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Posted on 13 Sep 2018 @ 4:11am by Lieutenant Commander Kerry Malone & Commander Amaya Lance

Mission: The Admiral's Daughter
Timeline: BACKLOG Before "Assault"


After the meeting, Kerry made his way slowly out of the room and across Operations to Amaya's office. He had been concerned about the Commander's lack of input into the planning, and he didn't want her to think she wasn't necessary. It was important to him that there be no animosity between him and the CO, and he felt that there had been something unsaid.

Limping over to the room, he tapped the chime and waited to be let in.

Amaya had just lowered herself into her desk chair when her XO sought entry. She called him inside, waiting to see which of them would speak first. As it turned-out, it was her.

"Commander. I appreciate you taking the lead on recovering the team on the surface. Tactical insertions and marine deployments aren't really my area of expertise..."

Malone limped into the room and smiled. "I would've thought that being in a relationship with a marine, you'd have an intimate understanding of how marines operated." He teased, as he lowered himself into a chair opposite.

"I know how one marine operates..." she remarked, trying to play-down the relationship angle a little. She sighed, taking a look out of the window into space. "I...we are supposed to be explorers. Charting new worlds, discovering new life forms and philosophies. That's my passion. Feels like we've been doing less 'diplomatic solution' and more 'aggressive negotiation', if you understand my meaning."

"So, you're saying, this isn't quite what you had in mind." Malone replied. "I won't deny, I didn't get into the service to go blow away aliens. I had hoped we'd meet them to co-exist, but the universe isn't a kind place. Maybe that was why I was sent here in the first place, because of my combat experience, and your lack there-in. You're the diplomat, I'm the warrior. When there's a combat situation, you lean on me."

"Maybe." Amaya didn't feel completely fulfilled by the answer. "Starfleet is also about self-improvement as well. I need to do better in those crisis situations. Picking up your cues, understanding peoples' strengths. Making informed judgements. I have to admit, I was a little afraid to make the final call just now because I was putting a man I care about into a dangerous situation with other people that are also my responsibility..."

"Isn't that why they kinda forbid CO's from becoming emotionally involved with their subordinates? For just this reason?" Malone asked.

"You disapprove?" she inquired. Another slight sigh escaped her lips. "You can be honest. I need that from you."

"If it makes your life as CO harder, then yes, I don't think you should be romantically invested with a member of your crew." Malone said. "It's awkward though, because technically, Major Sharpe isn't your crew, he's just assigned to your station, and works with you out of professional courtesy. He doesn't report to either of us really. I dislike that, actually. He's an unknown and uncontrollable element. We can't predict he'll be here when we need him to be."

"Ironically, he's not that unknown and uncontrollable to me," she replied. "I suppose that's what makes our relationship more unique in this situation. I'll be honest, looking back I know I've made the right call. As a Commanding Officer I have lost so many people over the last year that I think I've started to grow beyond that fear of making a mistake. And I have you," she continued. "I have someone nearby I know will call me out if I'm making the wrong judgement."

"That is my job Commander." Malone smiled. "Plus, you have Commander Skovgaard as well now. She seems like she's pretty intelligent and knows what she's talking about. She had some very interesting insights into station operations that I found quite enlightening. For example, it might be prudent to simply disband the Starfleet security contingent entirely, and get the marines to secure the sensitive areas, like they did in the past."

Her face screwed-up a little at that notion. "I'm hesitant to take such drastic action at the moment. We're Starfleet, remember. Explorers, not soldiers. And, like you said, the marines aren't strictly under our command."

"However, Commander Reed is still experiencing issues with the Starfleet contingent, and we can only replace the lead officer so many times before it becomes a standing joke." Malone replied. "Marines by their very nature, don't argue with superiors. Well - if you ignore Sharpe."

"True. He argues with me all the time..." she chuckled. "I'll give it some thought. So long as the working relationships are tenable, I see no reason why the Marines and FCPD cannot coexist. We'll give the security department a little more time to get their act together." She leaned back. "What do you make of Commander Skovgaard?" she inquired.

Malone leaned back into the chair. "She's a very confident and knowledgeable officer." He replied. "She certainly has a very... brisk... demeanour, but I find that refreshing. She knows what she's talking about, and has very intelligent insights into our shortcomings, and how best to overcome them. I think it would be wise to utilise her skills."

"Still waters run deep," Amaya smiled thinly. "Let's just make sure she's not ruffling too many feathers with her approach. I know one or two department heads have butted-heads with their XO before, so having another straight-talking command-track officer in the mix might be a recipe for trouble."

"Having more discipline on this station isn't a recipe for disaster, Commander." Malone countered. "In fact, if anything, it's become incredibly relaxed and informal. Department heads submitting reports when they feel like it, turning up for meetings when they want, ignoring the duty roster if it doesn't fit in to their squash match times? If I wrote up half of the staff who did all that, you'd spend 90% of your day doing Captain's masts and disciplinary hearings. I try to keep a lot of crap off your desk, but I need support. Commander Skovgaard will give me that."

Amaya eyed him, wondering if he remembered that she had been doing the same job as he had just 12 months earlier, and without a functioning CO or 2nd Officer for backup. "I actually appreciate that, Commander," she nodded. "We both know it's a thankless task, and if it helps I once seriously considered bringing back public flogging. Take a leaf out of my book, though: rely on the people around you that seem halfway competent and you'll be fine."

"I rely on Commander Skovgaard." Malone said, simply. "Aside from Commander Reed and the other leaders of the FCPD, and Sharpe when he's not being an invalid or an ass, I've no one I really depend on."

"Curious," Amaya noted, an eyebrow raised. "Do you count me on that list?"

"No ma'am." He replied, "But I don't tell you what to do, so I didn't include you." He smiled.

Amaya watched him. "I'd like to think that when the time came you could rely on me, too, Commander."

So far, there hadn't been a whole lot to support that statement from her, but he could tell she was being sincere in her belief in that fact. "I'm sure I can, Commander. Let's just hope we never really need to put it into practice. After all, its a starbase, not a floating battle fortress."

"Long may it continue," she nodded.

"If there's nothing else, ma'am, I'll go sort out the mission operation." He said.

"Of course. Keep me updated, won't you?" she noted. It wasn't needed, naturally, but she didn't want to seem callous.

"Yes ma'am." He said, and left the room.


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