Obsidian Command
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The Assault

Posted on 11 Sep 2018 @ 11:20am by Lieutenant Colonel Richard Sharpe

Mission: The Admiral's Daughter
Location: Loki III


Dressed in his combat BDU's and gear, a rifle in his hands, Richard walked out onto the deck of the main hangar, where eight runabouts were waiting in a line. Other marines had gathered in their unit formations ready to embark. Across the deck, a group of people wearing dark blue BDU's and gear milled around waiting. Richard spotted Paul with them, unsurprising, since this was the FCPD assault team.

"Paul!" Richard called out as he walked across the deck.

Paul turned around, giving Richard a wide smile and a heavy pat on his shoulder. "Feels great to be back, doesn't it?"

Richard cracked a grin. "You bet it does. It's like riding a bike, you never forget the thrill." He said. "Locked & Loaded?"

"My guys are ready and eager for their orders, Major," Paul chuckled. "They look a little stiff but that's just because we haven't broken in the new SWAT gear."

"Oh, we'll soon get it all grubby and loose. Don't you worry about that." Richard said, as he handed Paul a PADD. "Your guys are going in with the wave through the front door. I need your guys to secure any employees that may be around, before we move on the basement. We want to have zero casualties on either side if we can avoid it, so I know it goes without saying, but make sure your guys aren't trigger happy. I know its cops being held, but we need to do this by the book."

Paul turned to his officers. "You hear that? I don't want you blowing some old lady's head off."

The officers' replied with scattered nods and replies of 'Yes, Sir.'

"Secure the scene and wait for your next orders from Major Sharpe or myself," Paul continued, "If anyone tries to run, overwhelming less lethal. We need as many witnesses as we can wrangle up." He had gotten the rundown from his wife on his way to the hangar and realized how massive this entire mission was. Not only do they have to rescue their officers but they had to make sure evidence doesn't fall through the cracks and their original targets of Kris and Sean are located and secured. If they're even still alive... "If anybody fires at us, take 'em out."

"Best of luck, Paul." Richard said, offering his hand. "Come back alive. I'd rather not have to deal with a distressed Archie. She's bad enough normally..."

Paul looked down at his hand, feeling a flutter of both excitement and nerves. Just even him mentioning Archie was making this mission harder than it normally would be. He was going to be a father... He slid his hand into Richard's and gave it a squeeze. "That kid needs his father. And his Godfather."

"And Archie needs her husband." Richard said, carefully. "I may be Godfather, but I am no substitute for the real thing. Besides, I'm much harder to kill apparently, after all, I survived Death Dome."

Paul gave him a somber chuckle. "You're like a cockroach." He looked around the room at the flurry of movement and preparations by everyone. The chaos was bittersweet. He lived for this action but things had been slowly changing ever since he and Archie's family just began growing. "I couldn't imagine doing this without you."

Richard nodded, and gave Paul a gentle punch to the shoulder. "See you when its all over, and we can grab the girls and go for a nice long vacation. Lord knows we could ALL use some time away after all is said and done."

Nodding, Paul thought about the four officers inside of the hotel. He wasn't the only one who needed to come home safe. Trying to brush off the growing pressure, he gave Richard one final smile. "I'm thinking a tropical vacation. You need to work on your tan."

Richard smiled and began twirling his hand up in the air in a circular motion to indicate everyone should roll out. "Move 'em out ladies!" He shouted across the floor as he headed for his runabout.

"You heard the Major!" Paul yelled out to his officers. "Let's be careful out there." After a final round of 'Yes, Sir" passed through the SWAT officers, Paul whistled loudly and lead his team to the front runabout and filed them in.

The marines and the FCPD teams boarded their respective craft, and Richard was the last one to board, giving the all clear to the pilots up front to begin their part. Six of the runabouts would head down to the surface and deploy their teams to assault the main entrance, and secure all other external portals on the ground floor. Two others would take their teams to the roof for a breach.

The runabouts headed towards the planet, fanning out into their respective flight paths. A flight of fighters from the station were flying escort, but would be performing overhead CAP and intelligence runs for Malone in Ops.

Richard's runabout approached the roof and slowed down as it entered into a hover above the hotel. The other runabout hovered nearby, as the remaining six craft went to their preplanned Landing Zones. Ropes were thrown out of the side doors, and the marines rappelled down the lines and onto the roof, quickly gathering as the runabouts moved off into their station-keeping positions.

The demolitions experts quickly placed their breaching charges on the massive skylight that would lead down into the lobby. Down below, similar charges were being applied to all the other doors on the ground floor, so that on the go order, nine teams would breach into the hotel at the exact moment in an absolute case of shock and awe.

Richard's demolition teams signalled they were ready, and Richard heard the ready calls from all the other teams, as he secured the strap on his combat helmet. "On my order..." he said into his throat mic.

