Obsidian Command
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The End of Innocence

Posted on 12 Sep 2018 @ 7:10am by

Mission: The Admiral's Daughter
Location: In Front of Onyx Hotel, Loki III
Timeline: MD-03, late night into MD-04

Annie gave up after rolling over in her bed for the 18th time. The creepy-crawly sensation of Cross’s lips feeling her bare skin kept her far away from the peaceful sleep she had been wishing for the past few days. She was unable to avoid facing what had happened to her. After trying to run away from the memories of Thomas telling her he loved her then wrapping his hands tightly around her neck, she knew she would never get back to the place she needed to be by just pushing aside everything. She had been climbing up the dark well that Thomas had pushed her into and Cross just knocked her back down a few pegs.

She couldn’t let him do that to her. He had no control over her. He was no longer there. She was safe at home.

Slipping into a dark hoodie and dark pants, Annie pinned on her badge to the bottom of the sweatshirt and walked to the shuttle bay. She needed to do this on her own.

Within the hour the woman walked on the darkened surface of Loki. It was the middle of the night on the planet and the stars sparkled brightly above her, illuminating the scene just outside of the Onyx Hotel. There were still Officers and Marines coming in and out of the area as the scene was still under investigation but the initial chaos from the rescue had dissipated. The view of the surrounding mountains that formed the backdrop to the hotel sent chills up her spine. It really was a perfect location for a resort vacation.

Annie walked the 100 meters down from her materialization point to the driveway of the hotel. She gave the Marine who was standing guard at the end of it a nod as she approached him.

“Officer Ayers,” the Marine smiled, “what are you doing here?” His eyebrows squinted slightly at her rather comfortable appearance.

Annie looked at the front of the building. “Hey, Cordova. Just checking things out. Sure looks different now that it’s crawling with law enforcement.” She chuckled slightly as her eyes moved over to the hotel welcome sign.

Her heart stopped in her chest and her eyes adjusted to the words that appeared to be newly pasted to the billboard. The words were not there when Annie first came to the hotel.

Coming Soon - Another Sharpe Hotel.

Cordova’s eyes followed hers as he noticed the sudden drastic change in her face. “Oh, yeah, Major Sharpe’s brother apparently bought the place.”

“Wait… what?” Annie’s voice dropped as she felt the bile rise up in her throat.

Cordova shrugged. “Rumor has it he bought it from the Federation once everyone got cleared out.”

“Wh-wh-why would he do something like that?!” Annie stuttered from the shock and pain of Phil’s decision to continue tormenting her with this hotel.

“I don’t know, Ayers.” He looked down at her and tilted his head slightly. “I’m really glad you guys made it.”

Annie nodded slowly as she swallowed roughly. “I’ll see you around, Cordova.” She had to hold back the hot tears that welled up in her eyes. Her whole world that had just started being rebuilt after her rescue had begun crumbling again. She just couldn’t catch a break anymore. It was one blow right after the other. First, it was Casey. Then it was Thomas. Then it was her mobster cousin visited Obsidian Command. Then it was Adam Cross. Now she added her inconsiderate selfish boyfriend Phil to the list.

She had been held against her will, tied up like a dead animal in a cold and disgusting basement, and beaten along with three of her coworkers. Why would Phil even think about wanting to keep this place around? Was there something he didn’t tell her? Was his shipping company based entirely off of blood money?

Annie’s head was spinning uncontrollably. She felt dizzy, sick to her stomach. She wanted to vomit but couldn’t get herself to do it. There was nothing left inside of her.

Phil had just stolen what innocence was left inside of her and ripped it into a million pieces and tossed it in her face.


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