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They Did What Now?

Posted on 24 Sep 2018 @ 8:25am by Commander Amaya Lance & Lieutenant Colonel Richard Sharpe & Police Detective Steve Sawyer & Civilian Hannah Wells & Civilian Rebecca Sharpe & Civilian Phillip Sharpe
Edited on on 24 Sep 2018 @ 8:25am

Mission: Character Development
Location: Sam's Bar
Timeline: A week after The Vacation

Now came the time for the fun part of their new relationship: telling their friends and family. Annie knew it would go either one of two ways: either complete and utter shock or with howls of laughter from the madness of it all. A round of congratulations was more than likely going to come later, far later. If she and Phil were still laughing about what had happened, it was more than likely their family would join in.

This was the first time in a long time where Annie finally had something to laugh about in her life. Covered in all of the layers of shit that had been piled on top of her, Annie was able to dig through and find the one piece of comedy gold that had been hidden underneath. Oh, the irony.

And so, in the usual fashion, everyone was gathered at their usual banquet table in the back of Sam’s Bar. It had become a staple for them; a place where they gathered to celebrate many of their triumphs and benchmarks. Annie and Phil sat at the head of the table as they were the ones who invited everyone out to celebrate the ending of the Onyx Hotel case. Then Richard, Amaya, Archie, Paul, Rebecca, and Hannah lined one side of the table facing MacKenzie, Matt, Caroline, Max, and Steve. Annie hoped everyone would participate in at least one alcoholic beverage before they decided to make their announcement.

After a very delicious and rather pleasant dinner, Annie looked over at Phil, raising her eyebrows at him and silently asking him if he was finally ready to let it out.

Phil gave her a gentle nod, then stood up and tapped a spoon against his glass to get their attention.

"Thanks for coming." He said, smiling at his family. It wasn't that long ago his family had literally just been Richard and Rebecca, if you ignored Kassandra - which he tried very hard to do. Now it was a much bigger clan, that all seemed to gravitate around Richard. Despite being the 'middle' child, he seemed to be the patriarch of the family here on Obsidian. Strange how that happened.

"Annie and I have something to tell you all." He said, holding out his hand to Annie. "Whilst we were on holiday... we... err... well... there's no easy way of putting this..."

"We did a Reed." Phil replied. "Annie and I got married."

In a simultaneous reaction, Paul and Archie choked on their drinks and began coughing uncontrollably. They did what now?! Their eyes moved up to Annie and Phil who looked as serious as they have ever seen them. It wasn't even the cunning remark about them pulling a fast one like they did. Annie and Phil were married.

MacKenzie and Matt's jaws gaped open as their faces followed suit. This came completely out of nowhere and seemed like completely out of character for them. They had to be joking... right? "Nah!" Matt let out after a few moments once he processed what Phil had actually said. He looked across the table at Richard and gave him a lopsided grin. "You put them up to this, didn't you?" After his own recent engagement to MacKenzie, he figured Richard would poke fun at him for following Paul's footsteps.

Caroline's lips widened into an excited smile. She loved Annie almost like a sister more than an Aunt and was able to relate to her more than the others. And now she was technically her sister! She remained quiet, however, seeing how the others were still trying to process the rather big surprise bomb they dropped on everyone.

Max, who was still fairly new to the social group and was still trying to find his footing around his girlfriend's family, wasn't quite sure how to react. He was genuinely happy, as wedding announcements tended to be pleasant occassions, at least in his experience. Though he did begin to wonder, since suddenly everyone at the table was tying the knot, whether seeds were being planted inside his own girlfriend's head. "Congrats, you guys!" He raised his glass to them, feeling a little awkward that the others were still reeling from the shock of the announcement and hadn't really said anything other than 'Huh?'.

"Did you know anything about this?" Amaya quietly whispered to Richard alongside her. "Feels like before long the entire station will be related to one another."

"Not a thing." He whispered to Amaya. "They kind of already are at this point, since half your senior staff are either sleeping with or married to one another."

Richard then frowned at everyone,. "Why am I being blamed for this?" He asked, incredulously. "You make it sound like I've led the way with impetuous marriages! I'll have you know that Amaya and I are not married!!" He chuckled.

Rebecca grinned with absolute glee. "Annie!! You're my sister now!! Yay!!" She bounced in her seat. Hannah gave Rebecca a sideways look, and she calmed down a bit.

Richard decided to take the initiative and rose from his chair, raising his glass. "Since I doubt for a moment that this is an elaborate prank, allow me to officially congratulate the pair of you." He said. "Everyone, please join me in congratulating Mister and Missus Phillip Sharpe!"

