. "Secure the room, no one except any of our people come in or out. This is gonna be one hell of an investigation."

"Malone," Paul spoke into his comm, "Sharpe and the other officers are being transported straight to the Infirmary along with one of the suspects. I'm following behind. SWAT Officer Kline and Marine Sergeant Powers are in charge of the scene until I get back."

"Copy that Commander." Malone's voice was crisp on the Comm. "Good work today."


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