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Making Up

Posted on 12 Sep 2018 @ 7:12am by Civilian Phillip Sharpe

Mission: The Admiral's Daughter
Location: Onyx Hotel Beach, Loki III
Timeline: MD-04, sunrise, a few hours after 'Hell Hath No Fury'


It had been several hours since their fight, and Phil had not been idle in that time. He'd gone straight to his office and had compiled a dossier on everything relating to this hotel, including the future plans for the hotel, and the business statement. If Annie wanted to know about his professional life, then by god, he'd let her know.

Discovering that Annie wasn't actually in her quarters, he'd gone to the precinct office to ask where she was. After asking around a bit, they determined that she'd returned to Loki III a few hours ago with one of the crews heading down to the planet. It didn't take a Warp Scientist to work out she'd gone back to the hotel again. Why did she do this to herself? She liked to dwell in her pain, it seemed.

Heading to his private hangar, Phil checked out his private yacht, and had himself flown down to Loki III, specifically to the area around the hotel. The mid-sized pleasure craft landed at the space-port, and Phil paid for a land-speeder to take him to the hotel. Once he had arrived, he asked the marines at the door if they'd seen Annie, and one of the marines pointed towards the beach that was a few kilometres from the hotel.

Paul walked the distance towards the deserted beach, which was more of a shallow cove than a proper beach. He could see why it wasn't really used as a tourist beach. Although, with a bit of work and investment, it could easily be turned into a private resort beach for exclusive guests. He made a note of that, as he slid down the embankment and spotted the lone figure sitting on the sand, a large virtually empty bottle of alcohol beside her.

"Annie?" Phil asked, tentatively.

Annie turned quickly towards the voice, almost knocking over the alcohol bottle planted firmly in the sand. “Get away from me, Phil,” she growled at him. “What, you came here to tell me you bought my old quarters where I killed Thomas Grey and you’re letting my mobster cousin Freddie start up his new ‘business’ there!?” She struggled to get up to her feet, stumbling slightly from the massive amount of alcohol that flowed through her blood.

"You think so little of me? Because I made a decision you don't understand, because you never gave me the chance to explain it to you?" He asked her, as he watched her wobble to her feet. "You've never once shown any interest in my professional life, so naturally I didn't assume you'd care if I bought a damaged hotel. I honestly didn't think you'd find out so soon."

Annie pointed awkwardly in the direction of the hotel as she tried to focus her glossy eyes on him. “Why this hotel, then? Why choose this one where I almost died at the hands of a goddamn pervert who wanted nothing more than to devour me in his bedroom?!” She was a little harsh with her words but she wanted to get her point across and the alcohol wasn’t helping.

Phil looked at her ashen. He'd known it was bad in there, but no one had told him any of the details of what'd happened. This was the first time even Annie had told him about what Cross wanted to have done to her. It made his blood boil, it really did, but that wouldn't help him here and now.

"I'm sorry." Phil said. "I had no idea. You forget I'm a civilian, I'm not cleared to know what happened in there. All I get is what I'm allowed to know from your friends, and the news media."

“He made me strip in front of him, Phil!” Annie couldn’t stop now that she built up the momentum. “He put his hands and his mouth all over me... he beat me when I fought back! He beat Matt and Steve for no reason! His boss then stabbed Waters and Matt because he wanted to see us suffer! Do you want to hear more?!”

She was driving the knife in to cause him pain, and he knew it. Why did she want to hurt him so badly? The hotel? Seriously? He loved her, and hearing that made him want her to give up policing and do something safe, like knitting... but he respected who she was far too much for that.

"No, I do not." He said, coldly. "Why're you trying to hurt me? Hmm? The hotel? You care so much about me buying up a damaged building? We've been friends for months, dating for ages, and not once did you ever think to ask me what it was I did when you were off being a hero-cop?"

He thrust a PADD at the drunken woman. "I'm a business man, Annie. I run businesses. One of the many subsidiary companies off of Sharpe Holdings is Sharpe Hotels. I own nine hundred and eighty hotels on almost as many worlds. We buy hotels! Its what we do!" He almost shouted at her.

