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Blood and Guts - Part 1

Posted on 12 Sep 2018 @ 6:12am by Lieutenant Colonel Richard Sharpe & 1st Lieutenant Quinn McKenna & Police Detective Steve Sawyer

Mission: The Admiral's Daughter
Location: Basement, Onyx Hotel
Timeline: MD-03, concurrent with 'The Assault'

A chill grazed over Annie’s bare skin as her handcuffs were attached to the chain that hung from the ceiling above her. Her knees were hanging below her just above the cold floor tiles, adding just the right amount of stress on her shoulders and wrists. Adam Cross really did have everything planned out perfectly. Holding prisoners with their hands above their heads for an extended amount of time was incredibly uncomfortable and more likely to force people to talk in order to be relieved of the pain.

Her eyes tried to adjust to the darkness in front of her. She slowly began seeing the outline of two bodies; two very quiet and still bodies appearing to be in the same position as her. Cross had mentioned the others while she and Steve were taken away. Were Matt and Joey in the same exact position as they were? Her stomach twisted up at the seemingly unwinnable scenario facing them all. They were going to be relying on a whole lot of luck right at this moment.

Annie’s ears perked up as she heard the commotion and clinking of chains across from her. It appeared Steve had been undressed as well and strung up next to the two bodies.

“Mr. Cross said to leave the lights off, Ellis,” One of the bodyguards told the other.

“What I would do to beat the shit out of every last one of these assholes,” Ellis replied.

The bodyguard let out a heart laugh. “Unless you want to end up strung up like them, you better leave them untouched for Mr. Cross.” Their voices faded behind the click of the door.

Annie’s eyes stared at the unidentified bodies. “Matt! Joey!” She called out to them, desperate to find out if the outlines belonged to them, and if they were still alive.

“Damnit, Annie! You were supposed to be the one to rescue us!” Matt stated with a bit of a dark humor. His voice had recovered a bit from the beating he had received earlier.

Joey’s solemn voice popped up. “Not funny, L.T.!” He appeared to be untouched so far though growing increasingly anxious over their predicament. “And what happened to subtlety?”

Matt let out a scoff. “As soon as our friends decided to join us, I figured there was no use trying to hide from them.”

"Well, I've been in worse places," Steve noted from his uncomfortable position against the wall. "Not by much, though." He squinted, trying to see Annie in the darkness. "Are you okay? Sorry for what happened back there."

"Got yourself quite a show there, Steve," Annie said with biting humor.

Joey tried to make out the look on Annie's face. "What happened at the dinner?"

"Mr. Cross decided to take advantage of removing the phaser from my leg holster," Annie's voice shivered from the memory of his touches. "He was quite... excited... to say the least."

Matt shook the chain angrily from above his head. "I swear I'm gonna kill that guy!"

"Get in line," Steve cut back. "How overdue are you? We've probably got a few hours before anyone realises we haven't reported in."

Matt shrugged, causing his chains to clank together lightly. "I had gotten one in right before they nabbed me. That's how they figured us out. These guys are way more prepared than we expected. Their scanner picked us up. It's been about an hour, maybe two?" He looked over at Joey. "Kind of easy to lose track in here."

"We were due to report in before turning-in for the night, but that's probably a couple of hours away." Steve tugged on the chains lightly. "What do we know? Guard names, rotations? Patterns? Possible means of escape?"

Matt raised his eyebrow. "Unless you have a key up your ass we're not going anywhere."

Joey looked in Matt's direction, not amused at his sarcastic retort. "Celia said the guards never used names and there was a random and constant schedule for the guards." He turned his attention back to Steve. "It was rare for her to see the same guard twice. Cross kept himself quite a tight ship, making it fairly easy to get lost in the factory if you made a wrong turn."

Steve scowled, an expression not visible to the others. Had he been in here as long he would have had at least a little more figured-out than these two. Then again, it wasn't the first time he'd been chained up in someone's evil lair.

"Next time a guard arrives, you feign illness. Make out you're sick or something. That'll lower their guard, maybe they'll take you for treatment," he suggested.

