Obsidian Command
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Posted on 11 Sep 2018 @ 11:23am by Civilian Phillip Sharpe

Mission: The Admiral's Daughter
Location: Obsidian Station
Timeline: During "The Assault"

Archie and MacKenzie stared at each other in silence. This was what they had signed up for. They had been a part of the risk and the danger before. But when they were the ones observing the action separated by a thick transparent prison cell it was an entirely different sensation. They had given their entire selves to these men and they were now sitting and watching them run directly at the face of danger and were unable to help or save them.

Archie had gone back to the party to grab MacKenzie and give her the update in the privacy of her office. She knew MacKenzie was a tough woman and did not fall prey to her emotions very easily. But this was Matt… With everything that had happened between them throughout the course of their passionate yet turbulent relationship, Archie needed to let MacKenzie have the privacy to get out whatever reaction she needed to without worrying about saving face.

MacKenzie had barely said a word, was only able to shake her head slowly in understanding. Hope for the best but expect the worst, except right now the worst was becoming her reality. She and Matt had finally gotten back into the swing of things, caught up on two years of lost time, and fell completely in love with each other again. And now it was about to be ripped out of her hands. What she would do to strap on a rifle and take down whoever kept him from checking in with Malone…

What about Phil? Archie had asked MacKenzie. Would he want to know the truth? They had decided that Phil was an important person in Annie’s life, the man who had kept Annie from caving in on herself after Thomas. While she seemed to keep the more personal details to herself, Archie couldn’t help but notice the way they looked at each other. Phil looked at Annie like she was perfectly imperfect, appreciating every bit of good and bad in her. Annie had seen how much strength and safety he gave her.

Phil needed to know the truth of being a direct part of this life.

After Archie called for him on the comm, she looked at MacKenzie across from her desk and drummed up the courage and the words that would crush him.

Phil had been at home, having left the party after it had more or less ended when the guest of honour had been summoned away on business. He'd taken his alcoholic suppressor, and was feeling much less foggy now. Laying down on his bed, reading a good book, he was somewhat surprised when his personal comm went off, to discover that Archie was asking him to come to her office.

Getting dressed again, he slipped on a comfortable pair of slacks, a t-shirt and training shoes, and meandered down to the 'cop-shop'. Arriving at Archie's office, he was surprised to see Mackenzie in there as well.

"This an intervention or something?" He asked, jokingly. "I swear, I only had a few drinks, and I only lightly teased Caroline..."

Archie smiled weakly as she walked around and leaned against her desk in front of the empty chair waiting for Phil that had been placed next to MacKenzie. "Have a seat, Phil. Please." Her mouth started to dry up as the time came closer to tell him the news.

Phil frowned and moved around to take the offered chair. "Okay... I've seen that look before." He said. "When I had the 'talk' about my father's death. Please tell me Annie's alright...?"

Archie tried clearing her throat of the lump that grew in her throat. She just had to tell him. She couldn't try to spare him from anything, especially if he was going to be a part of her life for the long term. "Matt missed his check-ins with Commander Malone."

MacKenzie looked down at her hands. No matter how many times her Captain said those words she wasn't getting used to them.

"While they may have gotten involved in something, Malone decided to not take any chances especially with the information from their last transmission," Archie continued after a pause.

Phil swallowed hard. That could mean anything, and Phil didn't have enough understanding of military or police matters to visualise what any of what he was being told meant. All he was sure was that they weren't able to speak to Annie, and that concerned him. "But surely if Annie and the others are in deep-cover, then they may not be able to check in regularly. I assume this has something to do with Richard and Paul disappearing from the party?"

Archie nodded. "Their transmissions have at most been off by about 30 minutes to an hour at the most. They've been out of contact for over two hours. With the type of people they're dealing with, we can't take any chances. Richard and Paul are leading a team down to the hotel."

MacKenzie looked at Phil, her eyes beginning to water slightly. "They don't pull the big red handle for nothing."

"So, they're going all out then huh?" Phil asked, looking at Mackenzie then at Archie. "Full marine assault?" He'd heard of a few of Richard's previous operations, those he'd been allowed to talk about anyway. This was what they did, and they did it very well, as they trained for it constantly. But it didn't make being the family member of someone hoping that the marine raid went perfectly any easier. Raids were loud, they were chaotic, and they were deadly. It was not uncommon for hostages to become victims during a raid.

Phil got up and walked over to Mackenzie, and embraced her in a hug. After a moment, he turned his head to look back at Archie. "I know this isn't the done thing, but I hate not knowing. Is there any way I can listen to the raid as its happening? So I can know if Annie is okay the moment she's found?" He then turned to look at Mackenzie. "Does it ever get any easier?" He asked her.

Archie leaned behind her and turned on the secured comm Malone had sent to her. "Because of the circumstances, Malone let me open the comm in here. He knows I would've fought him if he said no." She smirked at her comment then moved back to her chair. She could feel her blood pressure begin to rise as the sound of the Richard's orders to the flight crew appeared. Due to her high-stress job she was more at risk of something happening to her and little Cooper but she couldn't just let Paul go off without her keeping tabs. "If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask. I know this is kind of overwhelming, especially with Annie being involved in it. But she is a fighter. And she needs to come home to you."

