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Posted on 24 Sep 2018 @ 8:24am by Civilian Phillip Sharpe

Mission: Character Development
Location: Risa
Timeline: Two weeks after 'The Admiral's Daughter' mission end

The front entrance to the hotel was like something out of an Ancient Greek photograph. Grand White pillars lined the driveway that led up to the vast front glass doors to the hotel.

Annie never would have been able to afford this.

The normally dark and serious woman gave the employee a wide smile and a sweet, “Thank you,” as he opened the door for her. She felt incredibly small in comparison to the open lobby and reception area that was buzzing with crowds of people of all different species dressed in various elegant day dresses and beachwear. Annie felt incredibly out of place in her simple black tank top, black short shorts, and black simple sandals. Her hair was flowing down in soft waves and her lips were plastered in the same red lipstick she had purchased for her case at the Onyx Hotel. She was rewiring her brain using positive reinforcement and turning a negative association into a positive one.

Plus, she wanted to surprise Phil with the simple change. He had been away the week before on a business trip and she had missed him terribly. She was still struggling to find ways to spoil him herself since she found she more than likely couldn’t live up to his already extravagant property. Annie had to force herself to think outside of the box to make Phil feel like the most amazing man in the world.

Looking all around, Annie’s eyes spotted Phil sitting at a table on the second floor overlooking the lobby. Her heart jumped up and out of her chest as she moved as quickly as possible up the stairs and over to where he waited for her.

Phil, wearing a simple light floral shirt and beige shorts with brown sandals, looked up when he spotted Annie walking towards him. A big grin flashed across his face as he spotted the most beautiful woman on the whole planet approaching him from the marble staircase to the small coffee area he'd taken up residence in.

He hadn't seen her in over a week, and he'd been desperate to see her again. The work he'd needed to do had been demanding, but it had been worth it. Sharpe Holdings had acquired yet another fledgling business start-up, putting it in a position to support enterprising young engineers in their dreams to build space yachts for rich clientele, giving them breathing room to chase their dreams without financial concerns. Phil had been very keen to help them.

He stood up and scooped Annie into his arms, giving her a heartfelt embrace, kissing her softly on the lips. "I missed you." He said.

"I missed you too..." Annie wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him on the cheek. "Being on leave from work while you were away really kicked the boredom up into overdrive. I was so bored I actually went to clothing stores to actually try clothes on. Don't worry, I bought a little something extra for you." She gave off a little chuckle as Phil dropped her to her feet. "So, how was your trip?"

"Productive." Phil replied, as he offered her a chair as he sat down, signalling to the waiter to bring over two coffees. "Sharpe Holdings has purchased a majority share in a small start-up called GoldStar. They're a small group of like-minded young engineers who want to build pleasure-craft for the rich and famous. Naturally, I couldn't resist helping out young and enthusiastic people, so I agreed to foot the financial bill for ten years."

Annie's smile widened even more as she leaned her elbow on the table and rested her chin in her hand. "That's so cool! Helping out people who normally wouldn't get that opportunity..." She fell more and more in love with Phil every time she heard about a good deed he had done. She really did find her perfect match. And it didn't hurt that he made sure she didn't have to worry about keeping herself afloat.

"Well, it isn't all charity, I'm investing in a business, that if it turns out to be a good venture, we make money." Phil said, but smiled at her anyway. "I'm not going to bore you with that though... how was your week off work?" He asked, as the waiter brought over two coffees for them. Naturally, the waiter didn't ask for payment, after all - he did own the hotel. He wondered quietly to himself if Annie would notice that no one was going to ask them for any payment or approval of charges whilst they were at the resort. He hoped not, he wanted her to enjoy the week without stressing over repaying or something silly like that.

Annie shrugged as she drank her coffee. "It's nice being able to be off of work with everyone, at least. But with Matt and Sully newly engaged and Joey spending that time with that Celia girl before she went home and Steve doing God-knows-what with whatever girl he comes across, I found I had quite a lot of time to catch up and kind of, you know, self-reflect on the life choices I have made since I was born." She tilted her lips up into a smirk. "And I actually like hearing about your work. It's... different. It's much more pleasant. It's a good balance."