The bright lights suddenly turned on, revealing the cops and their various stages of injury and dark colored underwear. Matt’s body was covered in red patches in the process of slowly turning into light purple bruises and the corner of his lip was dried with blood. Joey was relatively unharmed though his body was covered in a continuous chill after the long exposure to the cold air. Annie was across from all three men who were lined up in a row, all four of them hung from their wrists that were attached to separate chains that were connected to the ceiling.

The door clicked shut as the echo of strong steps bounced off of the grimy tiled walls. Adam Cross, donned only in a fitted black dress shirt with the sleeves rolled up to his elbows, the collar unbuttoned, and slim black dress pants and black dress shoes, walked towards the large table at the other end of the room. He didn’t make eye contact with any of the officers, just kept his eyes glued onto the table. Two different guards had stepped into the room but posted themselves next to the door.

Adam placed his hands onto the edge of the metal and let out a firm, steady breath. He did not give himself the chance to unwind. The pressure had been building ever since the beginning of the ‘dinner’ and was just about to overflow over the edge. Finding his focus, he opened his eyes back up, revealing his now translucent grey eyes that pierced deep into the eyes of each person. “Last time I did not have the fortune of spending such intimate time with the Loki investigators. So I wanted to thank you for giving me this opportunity…”

"Make the most of it. You'll be dead soon," Steve spat.

The vein in Adam's temple pulsated from the tension in his clenched jaw. His fists tightened by his sides as he threw his attention straight to Steve. They were just making this way too easy for him. He was half-expecting them to keep their mouths shut. Maybe he would have some better luck tonight. Adam walked over to the awaiting Steve, his broad athletic shoulders strong with pride and testosterone. Without hesitation, the man pulled his fist back and threw out a deep punch against Steve's jaw that sent a loud sharp crack throughout the room. He then moved back to the desk and leaned himself against it as if he was addressing a room full of school children. "You all should be the ones thanking the stars for my hospitality. Every single one of you could have been shot dead the moment we found you out. But I don't believe in death as a punishment. Death is too easy. It's not even a punishment. It just ends it. You must learn from your mistakes, gentlemen,' he gave Annie a wink, "and lady."

Joey snarled at him. All of the anxiety and dread had been replaced by the growing sense of disgust and anger and hatred towards the pompous egotistical psychopath that stood in front of them. During a normal situation, he would have kept his innermost thoughts to himself. This was not a normal situation. Far from it. He was nearly naked chained to a dirty ceiling. "You're a pussy, Cross! None of these women want to be anywhere near you! You have to drug these women and trick them into wanting to be with you! You're not a real man."

Matt's lips tilted up at Joey's forceful venting. He had never seen the kid’s cages get rattled like they were now. His words also sparked a rather ingenious idea in his head. If they weren’t going to get out of the situation alive, at least they could try to win in a game of wits against him. Maybe he would be able to exploit a major weakness in the man’s rather solid exterior. His eyes remained on Cross as he licked the blood from the corner of his lip. “Steve and I have had as many women as you’ve had, Cross,” Matt began taunting, “and we’ve never had to use an illegal substance to get them to fall to their knees in front of us.”

Steve stretched his jaw a little, spitting into the ground. He wasn't sure about his teeth, they felt okay. Clearly Cross couldn't punch as well as most. "Not that it matters. Once we're done, no woman will ever go near you again," he said, adding to the other cops' insults. Annie was quiet, he noticed. Best they keep this up and force Adam to keep his attention off her.

Adam’s breath was heavy with the strain of everything built up inside. The punch didn’t help one bit. But Steve’s words rang a little bell inside of him. The frustrated snark of his lips faded into a look of mischief and hunger for his continuous craving. “Then I must get my last fill before then…” His gaze slowly fell onto Annie’s terror-filled eyes that widened even more at the familiar look upon Adam’s face.

He moved his tall frame over to her dangling body, closing the cold gap between them. He felt her strong body against his as he ran his fingers down her shoulders and closed his eyes from the overwhelming stimuli flowing through him.

He ignored the echoing shaking of the chains behind him as Matt and Joey yelled and screamed for him to get away and threatened to send him to a certain location if his hands moved any further.

