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Mission Planning

Posted on 05 Sep 2018 @ 12:16am by Lieutenant Commander Kerry Malone & Lieutenant Colonel Richard Sharpe & Commander Amaya Lance

Mission: The Admiral's Daughter


Richard and his entourage of women, namely Amaya and Archie, arrived in Ops within a few minutes of being summoned by Malone. Still dressed in their street clothes, they did look out of place in the Ops Centre, that was filled with everyone in their duty uniforms.

Malone stood in the middle of Ops, leaning on a crutch, with Commander Skovgaard besides him. They both bore very grave expressions as the trio of officers appeared.

"Where is Commander Reed?" Malone asked.

"Drying out." Richard replied, tersely. "You knew we were off-duty and celebrating, Kerry, so drop the attitude. He'll be here as soon as he can be. Arc- Captain Reed can quite easily fill in for him until he gets here."

Malone nodded, then gestured towards the conference room on the upper tier. "We should probably take this in there." He said. "I'll leave word for one of the duty guys to show Commander Reed where we're meeting."

Without another word to any of them, he limped his way up to the conference room with Ira beside him, and once everyone was in the room, he waited for the doors to close.

With absolutely no pre-amble, Kerry began; "As of ten minutes ago, Lieutenant Butler has missed his second scheduled check-in with Operations. This means that for whatever reason, we must assume something has happened to Lieutenant Butler and Officer Waters. Sadly, this doesn't tell us if a similar fate has befallen Detectives Ayers and Sawyer, who may still be on the job. However, the agreement in place is that we go in and get them all out if there were two missed check-ins."

Archie swallowed roughly. There was always a risk that something like this would happen, especially with their rather dangerous attempt at infiltrating the enemy base. But these people were her family and she couldn't help but feel a twinge of both worry and anger over the suggestion that she may never see them again. "Who sent out the last transmission from the hotel and what was on it?"

Malone picked up a PADD. "Lieutenant Butler sent the last transmission, stating that they had spoken to one of the girls, who confirmed that she had indeed been abducted, but that the girls were being conditioned to be sexual slaves by a drug being administered by Mister Cross. So much so, that the girls forget their identity and willingly want to perform acts on demand. He said he was going to investigate further, but we've had no further contact."

“Was Kris one of them?” Archie asked, dreading the answer that she had fallen victim to Cross.

"They haven't reported finding Ms. Broll, and said that the witness they interviewed hadn't seen her." Malone said.

Richard frowned. "So, we'd still need to locate the two missing people in addition to extracting our own people?"

"Basically, yes." Malone replied.

"I never should have signed-off on this plan..." Amaya sighed. "All right, so if their original suspicions were true, then it may already have gone to hell down there. Richard, I want you preparing a marine unit capable of ending this forcefully. Commander Malone, from their last updates, would you say whether a peaceful resolution is still likely to be an option?"

Malone looked to Ira briefly before he spoke. "Based off what I've read so far, I don't believe that's likely. It is my personal belief that only a show of overwhelming force is going to break this deadlock. Commander Skovgaard has an intelligence summary on the situation she'd like to share."

Ira nodded to Malone then brought over her large PADD to Sharpe which had a side-by-side comparison of the aerial photos and the blueprints of the hotel. "Major, while looking at the aerials taken by the flight crew, I noticed an addition to the east side of the hotel that is about the size of the service elevator shown in the blueprints. This addition is not a part of the blueprints Loki has on file for the business. After hearing the Lieutenant's update about Mr. Cross's business practices I believe this is an elevator to where the women are held. While there is no information about this basement on the blueprints nor from the Lieutenant's transmissions, everything is too big of a coincidence for it to be just a spare room that just wasn't reported on an updated blueprint."

Her eyes began addressing Archie. "Captain, if it wasn't for you and your officers we wouldn't have been able to figure out this scattered puzzle," Ira spoke honestly and straightforward. She wanted to make sure Archie knew that their efforts and bravery were not going to go unnoticed. There was no other option for their investigation and, as a former undercover agent, Ira knew that sometimes risk was completely unavoidable. Her statement was not intended to make a personal jab at Amaya's comment but Ira was prepared for the backlash from the woman.

Sharpe looked at the fly-over photographs, and the holo-schematics of the hotel. "Accessing that basement is going to be a bitch." He replied. "Looks like a single access point, which is liable to be trapped. In fairness, this entire job is fubar from the get-go. We have to secure an entire 500 room hotel, plus entertainment areas, plus service areas, all virtually at the same time. I'd need a battalion to pull that one off. My only recourse is a surgical 'shock-and-awe' egress into the main lobby, moving swiftly down towards this basement here." He said, gesturing to the diagrams.