"I heard about this one, and what that monster Cross had done to it, and do you know what my first thought was? Not what you assumed, and 'oh, I can make a quick buck here!' No!" Tears stinged his eyes as he spoke passionately. "I was worried about the girls, the staff, the poor innocent people who's livelihoods were affected by this. They weren't all criminals hell bent on sexually molesting women! They were good honest folk who have families to support, who are now facing an uncertain future because their boss was a corrupt rapist who worked for a demon!"

"So, I stepped in, I bought the hotel, with the promise and plan to reduce this structure to dust as soon as the cops are done with it, and then build a NEW hotel, to wipe the stain away, and give everyone who worked there a job in the new hotel - if they want it. If they had nothing to do with the criminal activity, they're welcome back." Phil said, letting his own pain out.

"I did it for you! I thought that if you had the chance, you'd want to spare those innocent people the pain of unemployment, and potential stigma of working for a criminal. I'm likely going to loose tonnes of money on this, and I don't care!" He was shouting now. "I wanted to do something! Anything! To help... because I can't stand sitting back and watching the people I care about the most... suffering."

He slumped down and sat on the sand, exhausted and spent.

The words on the PADD were blurry from her drunken haze. All she could do was watch Phil fall to the sand after a desperate attempt to get through to her. Her anger and pain had gotten the best of her. She became so buried under her own suffering that she had forgotten about him. He wasn’t a monster. He wasn’t selfish. He was the exact opposite. Phil was a philanthropist. He was taking what she and her coworkers could bring out of the carnage and turn it into something positive and beautiful. He also stood up to her. He knocked her back to her still slightly drunk senses.

Phil was her hero. He wanted to save her from herself. He understood that the past could never be changed but the future was still something vast and innocent. Annie had been struggling with that concept for years. After being abandoned by almost everyone she loved Phil came running to her when she pushed him away.

She still couldn’t believe everything he had told her. Annie felt like an ass for not even inquiring about his work. She had been so focused on what she did… 900+ hotels? A galactic shipping company? He did just up and move to one of the larger quarters offered on the base after Richard wanted him and Rebecca closer. Her head was still spinning…

“Phil?” Annie asked gently as she plopped down next to him. “How much money do you actually have?”

He turned his head to look at her, cautiously. "You sure you want to know? People tend to change on me when they know." He sighed.

Annie nodded. “I need you to be 100% honest with me.”

"In terms of liquid funds available, four hundred and ninety six million credits, give or take." He said. "In terms of fixed assets -companies and shares - a little over two point six billion credits."

Annie’s jaw gaped open at his words. She couldn’t even process the numbers. She had never in a thousand years imagined she would even come anywhere near that amount of credits. She had blown her entire credit savings on her two week vacation the month before. If he had all of that money... “Why are you with me?” She finished her question out loud. She was more curious than accusatory. “Am I a charity case to you? Someone you could save from a sad life of loneliness and abandonment?”

He looked at her with a look of horror and shock. "What?" He replied, with a hurt tone. "Absolutely not!" He looked indignant. "Honestly, I'm with you because you are everything that most girls who want to be with me isn't. You're not shallow, debasing, money-grubbing, vain, petty or selfish. You're an honest, down to earth, hard working woman who needs someone to love and support her, so that she can have the energy and drive to go back in to her job the next day and protect more lives."

"I'll admit, there's a selfish aspect of this too. I'm not perfect." Phil replied. "I need someone who I can smother kindness and affection onto. I need someone who wants to be loved by me, and not my bank-balance. I am with you, in short, because you are everything I want in a woman. You're honest, noble, flawed, imperfect, yet humble and want to be your own person and stand on your own two feet. You don't want to be beholden to me, you don't want me to carry you through life. You must've figured I had money anyway, running a business, but you insisted we share costs - even the holiday."