Archie looked over Annie's face. This was so sudden, so unexpected... but also par for the course, it seemed. She was still stunned at the announcement, especially since neither of them had said anything to anyone. Then again, she and Paul had gotten married all of a sudden... Archie's thoughts were then drowned out by the joy that gleamed from Annie's eyes and tilted up smirk. She was not phased at all by everyone's mixed responses. There was an understanding. "Well, of course!" Archie climbed out of her chair and gave both Annie and Phil a kiss on the cheek and rather large hugs. "Though I'm sure the question on everyone's minds is, 'How did this even happen?!'"

Annie looked at Phil and blushed. Since the whole marriage thing was her idea, she might as well be the one to bite the bullet and tell everyone the story. "Well," she let out a quick nervous sigh, planning her words carefully so as to not spill any of Phil's secrets. "We had gone out to the casino at the resort on Risa and were playing at the Blackjack tables and, of course, took full advantage of the complimentary drinks." She let out an awkward laugh as she felt Phil's arm wrap around her waist. "The next morning we woke up completely hungover and not remembering anything after blacking out. We saw the we had wedding rings on and found out I had actually drunkenly proposed to Phil and he drunkenly said yes and we got married at the chapel. So... not really planned, just kind of happened!"

"I can't believe it!" MacKenzie bursted out in laughter. Any other woman would have probably felt shunned for getting one-upped after her engagement. In fact, she was more than excited and happy with the news. They had been best friends for two years and had gone through a lot together both in and out of patrol. Annie had completely ignored her own tragedy to help her during her miscarriage. Annie was MacKenzie's Ride or Die sister. It was also incredibly hilarious that, out of all of the couples there, that this was the least expected out of Annie and Phil. They were the more straight-laced couple, not the one to get shitfaced and exchange vows. "This is so awesome, you guys!" She followed up Archie's hugs and kisses with some of her own.

Paul and Matt were still shocked by what they had just witnessed. They actually really liked Phil and found him to be such a strong rock for Annie. "Welcome to the club!' Paul stated as he gave Phil a strong handshake in congratulations.

"You hurt Annie, you die." Matt added with his own hand extended out to Phil. He was only partially joking. He was very protective of Annie but had seen how well the pair meshed and how Phil always looked at Annie like she was the only person in the entire universe. Matt knew that look all too well seeing how he looked at MacKenzie like that every single day.

Phil chuckled. "No offense Matt, but I'm ten times more terrified of Annie than I am of you." He said, smiling. "I've already felt her wrath, I do not want to feel that again."

Richard raised an eyebrow at his brother at that, but said nothing. In truth, the most terrifying force in their lives were the women in them. He was about as indestructible as anyone could ever hope to be, and didn't blink at the thought of death or injury. He did, however, fear the wrath of Amaya if he ever did anything to upset her. She'd already given him a rough time in sick-bay over his latest injury.

"So, Annie, how does it feel to be a Sharpe?" He asked her.

Annie shrugged, squeezing herself up against Phil even more. "Still kind of getting used to the idea of, you know, not being on my own anymore. But if I could have come a part of any family, I'm really lucky it was your family." She gave Phil a quick kiss on the cheek then looked around, raising her glass to everyone as they continued their hugs and kisses in excitement. "Actually, I would've been lucky with any one of your families!"

"You say that now." Richard smirked. "So, you two, when am I expecting a niece or nephew?"

Annie's eyes widened. "No no no!" She chuckled awkwardly. "I mean, not yet at least."

Phil looked at Richard. "Not anytime soon. Annie and I have discussed it, along with many other important details, and right now - I think allowing her to focus on her career is more important." He said, in Annie's stead. Although a partial truth, the real reality was that they were still settling into knowing one another, and adding a child into the mix would severely complicate things. He and Annie needed to find one another, before they tried to raise a child together. It would be a subject they'd discuss in a few months - if not a year or so.

A finger prodded Annie on the shoulder. Steve, looking a lot more relaxed in his civvies, gave her a little look. It was a mix of warm reassurance coupled with his natural investigative suspicion.

"Married?" he asked quietly. "You kept that one quiet. I'm almost impressed." His head tilted a little. "Happy?"

Annie briefly glanced over at Phil, who was loving every moment of this. It made her smile, but her nerves over the whole thing still held a tight grip on her. Pulling on Steve’s arm, she pulled him aside and away from everyone. Because of the ordeal they had gone through together, she knew she wouldn’t be able to hide anything from him. She felt she was able to tell him hints she wouldn’t feel comfortable even telling MacKenzie, her closest confidant.