"Self-introspection." Phil said, taking a sip of his own coffee. They only used the finest coffee beans here at this resort, so this was the best coffee money could buy. "My work sounds far more interesting than it actually is. Most of my day I'm reading reports, approving things, meeting people I don't like over subjects I couldn't care less about." He chuckled. "If anything, I like hearing about your day more, because often as not, its interesting, and you usually have some humorous incident." He paused. "I hadn't heard about Matt and Sully? Did that happen whilst I was away then?"

Her eyes gleamed when she thought about her best friends finally getting the senses knocked into them. Annie had been all for their engagement, especially since she had a bottle of beer bet on the line with the others that they would get engaged within the next six months. "Matt proposed when we were all still in the Infirmary but they announced it the next a couple of days later when you left. Three years in the making too..." Annie smirked as she shook her head. "Apparently he had this whole proposal all planned out, a surprise trip and everything, but after what happened on Loki and seeing how she went through an emotional rollercoaster during the whole thing he realized he couldn't wait any longer. Paul snuck the ring into his room and popped the question right on the biobed. That seems to be the running theme for us on OC: go through a traumatic experience and take the next relationship step."

"Us included." Phil smirked at her. "I'm certainly never taking you for granted again, that's for damn sure." He gave her a reassuring smile. "The most traumatic five hours of my life were those where I thought I'd lost you due to my own misstep." He placed a hand on hers. "Still, we got our vacation, and tonight, I've lined us up to play in the casino. Try not to get too drunk on the complimentary drinks though?"

Annie rolled her eyes. "Come on, we're on vacation!" She stuck her tongue out playfully at him. "You said it yourself: you and I have been through a lot recently and have worked really hard. We need to just relax and let loose. This is our first night together in a week. Live a little!" She finished the rest of her coffee and leaned back in her chair. "Besides, you might learn a thing or two from me at Five Card Poker." She gave him a wink and a sultry smile. "I would suggest I put on one of the new outfits I bought for this but we may not make it out of the room."

Phil spluttered into his coffee at that last part. "You, madam, are an incredible tease." He chuckled, as he wiped coffee off his face. "I'll take you up on that five card poker challenge though. I play a mean game myself, although blackjack is my preferred game." He smirked. "I've got my evening outfit all planned, and I doubt you'd let me out of the room with me looking so dapper and handsome. A proper James Bond, if I do say so myself." He said, mock-preening.

Annie raised her eyebrow as she leaned over the table. "Shall I call you Mr. Bond, then? Stand behind you in a long evening gown and watch you gamble away millions while you sip on a martini with a lemon twist?"

"Ew... martini's are awful." Phil chuckled. "But I do love the idea of you wearing a slinky evening gown, that shows just enough of your neckline and back... whilst I stand there in my tuxedo with a white jacket, looking very swish."

Her smirk widened into a smile, amazed at how much she had grown out of her shell with Phil. She never in a million years thought she would ever think of herself as an object of desire like this. Annie had always been the tough and strong and brooding young woman trying to make her way through the trenches of her life. But with Phil, and maybe after being an object of lust in Adam Cross's eyes, she had felt a whole new side of her coming out. "First, I need to check out this room you've been bragging about. The bathroom is probably bigger than my entire quarters!"

"Possibly..." Phil replied. "We have the penthouse suite, so its the entire top floor of this hotel." He felt a little bit bashful at talking about how big it was compared to her quarters. She wasn't used to the luxury he'd become accustomed to. He took her hand and led her over to the private express elevator that led to the penthouse only. The elevator car itself was dark wood paneled with gold-plated hand rails running across the middle of the car. The button panel was also gold-plated with only two buttons "PH" and "G".

Annie eyes looked around in awe and disbelief. It was all a dream. It had to be. This wasn’t how her life went. She wasn’t just handed things for no reason. She worked hard for everything she had. Her lips curled up as she looked up at Phil. “This lift is probably worth more than my quarters…” Annie still felt a strong urge to deflect her surge of emotions twisted up inside of her. She squeezed Phil’s hand, still trying to make herself believe that this was real.

