Obsidian Command
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Posted on 13 Sep 2018 @ 4:03am by Lieutenant Colonel Richard Sharpe & Commander Amaya Lance

Mission: The Admiral's Daughter
Location: Infirmary
Timeline: After the Assault


Richard lay back on the bio-bed, looking up at the ceiling. Considering how frequently he seemed to end up in here, he should have his own wing by now. The "Richard Sharpe Wing of Folly". Knowing the dark mood that Amaya was going to be in when she got down here, the word 'folly' might be replaced with something a bit stronger and something that might get someone reprimanded for displaying it.

They'd treated his large gash on his torso, that had run from his left shoulder down to his right hip. It had been fairly deep, so they'd needed to do several sessions with the dermal regenerator. The internal injuries caused by his over-use of his abilities however, were harder to treat. He'd been forced to endure an hour in a gene-therapy tank, and he had another five sessions to go before they'd even consider releasing him. Even then, the damage was predicted to shave three years off his life expectancy.

Amaya was likely going to be a tad annoyed.

"Richard Eugene Sharpe...I'm going to chain you to a desk on this station." Her voice rang out from the doorway. She headed to his side, placing a kiss on his lips then a light punch on his arm. "Stop. Doing. That."

"Ow!" He said, pretending it hurt. "What was that for?! I saved the hostages didn't I? Got the bad guy in custody?"

"Got yourself a few new scars, too." She crossed her arms. "I'm glad you're alive. That means I can kill you myself for nearly getting killed..."

"Eh, I'm a marine, comes with the territory." Richard said, waving off the criticism. "I accept, I got a little carried away with that Blaise guy, paid a price for it, but I'm still here to be told off. Sheesh, you're nagging me like a wife already eh?"

She pouted playfully. "Someone has to," she shot back. "Look..." her face tightened just a little. "I think we both know that this isn't exactly the most straightforward of relationships. Hell, they could probably write a book on the crap that we've had to go through. But...mad as I am about you getting hurt, you're still alive. And that's the most important thing."

"And I learned a very valuable lesson about restraining myself." Richard replied. "I forgot I wasn't in the dome when I was fighting Blaise, and I went full-augment on him. Now I get to spend the next two weeks in here going through gene-therapy to try and mitigate the damage I've done to myself. The cut was nothing compared to that." He sighed. "I just have to accept I can't use my abilities."

"You do," she nodded. "I was telling Commander Malone something very similar earlier, about accepting what I can do, and what I need help to do." She unfolded her arms and touched his arm gently. "As Station Commander, I'm going to suggest you have some regular check-ins with a counselor. Someone a little more independent to make sure you're keeping it in check."

Richard rolled his eyes. "The last thing I need is yet another head doctor telling me that its issues with my mother that cause me to leap in front of phaser bolts." He muttered. "I would really rather not. Its bad enough half the service think I'm a certifiable lunatic with godly strength."

"That wasn't a request, Richard. I am technically your superior officer," she reminded him. "I have to make sure I'm not seen to be giving you favourable treatment. If it were anyone else I would be insisting, so don't make me order you to see the head-shrink again."

"Why do you think I need to see another counsellor?" Richard asked her. "I've seen nine since I got back from Death Dome, and even went to a bloody health-spa! What good would talking to yet another one do me?"

"That was before you cut up a Nausicaan," she chastised. "I feel like I, Amaya, trust you. But Commander Lance needs to be seen to treat you evenly with everyone else."

"How was dealing with a Nausicaan who was a dangerous player, who we needed to take alive for intelligence gathering, an act of someone who needs counselling, Commander?" Richard replied to that comment. "Why do I feel like I'm being singled out for being your partner? To show the rest of the crew that you treat me the same as them? How is it I'm being forced to see a counsellor when all I did was my duty?"

"Maybe you are," she replied softly. "This is why people who love each other shouldn't be in the same chain of command." She clasped hold of his hand. "I even got it in the ear from Malone. He thinks you're an 'uncontrollable element'."

"Only to him I am." He said. "Since I don't report to him in any substantial way. I work with you, but report to General Taylor. If you ask me to do something, I'll do it, and you know that. I don't have the option of saying 'no' if you give me a direct order." He sighed. "Please tell me this isn't your way of breaking up with me?"

"What!? No!" She grasped his hand tighter. "Not after everything we've been through. The opposite, actually. You wanted to spend more time together, and I just want to make sure you know that while I'm your girlfriend and I love you, I have to balance that with making some really difficult decisions sometimes. You trust me in that, don't you?"

"Yes." Richard said, without hesitation. "But if you're forcing me to see a counsellor, then you need to send those nutjobs in the FCPD to see one too. They're far more nuts than I am."

"Oh Richard, you should know more than anyone: Only fight the battles you think you're gonna win," she winked.

"Well, I'm not seeing a counsellor." Richard huffed. "So you lost the battle."

Her eybrow raised a fraction as she smirked.

"War's not over yet, sweetie."

Richard narrowed his eyes at that, and looked at Amaya. "Why did I know that you'd say that..."


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