Obsidian Command
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Mission: The Admiral's Daughter
Location: Infirmary
Timeline: MD-03, a few hours after 'Blood and Guts'

Joey sat up in his bio bed and ran his fingers across his bicep where Blaise had sliced his bicep. The skin was recovered and the traces of the wound were gone but he could still feel the thin ridges and his warm blood that poured out of it. His mind had numbed itself from everything that had happened in the basement. He had never witnessed, or been a part of, the game of terror Adam Cross and his boss put him and his colleagues through. Even though he had been through the police academy and knew this was a part of the job, his mind still couldn’t process that those things could actually happen to him and that true evil lived and breathed amongst him. He had been sheltered inside the safety of the FCPD office with a wall of safety built around him.

And Celia… beautiful Celia… she had risked everything to help him and Matt and the girls she had been living with. She did everything she could to get out and back to her family on Earth. It had been a few hours since he had been brought into the Infirmary and every officer that had come in to see him had no update on her status. The longer time passed the deeper his heart sank as he began to fear the worst: something happened to Celia and he wasn’t able to protect her. In fact, he may have been the cause of whatever harm fell upon her.

“Joey?” The soft voice came from the door of the room he was being kept in for both his safety and his privacy. He looked quickly over at the young blonde woman that was standing there. He almost didn’t recognize her until he locked onto her deep green eyes.His lips widened as he let out an excited breath.

“Celia!” His eyes looked over her. Her once long red hair had been cut short to a shoulder-length bob and she was wearing a flowing floor-length blue and white striped dress. The Federation must have helped get her back on her feet and rid of the physical reminders of her captivity. She was absolutely beautiful. “You’re blonde!”

Celia giggled lightly as she walked over to Joey and gave him a kiss on his cheek. His hand moved to her shoulder as he felt her hair brush against him. “I went over to the salon to get rid of that nasty red stuff they put in my hair. Everyone’s been so nice here.”

Joey’s fingers gently ran over her cheeks. He still needed to reassure himself that she was there and she was alive and in front of him. “Well, you went through a lot. You deserve it…”

“Doesn’t hurt that my dad is a Colonel either,” Celia jested. Her eyes moved over him. “I heard about what happened. How are you doing? How’s Matt?”

Joey’s lips twitched up. “I was lucky and only got a slice to my bicep. Matt got the brunt of everything but I hear he’s ok. I haven’t been able to see anyone just yet since they’re still working on our statements.” He looked into her eyes again then grabbed her shoulders and pulled her up onto the bed next to him. “It’s so good to see you…” He wrapped his arms around her and smelled her freshly washed hair. It was as if not a trace of what happened was left on her.

Celia fell into him and wrapped her own arms around him and squeezed him tightly. “You saved my life, Joey. I couldn’t just run off without seeing you and thanking you in person. You saved all of us.” She pulled her face back and kissed him firmly on the lips.

Joey’s smile fell slightly. She had just indirectly told him she wasn’t going to be staying. Of course she couldn’t stay here. She had a life and a job and her family back on Earth. She had been away for over a year and had so much to catch up on. Why would she choose to stay with someone she had just met on a base she just arrived on? “When’s your family coming?” His voice was quiet with disappointment at the thought of having to say goodbye to her.

Celia ran her fingers through his short hair. “They should be here in a little over a week.” Her voice was equally heavy from the strain on having to make a decision.

Joey pulled her face back in and gave her a firmer kiss on her lips. He couldn’t hate her for deciding to leave him. They had met under extenuating circumstances and bonded over the stress of their situations. They had their own separate lives that just didn’t intertwine. “I guess we’ll just have to make the most of what little time we have together.” He gave her as warm of a smile as he could. “I’ll make sure you get a spot in one of our guest quarters…”

Placing a finger on his lips to silence him, Celia shook her head slowly. “I was hoping I could stay with you.” She didn’t need to explain how being alone in her quarters would cause the memories of Adam Cross and the countless other men come back in full force. He would be able to figure it out soon enough.

Joey’s eyes brightened at her request. He was more than willing to let her stay there and take care of her during her first phase of recovery. “Of course, Celia. I should be out of here pretty soon. You can go to my quarters and get settled in and relax.”

Celia shook her head again as she laid down and rested her head on his chest. “I’m not going anywhere, Joey. I’m staying here with you.”

His arms wrapped around her, still in disbelief that she was here with him. Pressing her against him, Joey slid back down on his back on the bed and held her as tight as she could. Closing their eyes, their bodies relaxed and the pair fell asleep wrapped up peacefully in each other’s arms.


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