Opening his eyes back up, Adam looked down at Annie’s downturned head. He needed to know what she really felt like or else he would go around the rest of his life wondering. He would not allow himself that torture. Slowly moving down to his knees, Adam came face to face with Annie. His grey eyes had disappeared, leaving his black pupils dilated and looking over her exposed skin like he was looking at his Thanksgiving feast. “Sweetheart,” his mouth whispered to her as the tip of his right pointer finger zig-zagged it’s way down her side.

Annie’s breath sucked in and her body tensed up from the disgusting and unwanted touch. But she couldn’t outright fight against him. She had to maintain her strength and outlast the torture. She needed to stay alive and intact for Phil. Annie’s task was to make it through whatever Adam had planned for her. Maybe he would unlock her handcuffs…

Adam’s deprived lips grazed themselves down the center of her torso, pausing to feel every tight muscle displayed and within his grasp. He savored every moment, the pleasure and excitement continuing to dull the shouts of the woman’s fellow officers. His hands felt the goosebumps crawling over her hips as his fingers moved across the seams of her underwear, standing up as his mouth moved up her body and to her lips glued shut. He caresses them lightly with his own as a sudden sharp pain fell upon them.

His eyes widened in horror and embarrassment as Adam pulled back from Annie. He processed the growl, and fresh blood (his blood), on her just kissed lips.

She bit him.

“Fuck you, asshole,” Annie snarled at him.

"Like we said before," Steve called out. "Can't get a woman the regular way, so stoop to this? Pathetic. You're hardly a man, Cross." He was doing his best to pull Cross' attention away from Annie, but was limited by the way he was bound and restricted.

Steve’s words were hollow in Adam’s ear as he wiped his bloodied lip with the back of his sweaty hand. His eyes hardened to a steel grey as his pupils shrunk to pinpoints, narrowing his vision on the determined and gritty woman. What had been the most delicate, warm, charming, sensual flower was now just a dirty, disgusting, diseased feral cat biting the hand that feeds her. Digging his fingernails into his palm, his right hand clenched into a tightened fist before he propelled the back of it up and against Annie’s nose.

The pain was nothing she had ever felt before. Her eyes watered and her chest let out an excruciating cry. Her lungs tried to catch a shallow breath as her body went into panic mode. She had been beaten before but it was an entirely new sensation caused by the helplessness her body felt as it hung like a dead animal strung up and ready for slaughter.

“Bitch needs to learn a lesson, doesn’t she?!” Adam cried out to her, his voice filled with the torment and betrayal he had felt ever since he had found out about Annie and Steve. His heart broke upon hearing that she had been working with the Federation scum and the way she had been looking at him was all a lie.

“Annie, just keep breathing! You’ve fought worse men and won!” Matt called out to her sluggish body. “Just hold on for me…” His voice shook with anger and, for the first time, fear. As time went on he was becoming less reliant on Malone’s rescue and more on just living for every moment they were being granted. He looked over at Steve and Joey, giving them a quick eyebrow raised and nod towards Adam’s muscle-lined back. They had to keep their focus on him, not on Annie. They needed to keep distracting him. The men were on the right track but kept stepping into quicksand.

Joey nodded slowly, his jaw tensed and pulsating from the scene being played out. He had remained largely untouched and new he had a bit more fuel in him than the others. He couldn’t let them be the bearer of this psychopath’s insecurities. “Mr. Cross,” he asked with an exaggerated meekness, “I actually wanted to know where your bodyguard is. The really tall, dark complected guy, really scary looking dude. You know, the one who dropped his hotel key in front of the hotel room that belong to a now missing Starfleet officer and her husband?”

Adam’s body froze as the words shot straight through him. It appeared he had picked the wrong woman out in the Loki mountains. And he had brought the wrong person to handle the job with him. His bodyguard, who had been waiting outside of the room for him and had been one of his most loyal (he didn’t even need to take the drug in order to follow orders without hesitation), had betrayed him. The spoke in Adam’s perfectly working wheel had been broken. He was beginning to feel his entire dream world collapse around him.

A voice came from the shadows at the back of the room. "It appears that a minor mistake by one of your associates has caused a complication." Blaise appeared from a doorway at the back of the room. He was dressed immaculately in a grey business suit, carrying a cane with a golden handle as he walked into the room, flanked by two burly men carrying rifles.