MacKenzie grabbed Phil's hand and gave it a squeeze. "You'll always worry, but there's a part of you that has to accept that this is just a part of the life. If it had been the other way around Matt would be here or force his way onto the SWAT team. Malone wouldn't let me because he wanted me to help out Archie here in case anything happened."

"Malone..." Phil growled. "He thinks he has everything figured out, doesn't he? Malone's planned this, Malone's done that, Malone's said to do this... what does he know?" He felt so helpless. He hated the feeling that Annie was in trouble, and there was nothing he could do! He had to sit back on the station, sit in his comfortable accommodation and wait for her to be rescued. The only comfort he had was that his brother was the one in charge of the rescue. He hated the arrogance of this Malone guy, who just made arbitrary decisions without caring about the people involved...

MacKenzie eyed Archie who sat feeling just as powerless as he was. Archie nodded, standing up again and bringing another chair to sit on the other side of Phil. "We have to trust what Malone is doing. After talking with him and hearing the rundown of everything I know he and Commander Skovgaard have all of the support Richard and Paul need to bring Annie and Matt and everyone home. It sucks not being able to go in and do it ourselves but the most important thing about working with these people and relying on them to protect us and the people we love is to trust them."

"I knew when I got together with Annie, that there would be risks. She's a police officer, and she loves what she does. I knew there would be times when she would be in danger. I thought I'd be ready for it, I really did... but now... being here... I'm really not." Phil sighed. "But, even with all this going on, with my fear right up there... I'd never ask her to give it up. It's part of who she is, whether I like it or not. I love Annie, and if I love Annie, I have to love... this." He said, gesturing around him. "No offense guys, but your job sucks."

Archie and MacKenzie both chuckled lightly. It wasn't unusual for someone on the outside looking in to think what they were doing was nuts. It was, but that was the appeal and the thrill of it all. Archie leaned back in her chair and placed her hand on her stomach. "Unfortunately you've only witnessed the bad parts that come with this work."

"There is so much good that we get to do that it makes all of this shit worth it," MacKenzie chimed in. "Before their transmissions went cold Matt had said that they discovered sex trafficking victims were being held inside of this hotel against their will. So, along with finding and saving the missing persons, the four of them are risking their lives to save others." She paused, then furrowed her brows a bit. "Wait, did you say you love her?"

"Yes, I did." Phil said, looking at her cautiously. "What of it?"

MacKenzie smiled widely at the thought of Annie finally getting her happy ending then gave him a casual shrug. "Oh, nothing, just wanted to make sure I heard correctly."

=/\= Cover! Cover!=/\= The voice called out on Archie's comm. =/\=Sharpe, shots fired behind the reception and office area…=/\=

Archie sat up quickly. That was Paul’s voice. He was being shot at… Her eyes darted to the comm as her stomach twisted up into one giant knot. Her chest felt like it was caving in; it tightened as it held in a very shallow breath. Time froze around her as her worst fear was coming true. MacKenzie was right: even though she had been a cop for over 10 years, it never did get any easier and she was always going to worry.

MacKenzie’s mouth gaped open slightly as she quickly jumped up and reached for the comm.

“You touch that comm and I swear I will cut that hand off,” Archie ordered to MacKenzie who had fallen back silently into her seat.

"Its somewhat reassuring to know that even a seasoned veteran like yourself can become unstuck." Phil smiled softly. "Means the absolute terror I'm feeling right now is somewhat vindicated that someone who has been in the life, shared the danger, can be as terrified as I am."

MacKenzie nodded as she kept her eyes on Archie. "Hearing it is far different than seeing it and being a part of it."

Moments felt like hours as Archie listened for the words that would put her whole body at ease but they weren't coming. She needed Paul... she needed him to come home to her...

Phil stepped up beside her, and put a hand on her shoulder. "Have faith in him." He said, softly. "Besides, Richard's with him, there's no way in hell Richard would let anything happen to Paul. I always used to worry about when Richard went out on these missions, but after a while, I stopped worrying about him, because the stubborn bastard doesn't know how to die properly."

Archie didn't acknowledge Phil, let alone hear his kind words. Her mind was focused on sending Paul good thoughts to protect him and Richard and the others from the evil they were facing.

=/\=Room clear! All clear. All clear.=/\= The Marine's voice called out.

Archie let out the sharp breath that was suffocating her.

=/\=Check the rooms...=/\= The familiar voice came back up.

Archie's anxiety fell out of her eyes in waves of tears. This was only the second time she had ever cried. To this day, Paul still has been the only person to ever make her cry, both sad tears and happy tears. "Fuckin' A, Paul...," she whispered to herself.

MacKenzie's heart jumped for Archie but as soon as she realized that they still weren't anywhere near finding Matt and Annie, she felt a tense squeeze around her heart. The men had only just gotten there and they were already being shot at. This was not as cut-and-dry as Richard made it out to be. It was going to be a long time until they knew the fate of the others. It would be the longest time of her life.


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