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Heartfelt Reunion

Posted on 12 Sep 2018 @ 7:08am by Civilian Phillip Sharpe

Mission: The Admiral's Daughter
Location: Infirmary
Timeline: MD-03, concurrent with 'Jumping the Gun'

Annie stared at the rather dull ceiling of the Infirmary. It was the most beautiful thing she had ever seen. She had never been so happy to stare at it all day. Looking up at the Infirmary ceiling meant that she was alive, that she survived another harrowing ordeal.

Her nose had been adjusted and healed in place. She had a hard time breathing and it was still fairly sore but the doctor advised she would feel better in a few hours and she would be able to go back home to rest. What little smell of the musky medical area she could sense had never been sweeter.

Due to the severity of the situation the officers had all been separated throughout the Infirmary while they all gave their statements. She wished she could have been with them but it was almost better that she was able to decompress a bit before hugging them and celebrating their victory and their second chance in life.

Phil made his way into the infirmary, looking around at the ordered chaos that was the infirmary at full tilt. There were injured marines, police officers, and the girls rescued from the hotel who all needed to have their bloods cleaned up and reprogramming done. Despite all this, there were nurses and orderly's managing things, and directing family members to various locations. No doubt as the identities of the captured girls were released, and family notified, this place would be even more heaving.

He asked to see Officer Ayers, and was escorted to a small room off the main infirmary floor. He spotted Annie lying flat on her back in bed, covered in a blanket as she recovered. He smiled at the sight, that she was actually back. He walked over to the side of the bed, and put a hand on her hand that was on top of the quilt. "Hey..." He said, softly.

Annie jumped slightly at the touch but immediately sat up when she recognised the voice. “Oh my God, Phil…” She grabbed onto his arms and pulled him up against her and kissed him on the lips. Luckily the pain meds seemed to curb the pain in her nose she would have felt from the impact. She wrapped her arms around his shoulders, savouring the moment. His touch made her feel like the safest person in the world.

Phil reciprocated and wrapped his arms around her gently, and held her close, closing his eyes in the embrace. "I was so scared when I heard you'd been taken." He said. "I'm so happy you're okay." He genuinely was as well. It didn't matter if she never said 'I love you' to him, he'd wait until she was ready for it.

Annie pulled herself back and looked over Phil’s face, taking in every millimeter of it. His eyes were so warm yet exhausted. She couldn’t imagine what he had been thinking or feeling. And she was the one who had caused him the torment. “I’m so sorry, Phil…” She gently placed her hand on his cheek. Her heart hurt just thinking about seeing him in pain. Was she willing to continue having him be by her side with the risk of something like this happening again? “I made you sit and worry…”

"Occupational hazards of dating a cop." Phil smiled at her, and took her hand from his cheek and kissed it softly. "I realised there might be days like this. But you forget, I'm related to a marine, so I'm used to my loved ones going into a dangerous situation they might not come out of." He said, trying to project confidence. The truth was, this was an extremely different set of circumstances, and it was the woman he loved, not his brother. However, he didn't want her to feel any degree of guilt on his part for doing her job. She could either offer to leave her job to be with him, or worse, and potentially more likely for Annie, try to break up with him to spare him the pain of her job. The latter could not come to pass!

Annie nodded slowly. His touch was so gentle and sweet and masked the shuddering memory of Adam’s lips against her skin that was burning in her mind. “All I thought about was you, Phil. You were the one that kept me strong through all of this.” Her lips tilted up slightly. “I fought to stay alive because of you.” She gave him another kiss on his lips. “You’re my family... along with those crazy coworkers of mine.” Her laughter grew a bit stronger the longer Phil stood by her side. She opened her mouth slightly, wanting to say the words, but feeling something hold them back. Instead, she quickly shut her mouth again and wrapped her arms around Phil and rested her head on his shoulder.

"And you're worth more to me than anything in this universe." Phil said, comfortingly, gently caressing the back of her head as she rested against his shoulder. "I would do anything for you, and have no hesitation in doing it." He meant it too. He'd played out hundreds of scenarios in his head, and never once thought the price too high or the risk too great. It was amazing what an effect this girl hand on him, that he was so besotted that life had no meaning without her in it. He'd felt a warm pulse from his heart when she'd called him her family, and when she'd said all she'd thought about was him. It was as close as she'd come in a long time to expressing her feelings for him. Obviously, she'd been harmed by the Thomas affair, and that had made her hard to break through, but he'd persisted, persevered, and it was paying off. At last, he could see that the feelings he held for her were becoming the feelings she had for him.

Annie let out a long sigh. All she wanted to do was go home and crawl into her own bed but she had to stick around for who knows how much longer until she was cleared by both medical and by Paul. "Could you do me a favor and sneak me some food? Something's off with the replicators here and everything tastes like it had been thrown into a pile of rotting flesh. I didn't get a chance to eat before I got kidnapped."

"I'll see what I can do." Phil smiled, plotting a full picnic basket full of goodies for her. "Although, if we're lucky, they'll let you out of here soon, then I will cook you whatever you want for dinner."

Annie pulled her head back and gave him a smile and quick kiss on the lips. "Sounds like a plan. I'm hoping not too much longer. I still need to give my statement." She shuddered a bit from having to think about the whole ordeal with Adam Cross. She had been violated on many different levels by that man. She realized she had a tendency to attract real psychopaths. "Phil, can we go on a trip somewhere? I know I just went on one after the whole Thomas thing but I went by myself. I think it would be better if you went with me. I think I'd be able to scrounge up some credits or I maybe have to save for a month or two. Either way, I want to do it."

"What about a nice trip to Risa?" Phil offered. "I know some great locations for us to go, where we could enjoy some real privacy whilst we relax." No doubt he knew, after all, he owned the hotel. They'd be able to stay in the penthouse suite, which would really spoil Annie. He decided to hold off on mentioning this part. It didn't seem the right time to tell her, and he'd had bad experiences with girls and money before. Not that he thought Annie was one of those but things were going so well between them when she thought he was somewhat regular.

Annie's smile widened. She didn't think she was the Risa type, especially with the reputation of it being a 'pleasure planet'. She was expecting another simple beach spot like she did before but she wouldn't argue if that's where he wanted to go. "I've never been there before. I would love to just sit on the beach and relax in the sun, if that's okay?"

Phil smiled. "That's one of the things the planet's famous for." He said. "We don't have to partake in the 'pleasure planet' aspect at all." He honestly quite liked the idea of lazing on a sun lounger on the beach, lying next to the most beautiful woman in four quadrants.

Annie leaned forward and kissed him firmly on the lips. "When I get back to my quarters I'll see what I can scrounge up and we can go from there." Her stomach than growled loudly in hunger. Blushing slightly, she placed a quick hand on her stomach to muffle to obnoxious sound. "Sorry, I guess I'm a lot hungrier than I thought I was..."

Phil laughed. "I'll go get you some food." He said, as he separated himself from Annie. It genuinely pained him to do it, and he could feel himself longing to be embraced by her again. However, life was such that one could not have too much of what one wanted all the time. Besides, she needed edible food. "I'll be back later with a rescue hamper." With that, he kissed her softly, and left the room.


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