He held up a hand before Cross could say anything. "I do not hold you responsible, Mister Cross. You could hardly have known. However, I do wish for you to 'deal' with the employee who has brought our operation to the attention of Starfleet. He was careless in not checking to see if our latest guests were Federation officers, and now we have no less than four Federation Police Officers in our facility."

"I will deal with him later," Adam's body had tensed at the sound of Blaise's voice. Now was not the right time to deal with him. Even if he did not hold him responsible for what happened, he did not want to risk upsetting him in front of the others especially with how they had been tossing around insults that landed straight into him. "I can handle them, Boss. Just worry about the workers." His voice was heavy with exhaustion and failure. He needed to keep them for himself.

"Oh, the workers are in hand, Mister Cross." Blaise said, casually. "We are rounding them up now. Although I do fear we may need to liquidate the stock so as to preserve the product. We can always begin again elsewhere. Plenty more livestock out there. I'm more concerned with our guests here."

Cross impulsively tossed his hand up to Blaise. "I said I will deal with them!" His eyes widened after his voice had involuntarily snapped at him. He quickly dropped his hand to his side in apology. "I'm sorry, Boss..."

Matt's bruised eyebrows furrowed in curiosity and confusion on the interaction between the Boss, the man Celia had told him and Joey about, and the man trying to hard to create a false sense of power for himself. Adam was a weakling, a child trying to fit into his father's shoes. As big and strong as he looked, he was nothing more than a shriveled up little boy. Letting out a loud laugh, Matt shook his head. "Look at you, shivering like a schoolgirl in the principal's office!"

"Shut up!" Adam shot towards him, landing a quick and powerful 1-2 combo against Matt's stomach and swung a solid uppercut into his chin. "You're the one who's chained up to the ceiling!"

Matt shook his head quickly to get rid of the stars that spun around inside his head, spattering a bit of blood onto Adam's crisp shirt. "Well, you might as well be..."

"Mister Cross!" Blaise said, firmly. "Kindly get a hold of yourself! You are acting very recklessly and impulsive. Most unlike you."

Blaise walked over to Matt and sneered. "Filthy creatures, you humans." He spat. He took out his shock device from his jacket and jabbed it into Matt's ribs. "You will show the proper respect, and act like the cattle you people really are." He snarled. "Cross, get rid of these creatures at once. They're defective stock, and they know our faces. We need to clean up here and leave this planet before Starfleet show up looking for their missing people."

Adam cringed inside at the sight of the awful tools Blaise rather enjoyed using on his prisoners. It was rather unnecessary and didn't give him any satisfaction in their reactions. He much preferred using his own hands to do damage. "Boss, we need to leave them then and get out of here," Adam disliked murder as a coverup. It was messy and took too much time and it only added more heat to their names. "We already beat an investigation before. I don't need any blood on my hands..."

"You're weak, Cross." Blaise sneered. "No witnesses. These officers will never stop hunting you, especially after that display with the heffa over there." He said, nodding towards the half-naked Annie. "You fail to realise that police are unrelenting, especially when you hurt one of their own. If you don't want to do it, I will..."

Blaise pulled out an extremely wicked looking knife from his belt, with a long serrated edge, with a gleam in his eye as he looked at Annie. "The female first..."

Matt coughed up another bit of blood and spit it towards Adam's feet. The room was beginning to spin more on its own but he needed to focus. He needed to keep his head in the game, no matter how impossible it seemed.

The past two days had been pulling Adam in all different directions. He had fallen for this girl who had turned out to be an agent and loathed to even be in the same room as him. He had effectively lost the past two years of his work after starting his business back up again. Adam Cross was no angel, and he knew that. He took the things he wanted because he felt he wouldn't be able to get them any other way. Yes, these people, or their coworkers, would hunt him down for the rest of their careers. He had killed before but only out of pure necessity for survival. The death of these four officers was not necessary for his survival.