The lift arrived at the floor in very short order, with the doors opening at a soft 'bing' from the lift. It opened out into a massive reception area, with a sunken seating area around a mahogany table. The room was pure white with white-tiled floors, golden light fixtures, and dark wood themes throughout. Through the next room was the bedroom, with a massive super-king bed on a raised dais, with the bedframe made of mahogany. The whole suite looked like a regal palace, and there was even a hot-tub out on the balcony.

"Tiny bit bigger than your apartment..." Phil replied, quietly.

“Uhhh… ya think?!” Annie asked both sarcastically and excitedly as she turned around to try to take in everything. “Jesus, Phil…” She then froze at the sight of the window lined walls that overlooked the white sandy beaches that faded into the crystal clear ocean water. The view literally took her breath away. Slowly making her way to the window, she felt like she was living someone else’s life and that this didn’t belong to her.

"All the beach you can see belongs to the resort." Phil explained, as he walked up behind her. "There's a VIP exclusive strip over to the right there, in that grotto over there. If you want to go to the beach later, that's where we'll go. There's an exclusive dining room if you would rather not eat in the room, but the choice is yours - this is your vacation, you earned it. Go nuts."

Annie turned around and gave him a playful nudge. “Our vacation...” Though the thought of the number of women who had been previously swooned over Phil’s generosity briefly popped up in the back of her mind. How many were there? She honestly didn’t know too many personal details about the man besides his work and his amazingly dry sense of humor. This was probably the perfect setting for them to really get to know the boring details of their not-so-boring lives.

"Yes, our vacation." He agreed, as he walked back into the centre of the room. It felt weird being here with Annie. There was no reason for that weirdness, but it was the first real 'off-base' get-together they'd ever had, far away from her friends and family. It felt like a huge step forward in their relationship, that it was just the two of them, alone, in a huge room. Phil genuinely wished the room was much smaller, like a standard room, so it didn't feel so overwhelming for Annie. His constant fear was that now that she knew the true extent of his personal worth, she'd always measure herself against it, and come up wanting. He didn't want her to do that - she was worth far more to him than private beaches, gold plated elevators, fancy hotels and credits. It was times like this where he wished he was just a regular guy with a 9-5.

“Might have to be patient with me, Phil. I’m a little new to this whole fancy stuff.” She looked all around them again, noticing the little details in the furniture and walls of the room. “I’m not exactly what you would call ‘aristocratic’.” Annie’s typical night out included a quiet night at home or a calm outing at the local watering hole with her closest friends. She stuck out like a sore thumb inside this room and in this lifestyle. “If anything the tabloids would have a field day with me…”

"I don't think I'm tabloid material." Phil smiled at her, flopping himself down on the sofa. Truth be told, he was far more worried about them being unkind to Annie in his world than he let on. His world on Obsidian was a haven, an escape from the other world he was forced to enter. That of 'high society' within the Federation. Annie was going to hate high society, as she'd said, she wasn't the type. In all honesty, that's what drew him to her like a moth to a flame - she was nothing like those horrific stuck up assholes from 'high society'. She was the girl he'd always loved before he'd made his money, honest, carefree and warm.

Annie chuckled and shook her head. No matter how much money he had he was still a soft-spoken humble man. Sliding down and straddling him on the couch, she placed her hands gently on his cheeks and gave him a gentle kiss on his lips. He didn't seem to be too worried about her just yet. So why should she be worrying about this now? They were on Risa in one of the most beautiful hotels ever built surrounding by amazingly beautiful people. He brought her here for a reason. And he kissed her in public. So that was a good sign. "Well, Mr. Sharpe, you have me for a whole week. What would you like to do first?"

Phil allowed a sparkle to cross his eyes as he looked into the face of his girlfriend and lover. He placed his hands on her hips, and ran them up and down her side. "I think... a structural test of the bed..." He said, slyly, as he kissed her again. "For at least the next few hours."

Annie threw her head back and laughed as she gave him a firmer more passionate kiss. "I happily volunteer as a test subject, Mr. Sharpe."


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