"My goal would be to take them before they have a chance to react and kill the witnesses and/or hostages." He continued to explain. He then looked to Archie. "Ari, in Paul's absence, I need you to authorise a police SWAT team to support my marines, so once we take the lobby, your guys secure it and all personnel within. We need to secure the employees so they don't tip off the bosses downstairs."

Archie nodded sternly. "Full FCPD resources are at your disposal." She knew Paul would have offered the same thing in order to save their people.

"Commander Lance, I respectfully request use of some of the station's assault runabouts for rapid deployment of the detachment," Richard said, addressing Amaya.

"Authorised. Have tactical fighter escorts in the air - we have no idea what they're prepared for," she replied.

"We're going to do two tactical insertions - one from the roof through the skylight into the lobby, and one from the front doors. We'll hit simultaneously to completely shock anyone in that area. We'll go in loud and fast, then move through the lobby to this doorway here, which seems to lead to a service entrance, which appears to link up to this service elevator. That's the hope anyway. From there, we'll rappel down into the basement, and secure all rooms and hostages."

"From start to finish, this should take no longer than fifteen minutes." Richard concluded. "Assuming, of course, it goes to plan."

Ira nodded at Sharpe. "Malone and I will be here monitoring the comms for your progress updates."

Unsure that it would take two of them to monitor the comms for the entire mission, Amaya remained silent for a minute. This wasn't her forte. "Commander Malone, you have a lot more experience in this than I do. I trust you to make this happen," she said

Malone nodded to Amaya. Whilst he wasn't exactly an expert at this, he was a fighter pilot and had organised tactical operations for squadron operations in the past. It was different, certainly, but not too far out of his comfort zone.

"I'll coordinate everything from Ops here. Commander Stovgaard, I'll need you to coordinate with Major Sharpe on the ground with regards to active intelligence, if any. We'll deploy the fighters to provide aerial reconnaissance for the guys on the ground. If you can feed back to the marines tactical channel anything they need to know, that'd be appreciated."

Ira gave him a sharp nod. "Yes, Commander." She appreciated his very direct style of management. He was quick and to the point. He may not have done this type of mission before per his file but he certainly exuberated his confidence as if he did.

"Major Sharpe, I'll need either you or your Comms Guy to keep an open channel to us at all times. Things are likely to change at a moment's notice, and we're best suited if we can reach you instantly for any changes." Malone explained. "Given your chosen plan, we'll try and run deep scans from flybys to keep you informed of location data. We've an ace up our sleeve for locating the hostages, which I'll inform you about closer to the time. Needless to say, Lieutenant Butler and I anticipated something like this happening, and planned accordingly."

Richard looked sceptically at Malone having any tactical insights whatsoever, but Matt however, was a smart cookie. No doubt whatever shenanigans were at play here, were probably his idea. He knew Matt pretty well by this point, so figured he'd have done anything to make certain he got home to be with Mackenzie.

"If that's everything, I'd best get downstairs to suit the boys up." Sharpe said, looking around the room. "Archie, I imagine Paul's coming along, can you ask him to get himself and his team down to the main hangar in fifteen minutes, we'll be leaving with or without him in sixteen."

Archie smirked. "He wouldn't miss this for anything. He'll be there in ten." She then turned and walked as quickly as she could towards the Infirmary and hoped she bumped into him sooner. He would kick himself for not being a part of the rescue of his closest friends.

Richard gave Amaya one final glance. He wanted so much to kiss her goodbye, but he was far too professional to kiss the Station Commander in front of her officers, meeting room or not. She was on the job, so she was Commander Lance right now, not Amaya. He gave her a warm smile, then nodded respectfully. "I'll be back soon."

"You'd better," she replied with a smirk.

As soon as everyone left and the doors sealed shut behind them, Ira turned to Malone with an all-too-knowing smirk on her lips. The oldest trick in the book...

"You look like you have something on your mind." Malone said, as he gathered up the PADDs from the meeting.

Ira nodded. "I believe you enjoy being one step ahead of everyone else, Commander." It was a trait all too familiar with her.

Kerry smirked. "As an intelligence officer, you should appreciate the need to be three steps ahead of your adversary, and planning for all eventualities. Finally, having an exit strategy." He said. "Also, I'm sure you appreciate compartmentalising information to as few people as possible for security."

Ira grinned. “Yes, I do, Commander.” She paused, feeling a bit of her guard crack a bit. Malone was a smart and ingenious man and thought very similarly when it came to action. She had incorrectly pegged him as a typical fly-boy. She began typing on the computer to bring up the blueprints of the hotel again in order to give herself a moment to mend it.


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