Richard counted to three in his head, said a silent prayer that Matt and the others were okay, then said very calmly and clearly into the comm; "Breach Breach Breach!"

Virtually simultaneously, eleven breaching charges exploded all around the hotel at all the doors, and armed marines burst into all the portals, holding rifles and shouting at the top of their voices as they swept their respective rooms telling everyone to 'get down and get your hands above your heads'.

The glass of the skylight rained down into the lobby as twelve marines descended on ropes and landed in the middle of the lobby, as another two teams came in through the front doors - one of which being the FCPD assault team. Richard gestured with his hand towards Paul, and then the reception area, indicating him to go secure the reception staff immediately.

The screams of the patrons scattering to safety bounced off of the glass walls as Paul’s rifle guided him around the chaos. “This is the Federation Police! Everybody lay down on the ground, hands in front of you!” The rest of the officers echoed the same commands as the patrons complied slowly but with a bit of hesitation after witnessing the hotel being destroyed at the drop of a hat. The crowd was a mix of men and women of various ages and species. They all had the same look of fear and confusion as Paul and his officers continued ahead towards the reception desk.

Paul raised his hand up, seeing no imminent threat was around either of the hallways next to them. “Fisher, Kline, Young, cover me. The rest of you start securing these people and bringing them outside.” As the group split up, Paul continued ahead with his rifle straight ahead and flanked by the three officers. He kept his steps slow but deliberate as they reached the desk. There had been no sound of movement coming from that direction but he couldn’t take any chances. Paul eased up a bit as the officers spread out behind him and covered the front desk.

The front desk sat wide, about chest high, made of a black glass and metal. There were gaps in between the desk and the walls next to it, leaving room for the receptionist to move around it. According to the blueprints, there were hallways that opened to the sides of the desk that led to what appeared to be office-type spaces. Paul's eyes moved around, trying to take as much as his peripheral vision could along with the blind spots of the adjoining hallways.

Suddenly, phaser fire blew past Kline’s head, nearly knocking her back in surprise.

“Cover! Cover!” Paul yelled as the officers shielded themselves against the desk and the corners of the walls next to it. The pulses varied in both speed and sound. “Sharpe, shots fired behind the reception and office area…” He called out on his comm. The officers began returning their fire in rapid succession, occasionally jumping back down behind their prospective cover.

“There’s more than one!” Fisher yelled out as he pressed himself against the desk wall in order to give himself a moment to figure out which side of the front desk hallway they were coming from. He and Paul could feel the energy blasts passing above them and hitting the desk behind them.

Paul looked out to the rest of the officers who were trying to clean up the patrons. “Get them out of here! Now!”

Kline, who had secured herself against the wall to Paul’s left held in his breath briefly and steadied his aim just as quickly. One, two, three shots from her rifle were followed by the sound of a phaser hitting the ground in the hallway across from her. “I got one!”

By now, Sharpe and his assault team had reached the reception desk and approached the pinned down police officers. He took a quick assessment of the situation, and then signalled with his hand for two of his marines to take positions either side of the doorway, whilst a third and a fourth lined up behind the first, ready to breach into the space.

The phaser blasts continued to rattle off everywhere as whoever was firing was doing so blindly into the doorway. Richard pulled a flashbang off his webbing, primed the charge, holding his thumb down on the safety, did a three count with his fingers to all assembled, then tossed the device down the corridor, whilst everyone covered their eyes.

There was a bang, then the marines lined up ready for the charge burst through the doorway, panning left and right as they cleared the room. There were controlled pulse phaser shots from the two leading marines.

"One down."

"Two down."

"Three down."

"Room clear!"

"All Clear All Clear." Called the assault leader, and Richard nodded to Paul to send his people in to secure the room.

Paul finally let out the breath he had been subconsciously holding. "Jesus Christ...," he whispered under his breath. It had been far too long since he had been a part of the action. He looked at his men and nodded towards the hallway behind him. "Check the rooms. There should be three rooms in the east hallway and four in the west hallway. Just because they aren't firing now doesn't mean there aren't people waiting to blow us up again."

As the SWAT officers began kicking open the doors, their voices called back out to Paul at various times. "All clear!"

"Shit, these can't be the only guys up here," Paul stated quizzically as he looked down at the four bodies of the bodyguards lying through the office hallways

Ira's voice then popped up into the men's ears. "Commander Reed, there must be either a hidden room or another access to the underground area if the workers were able to escape so quickly. Check the offices for any hidden doors or security access panels."

"Commander!" Officer Young's voice called out from the fourth office in the east office hallway. He backed out of the room slowly with his rifle drawn, "Slowly! Slowly..." he ordered. With her sharp blue eyes filled were a flurry of panic, Isla the receptionist followed Young's directions and revealed herself to the awaiting Marines and SWAT officers. Paul pushed himself around the others to detain her. He had a hell of a lot of questions for her. According to one of Matt's last transmissions, she was one of the employees who worked the women.

