Obsidian Command
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Jumping the Gun

Posted on 12 Sep 2018 @ 7:08am by

Mission: The Admiral's Daughter
Location: Infirmary
Timeline: MD-03, concurrent with 'Bittersweet'

MacKenzie completely forgot the fact that Matt was still in bed recovering from the beating he had received from Blaise and Adam. As soon as she ran into his recovery room she jumped on top of him as he rested on his biobed, forcing a surprised grunt out of his lungs. “You dumbass!” She stated in between her numerous kissing on his lips and around his face. She felt relieved to have him there but felt a strong need to deflect her outpour of emotions by insulting him.

Matt let out a pained chuckle as he wrapped his arms around her and pressed her body against his. He could feel the tears that had been falling down her cheeks as he ran his hands over her hair and face. “Hey, it wasn’t my idea to get kidnapped and held hostage by a couple of psychopaths…” He grabbed onto her chin and brought her face up to meet with his. “You are so worth the pain my entire body is feeling right about now.”

MacKenzie’s eyes widened a bit as she apologized profusely and quickly rolled off of him and to his side. She wanted to still feel his body up against hers but didn’t want to cause him any more pain. She nuzzled her head on his shoulder and against his neck and placed her hand on top of his still-beating heart. She could hardly keep her own heart from jumping up her throat. She had almost lost him again just as they had gotten back to the way things were three years before and now he was back with her and safe in her arms.

Matt looked down at her soft blonde hair sprawled across his shoulder. Their relationship had been the stuff of a television soap opera with most of the drama caused by him. He already lost the woman twice before, the second time being her Mirror Universe counterpart. He was not going to let her go again. When Paul came in to check in on him, give him a strong hug in relief, and give him Sharpe’s surgery status, Matt asked him to go into his quarters and grab the small box that had been secured inside his dresser drawer and away from MacKenzie’s eyesight.

When Joey had asked him if he was going to marry MacKenzie, he had fibbed a bit with his answer. He hadn’t just thought about marrying her, he was going to ask her after he got back from Loki. He had a surprise trip planned for the both of them and he was going to pop the question. After getting the brunt of the anger from Cross and Blaise, Matt knew he couldn’t wait any longer. The trip was going to be a celebration of quite a few things.

Matt lifted his head up slightly from his pillow and looked down at MacKenzie. “Babe, can you open the side table drawer and grab the PADD that’s in there? I need to check something…”

MacKenzie sat up quickly and gently climbed over his bed and jumped down to open the drawer. Her eyebrow quickly raised up in puzzlement when all she could see in the drawer was a small black box. “There’s no PADD in here, just this box.”

Matt looked over with his lips raised into a smirk. “You should probably open that.”

MacKenzie’s eyebrows dropped in a furrowed curiosity as she grabbed the box and held it in her hands. “What…?” She whispered under her breath as she sat down on the edge of the bed. It looked like a ring box. It felt like a ring box. It must be a ring box. They hadn’t even talked about this yet. They had only just gotten into their new routine of being together and living together. Opening it up, MacKenzie’s chest sucked in a breath of both shock and awe: it was a small gold band lined with small diamonds and topped with a clear white star-shaped diamond in the middle. It sparkled against the dim hospital lights and stopped her heart. Her eyes darted over to Matt as her mouth gaped open. “Oh my God…” she whispered again. Those were the only words she could form with her suddenly cotton mouth.

Matt sat up on his elbow as he reached up and brushed her fallen hair behind her ear. This reaction was entirely what he had hoped for. He wanted to take her breath away. “I was going to one-up Paul and properly propose to you on a beach during the vacation I had booked for us but after what happened I could see why he jumped the gun.” He scooted himself closer and turned her body to face his. “I would get down on one knee but I feel like I got hit by a bus.”

MacKenzie laughed as the tears began forming in her eyes again. “You’re fine,” she chuckled in between her light excited breaths.

“I was an idiot, Sully. I should’ve done this three years ago. After you had transferred sectors just so that we could be together, I knew I had you again. I love you so much, Sully." He paused, letting out a long nervous breath. "Will you marry me?”

The tears began streaming down her cheeks as MacKenzie nodded quickly. “Of course I’ll marry you!” She kissed him passionately on the lips and wrapped her arms around him. “I can’t imagine being with anyone else for the rest of my life.” He had been the one who was there for her through everything that happened months before. He had protected her and held her up when she needed someone the most.

Matt pulled back and grabbed the box from her hand and stumbled to get the ring out and quickly on her finger. “You are seriously the sexiest, smartest, most kick-ass woman out there and I would love to keep fighting the good fight with you by my side.” He wiped the tears off of her cheeks with his thumb and gave her another deep kiss. “Now get your sexy ass back on this bed and make sure I don’t go insane in this tiny room.”


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