He sighed. "The hotel I recommended for Risa? Its a Sharpe Hotel. I own it. I own the beach attached to it. I was going to get the staff to offer you really good rates, and pretend we'd gotten a really good discount. There - total honesty."

Annie’s eyes looked over his face, her eyebrows wrinkled together as she tried to process every word. Her lips then widened and she let out a breathy chuckle. “You were going to give me a discount just so I could afford it?” She looked at her feet and shook her head at how her entire life just turned on its side. “I was going to surprise you by paying for the whole thing, Phil, even if it meant putting off the trip for a year. And you own the whole friggin’ thing! I can’t even... I can’t even process the extremity of this situation.” Her drunken thoughts were being transferred into drunken ramblings. She honestly couldn’t make sense of anything anymore. She was being offered a man who had everything and could give her absolutely everything she wanted with just a snap of his finger and she was still wary about it.

"This is why I didn't want to tell you until we'd been dating a while, and you'd gotten to know me better." He sighed. "Believe me, you are not the first woman to have a similar reaction. My problem is, I think what I'm doing is a kindness, when in reality, I'm probably hurting someone. Like the hotel thing. I wanted you to feel that you'd paid your way, but in so doing, I've hurt you." He slumped defeated.

"I'm sorry Annie, I really am. I love you so much, I'd give anything to make you happy. I'd give all that I have to just have you smile and be with me. I was holding back on saying the big 'L' word, because I wanted to give you time and space to come to it yourself, as I know what Thomas did to you hurt you so badly." He said, looking at her. "If you want nothing more to do with me, I understand, but I couldn't have you hating me. It hurt me too much."

Annie looked him right in his eyes... and started laughing. Not at him or at his words but at the entirety of her life. She had been knocked down constantly ever since she was a teen and now she was being offered a way up. His small gesture of wanting to make her feel strong and independent meant the world to her. He knew her so well even though they hadn’t known each other for that long. She shook her head at him as she grabbed the alcohol bottle, stood up clumsily, threw it across the beach and watched it shatter amongst the sand. “You’re just as nuts as I am, you know that? I’m in love with a real life prince and I’m being whisked away in my little pumpkin carriage to my very own happily ever after! And you still were going to give me a discount at your hotel!” She threw her head back and laughed as she stood in front of the rising Loki sun over the horizon. “It really is a new day...”

Phil just chuckled at her, then he played back what she said and then looked at her. "Wait... hold up a sec... did you say you loved me?" He asked, a smile on his face.

“I was going to tell you in the Infirnary because, you know, trauma makes people do things they don’t plan on doing.” Annie kept her eyes on the water and the growing sun rising into the sky. “I whimped out though.”

Phil decided to be the brave one, and he walked up behind her and wrapped his arms around her waist. "Am I forgiven?" He asked, softly, resting his head on her shoulder.

Annie smirked. “Are you still going to give me a discount at your hotel?"

"Hmm... family discount?" He teased.

Annie let out a laugh as she wrapped her arms over his and pressed her cheek against his. “I will gladly accept that as your apology and I forgive you. Though I’m still drunk. You may have to remind me how wealthy you are in about six hours.”

"Well, how about this then." Phil said. "I take you away on this holiday, and I pay for the whole thing, as a big ass apology for everything. You need the time away anyway, and now that I don't have to pretend I'm not super rich, let me spoil you rotten on this one occasion."

Annie turned herself around and hugged his neck, holding on as tight as she could. “Me trying to argue my way into paying is going to be a moot point so I might as well agree with you before we both die of stubbornness.” She reached up and kissed him passionately and lovingly.

Phil returned the kiss, happier now than he'd been. They were in love with each other, and she'd said it. She'd forgiven him, and they were stronger now than ever before. There were fewer secrets between them, and he could never say how desolate he'd been when the thought he'd lost her had festered.

Now all was right with the universe, and as they sunk down onto the sand, locked in a deep kiss and a passionate embrace, Phil didn't really care about the fact that they'd like end up with sand in uncomfortable places in the morning. Making up had its benefits!


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