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Lost Person Found

Posted on 12 Sep 2018 @ 6:14am by Lieutenant Commander Kerry Malone & Lieutenant JG Kris Broll

Mission: The Admiral's Daughter
Location: Underground, Onyx Hotel
Timeline: MD-03, concurrent with 'Blood and Guts - Part 1'

The trio of SWAT officers followed quickly behind the officers as they scaled their way down the lift that appeared to have been shut off by the hotel workers after the initial raid. The chilled hallway air added a certain eeriness to the whole situation; this honestly could have been an entire set up by the woman who had been working for Cross. They could be walking into a death trap and not even know it. But they had two things on their mind: rescuing the girls from their captivity and finding the missing persons they had originally came out to find.

As they slowly passed each door, the Marines cleared out each room successfully. Each empty room however only built upon their disappointment that this entire mission had more than likely been for nothing. The officers were also treading into new territory since the blueprints did not include this underground area. One wrong move and everyone could be blown to bits.

"If those replicators gives you anymore fits, just let me know. We can't have them going down anymore otherwise Adam will have my head." Kris/Kate said with a sigh to the dark haired woman with her as they walked out of one of the rooms. "Of all the replicators to screw up it's the ones for the company's medical supplies."

With the red haired woman's focus on the other one as they discussed the problem with the replicators, Kris hadn't been paying attention around her. Though she really hadn't felt the need to be overly concerned to her surroundings, after all all the workers knew better then to mess with her. Adam and her father had made sure of that.

The sounds in the hall is what caught her attention, while she hadn't heard it so well in the room they had been in. Between the sounds of all the machines and the blaring of the music, one did well to hear themselves think. But the halls where usually pretty quiet. "Somethings wrong, you grab the rooms on the left, I'll get the ones on the right!"

"Yes Ma'am" came the reply from Becky as she took off running.

Spinning around, Kriss hit a button on the outside of the door they had just came out of. Within the room now, lights would flash to alert all in there of an emergency. Spotting the people in uniforms coming down the hall, she took off running.

"We got one running!" SWAT Officer Young yelled at the rest of the group as he saw the flash of red hair run out of one of the rooms in front of them.

Officer Kline nodded towards the path Kris had taken. "Go grab her! We'll get the rest in there!"

Giving her a nod, Young kept his rifle up as he followed behind Kris, trying to assess her danger level and any possible weapons on her. His rather long legs and muscular frame caught up quickly with the woman. "Federation Police! Stop running!" His breath became heavier as they zig-zagged through the hallways past the undisturbed doors that lined the crisp white walls. The blaring of the emergency sirens rang through his ears but he paid no attention; Young was after this woman. Why was she the only one running away? He continued his commands, feeling his voice strain to be heard over the alarm.

Young reached out as the gap between them closed and grabbed onto the woman's work uniform with his left hand, keeping his right firmly on his rifle. He remembered what Commander Reed had told him about these workers: they were all under the influence of some type of narcotic that controlled their false perception of reality. Seeing that she didn't have any readily available weapons on her, Young wrapped his arm around her waist and pinned her against him. "Don't fight! It's ok, we're here to get you out of here..." He tried to comfort the woman who squirmed against him in order to try to break free.

That didn't help her, she still struggled and brought her leg up to mule kick back in hopes to try and kick him where it hurt. "No, this is my home... this is... let me go!!! You don't know who my father is, he'll kill you!" Man, that phrase seemed to have stuck with her though everything.

Father??, Young thought to himself as he tightened his grip on the woman and dodged her various limb attacks. He still hadn’t gotten a good look at her face but the officers hadn’t been advised of any family that belonged to Cross or the Boss. “Commander Malone,” Young had to yell into his comm over the still blaring alarm, “I got a woman here who took off from us,” his voice broke as he held her still-fighting body tight, “saying she’s the daughter of someone high up. I’m getting her outside but it may take me a sec. She’s a fighter.”

Back on Obsidian, Malone was monitoring the entire operation with Ira next to him, monitoring the intelligence as it came through, letting him know of anything vital - so that it could be relayed to the team leaders on the ground. When the comm call came through from Team Leader Young, Malone tapped the Comm.

"Copy that." He acknowledged. "Are you able to provide a visual on her face for intel?" He said, looking to Ira.

Young shook his head as he grunted when adjusting his grip on Kris. “Negative, Commander. She’s struggling. Only description I can get is red hair, small frame. She’s wearing a worker uniform.”

"That doesn't really narrow it down, son." Malone replied. "Might be worth sedating her, then taking a scan."

Poor Young may be strong enough to keep ahold of her, but that didn't mean she was going to make it easy on him. her body shifting as she tried to find any weak spots to hit or kick. A heel to his shin, an elbow to his ribs.

Young looked down at the woman who fought for her life against him. This whole situation was messed up, for sure. After taking a moment to secure everything on himself, including Kris, Young reached down to his belt and grabbed one of the hyposprays they carried for special circumstances like this.

"Let me go and I'll tell me father to go easy on you! " She wouldn't, but she afraid of saying anything to get her way. With his grip tightening on her, she closed her eyes took a deep breath and was about to throw all she was into that fight again. But the press of the hyprospray caused her to hesitate, that... it seemed was her downfall as the medication went to work instantly.

Letting out a quick breath to steady himself, Young pressed the hypospray against her neck, then felt the tension of her body slowly drain out of her. His own body relaxed as his brief worry was finally subdued. He gently placed the woman down onto her back, keeping one hand pressed lightly on her stomach. His eyes finally adjusted to her face. “Commander! It’s Broll! I got her!” His voice squealed with a bit of excitement as he grabbed his tricorder and quickly scanned over her just to confirm his suspicion. “Scanner shows it’s Broll, Sir!”

Malone looked to Ira for confirmation from the uplink to his tricorder. When he got the curt nod from her, he smiled - relieved. "Well done Young, get her to the extraction point. Sounds like she's been brainwashed, so mark her for the infirmary."

“Yes, Sir!” Young called out at he looked briefly at the woman still on the ground. She had a long recovery ahead. And they still didn’t know where her husband was... Young scooped up the woman into his arms and ran as quickly as he could through the maze of the underground hallways and to the exit point that led up to the outside world and Kris Broll’s freedom.


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