“Steve, I’m completely scared out of my mind,” she chuckled at her own admittance. “I mean, I love Phil and he’s done so much for me and he’s been just a total dream. But.. me... a wife... I can barely even hold a relationship with my own blood family... how am I supposed to hold onto Phil who is seriously the best person I’ve ever met?”

Steve hesitated, glancing over at the crowd congratulating her husband. "It doesn't take a criminal investigator to tell you that guy is absolutely completely head-over-heels for you, Annie. You'd have to be blind to miss it." He put a hand on her shoulder. "If you do love him, don't overthink it." He grinned at her. "I'd be more worried if you weren't afraid of it."

Annie laughed and nodded in agreement. “Thank you for coming, Steve. It means a lot.” She paused, realizing this was the first time they had really talked since their capture. The last two weeks had been crazy for everyone since they were all dealing with the aftermath. “You getting settled back in ok?”

He shrugged affably. "It's part of the job. I've been in worse places than that, with worse people. You learn to compartmentalize after a while." He paused. "I...uh, decided to go to dinner with Ivy. I hope that wasn't an issue for you two."

“That depends on how honest you want me to be,” Annie smirked. There was no holding back for her now. “I want you to be happy, Steve. She won’t make you happy. I mean, you saw what she did to me. You deserve someone better, someone less judging and naive. But you know yourself better than I do. Go with your gut. If you like her that way, don’t let me stop you. Just don’t expect us to be double-dating at any point.”

He was a little taken aback by her blunt words but understood what she was saying. "Fair enough." He glanced over her shoulder at Phil again. "I'm going to take off, but remember: he hurts you, I kick his ass. Doesn't matter if his brother's an augmented marine."

Annie laughed and gave Steve a kiss on the cheek. "Get in line." She then gave him one last smile. "I'll see you around. Try not to break any hearts on your way out." As she watched him leave, she let out a long nervous sigh. She had come a long way from when she first joined the Academy. She no longer was the meek little girl trying to make a name for herself. She did have a name now. She went from Annie Fischer to Annie Ayers. Now she was Annie Sharpe, FCPD Detective. Annie snuck up behind Phil and wrapped her arms around his waist and giving him a tight squeeze. Surrounded by her friends and new family, Annie finally felt like she was safe and secure. She finally had what she had been looking for.

Phil rested his hands on hers and smiled, giving them a gentle pat. He could feel her happiness radiating from her in waves. He was elated as well, that he was married to the best girl ever. How was it possible to love someone so much that it hurt? Yet here he was, with her, the woman who made every day worth waking up to. She was worth so much to him. He turned around inside her hug, and wrapped his arms around her, kissing her forehead, then smiling down at her. "Nice party. I've only been threatened with painful death five times in the last hour, if I so much as briefly imagine doing anything to hurt you." He chuckled. "One of them was my own brother, go figure."

"I think you don't have to worry about them so much as me with my track record and all," Annie gave him a mischievous smirk and a firm and loving kiss on his lips.

"Alright!" Archie stated excitedly. "Now that the initial shock has worn off of everyone," she gave Annie a smile and wrapped her arm around her waist. "Think it's time to get the real party started so I can live vicariously through all of your drunk shenanigans."

Richard groaned. "Just once, could we have a celebration where you don't get the entire senior staff of the station rip-roaringly drunk, Ari?"

"If anything you guys all deserve it after Loki," Archie playfully bumped Richard with her hip. "As long as you get your butts out on the dance floor I don't care how sober you are."

Paul took his cue and lifted Archie off of her feet and gave her a passionate kiss on her lips. "Let's go, Tiger! We gotta take advantage of your ability to move before your stomach pops out like an overfilled balloon." Archie let out a loud laugh as he carried her away from the group and out onto the dance floor to let loose and release the tension that was still lingering from the Onyx Hotel.

Rebecca grabbed Hannah and pulled her out onto the dance-floor to start tearing it up, pulling her into a tight hold, and kissing her every so often.

Richard rolled his eyes and looked to Amaya. "You wanna show this lot how its done?"

Amaya grinned at him, clasping hold of his hand. "I thought you'd never ask," she replied, wrapping her other hand around his arm.

Richard smiled and pulled Amaya out onto the dance floor in a passionate embrace, locking lips with her as they ignored the tempo of the music and just moved around kissing on the dance floor.


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