Adam still couldn't open his mouth and shoot out cutting words to Blaise. He couldn't tell Blaise to go away again without feeling a pain of betrayal after all that Blaise had done for him. Blaise had found him as a poor and broken teen and raised him to the man he was today. Adam was one of the wealthiest men in the quadrant and it was all because of the opportunity that Blaise had given him. He had to find another way to keep Blaise from making the situation far worse for them all. He took a deep breath and looked at Blaise straight in his eyes and said in a soft voice, "Boss, I don't think this is really necessary. We're only wasting time..."

A toothy grin came on Blaise's face. "If they learn what happens to them when they come after us, they'll stop coming after us..." Blaise said, as he loomed towards Annie... then appeared to change his mind, and turned towards Joey instead. "This one... this one can be our example..." He said, as he ran the flat of the blade against Joey's arm, letting the coolness of the metal graze against the skin. "Do not deprive me of my hunt, Adam..."

Joey's eyes widened at the sharp blade pressed up against his skin, ready to slice him up and spill his blood on the floor. His career had begun flashing in front, from the Academy to the moment he had been asked to go undercover. He had finally realized his worth as a police officer, thanks to the help from Matt and this assignment, and now he wasn't going to get the chance to continue. He didn't even get a chance to talk to his parents and his sister before he left. His breath got caught in his chest as panic began settling in and twisting everything up inside him.

Steve struggled hard against the manacles again, wishing he could free to knock Blaise and Cross in the dirt. There was only so much of this he could stomach and his patience was rapidly running-out, especially with the life of a young officer on the line.

Matt finally came to as he heard Joey's frightened exhales next to him. He slowly lifted his head up and looked at Blaze. "Hey... you piece of shit..." he pushed out breathlessly. "I think Mr. Cross has a point... I need to add, though..." he spit out another bit of blood and swallowed the rest, feeling the tang of iron pass through, "You forgot one thing."

"I do not believe I've forgotten anything." Blaise said, calmly and smugly. "I believe you four are going to die here in this basement, and your colleagues are going to find little pieces of detectives all over the place. It's going to take them months to work out which bit belongs to whom by the time I'm done with you..." Blaise then ran the sharp part of the blade gently down Joey's arm, producing a thin red line as blood escaped the body.

Joey let out a cry of pain from the sharp piercing chill of the air brushed against his now open flesh. His eyes watered and he looked up at the ceiling and his wrists locked above him. He began wishing for a miracle. They were never going to be found. The boss was right. This was all thought out too well. This room was nowhere on the blueprints and even the walk from his room down here felt he had been walking through a wall of mirrors.

"You think you had it all figured out!" Matt began gaining a bit of energy from the anger of seeing his officer getting sliced up. His voice became even more determined to stall Blaise's torment. Any minute now... "A specially designed room impossible to find without a map that wasn't included in the blueprints..." His lips curled up a bit in mocking humor. "I'd hate to tell you but nobody's perfect."

Adam had a sinking feeling in his stomach as Matt continued to ramble. But it wasn't rambling... Placing a hand on Blaise's shoulder, Adam pulled his shoulder back and preventing the blade from cutting Joey's arm again. "Boss, we need to get out of here!"

"No, you don't. You need to stay. Right now I imagine Starfleet's own special forces are planting charges to blow the doors off your precious hotel," Steve snarled. "And I can't wait to watch them empty a power cell full of phaser into your feeble, helpless bodies. So stay. Please, let us watch."

"Stop fretting Cross!" Blaise snapped and shrugged off his lieutenants hand, as he walked over to Matt. "You think you're so clever, don't you? Using your words to try and rile us up, get us to make a mistake? Starfleet can't find you. Starfleet will never find you. This planet deflects sensors. They can't find us." He glowered. Blaise held up the knife, with some of Joey's blood on the blade. "I'm going to enjoy making you all suffer before you expire..." He said, as he thrust the knife into Matt's arm.

Matt's mouth clenched shut, trying to hold back his howl from the blade. His heart began racing as he felt the stinging of the bloodstream pouring down to his shoulder and onto his chest. His eyes watered as his breath forced it's way out. All he could do was think of MacKenzie and being back home with her. She wouldn't be able to live with his memory if he didn't fight as hard as he could. "You should've listened to your Lieutenant, Boss..." Matt's eyes slowly met with Blaise's as his lips curled up in a sneering grin. "Go to Hell."

To be continued...


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