Paul got out his handcuffs from the back of his tac belt, "Hands up slowly behind your head, interlace your fingers." His voice was calm as he noticed the scattered breathing coming from her. As Isla nodded quickly, she followed his instructions and moved her hands well above then behind her now sweat-dampened blonde hair and locked her fingers together. Paul came behind her and twisted her wrists together in the cuffs. She looked frightened enough but Paul couldn't see past the fact that this scantily clad woman in her all-white receptionist uniform had helped keep the victims prisoners. He couldn't take any chances. Pulling her around the front desk he sat her down against the mirrored wall of the front lobby. "Where's Cross?" Paul firmly asked her.

Isla's eyes moved around the officers and Marines that surrounded her and filled the office hallways. "I...," She sputtered out. She was clearly overwhelmed by the entire ordeal. Her face then changed, gaining a newly found confidence in her words. She couldn't help him anymore. She had tried for years to make him see her as more than just an employee and a punching bag. Then she saw him look at Annie... he never looked at Isla that way before. And he never would. "He's downstairs. He has your officers."

"How do we get down there?" Paul continued his questioning, caught off guard by her willing to talk.

Isla nodded towards the area where she had been found. "There's a set of hidden stairs that leads down there where you found me. That one leads directly to Mr. Cross's area."

Richard pointed at a fire-team of marines. "Corporal, secure the stairway." He instructed. "Check for traps and safeguards, then report back to me with what you find."

"Yes sir." The Corporal said, and he and his team moved in tactical formation into the small room and began to secure the stairway.

Sharpe then turned to Paul and his new friend. "Once we've confirmed that it isn't a trap, get her out to the LZ." He said, then spoke to Isla. "Thank you for your assistance. Can you tell us if you know where the girls are being held, and also where Lieutenant Broll and her husband are being kept?"

Isla looked up at Sharpe. “They’re held downstairs on the west side of the hotel. Their access is through the lift.” Her eyebrows then furrowed at the names. “Lieutenant Broll? I don’t recognize that name.”

"Red head, average height, late 20s?" Paul tried to stir up her memory of anyone she had seen recently. "Came in within the past two days or so?"

Isla shook her head slowly, then her eyes brightened in recognition. "One of your officers had asked for a girl matching that description but I sent him another one of the girls." Isla knew she was going to be in trouble so decided to cooperate and tell them everything. The way the officers had come in just to save a handful of people meant no one was going to get away with anything.

Richard looked at the defeated blonde carefully, then took out his tricorder and scanned her. "I'm reading trace elements of a foreign substance in her blood. I suspect she's more victim than villain in this saga, Paul." He said, trying to elicit some reaction from Isla that she wasn't one of the one's that they were after. It might help her relax a bit more, and if she relaxed, she might remember significant features.

"Tell me, please, if you have any inclination where Ms. Broll might be stashed? Something you might've seen and disregarded, or been told to disregard by Mister Cross? Even the smallest trace of information could be exceptionally helpful to us in stopping all this." Richard said, as he squatted down next to her, pulling out a water sachet and handing it to Isla.

Isla shook her head with a little bit more anxiety. "I only handled the girls. I don't know anything about whatever else goes on. I only speak with Mr. Cross and the working girls." Her eyes pleaded with him to stop his questions as they began to water.

Paul looked at Sharpe. "She doesn't know. Looks like she's been drugged too." Paul let out a slightly frustrated sigh. "Looks like we'll just have to search ourselves." He looked over at his SWAT officers who had been standing by for orders. "Kline, Young, Fisher, go down to the west side of the hotel and find those girls. The rest of you stay here and make sure everyone detained gets questioned and cleared." He looked at Sharpe again. "Mind if my people snag a few of your Marines to help?"

"Not a problem." Richard said, then flagged over one of the Sergeants. "Bull, have your squad hook up with Commander Reed's people to help locate the girls."

"No Problems Major." Sergeant Bull replied and headed off after the blue-suited cops.

Richard then turned to Paul. "We'd better be ready to go down there once its clear." He said. "I suspect the answers to all our questions are down there. Why don't you have Isla taken back to the LZ for extraction. She'll need to be processed for a treatment to whatever this crap is in her blood."

Paul nodded. "Washington, make sure she gets checked out medically first and that she gets cleaned up."

"Yes, Sir," Washington acknowledged firmly as he helped Isla to her feet and walked her gently out of the hotel and into the humid Loki air.

Richard looked at his tricorder. "So, according to Isla, there's two parts to the basement then. One on the east side, one on the west." He said. "She said that Cross had our people in the east, so that's where we'll go. Chances are, we'll hit stiff resistance in there, so have your people hang back when we breach, and you follow us in."

"Sounds like a plan." Paul nodded in agreement.


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