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An Interesting Encounter

Posted on 31 Aug 2018 @ 2:49pm by Lieutenant Commander Kerry Malone
Edited on on 31 Aug 2018 @ 2:52pm

Mission: The Admiral's Daughter
Location: Infirmary
Timeline: MD-03

Ira found a slight humor at the circumstances of her meeting with Commander Malone. She didn’t expect him to be back from Loki III so soon. She also did not expect to be meeting him after he was treated in the Infirmary after a rather clumsy injury. At least her first few days on the base had been rather interesting to say the least. It appeared like she had her work cut out for her.

Stepping into the buzzing Infirmary, Ira looked around in search of Bio Bed 10 where she was told Malone would be resting in. She grasped her PADD closer to her side as she saw the profile of the exhausted and annoyed-looking Executive Officer.

“Commander Malone?” Ira inquired him with a soft but neutral voice.

Kerry looked up from his PADD that was the results of the SAR investigation. So far, the information gathered hadn't proven to be very helpful in locating the missing couple, other than someone had taken them from the mountain, and relocated them against their will... somewhere. It had seriously changed the direction the investigation had taken, but they were no closer to finding the Admiral's daughter than they had been before.

After looking up, he noticed a female officer wearing Lieutenant Commander rank devices on a red collar. She was unfamiliar to him, so he looked at her quizzically. "I am he." He replied. "You have me at a disadvantage. You know my name, but I know not who you are."

Ira stepped forward closer to the bed. "I'm Lieutenant Commander Skovgaard, the new Second Officer." Her eyes moved slowly over the injured body. "I understand you got yourself into quite a predicament on Loki..." Her voice was dry and slightly sarcastic. An Executive Officer should have known better than to have gone mountain climbing without proper foot attire.

"We weren't expecting rain. It got very slippery on the way down." He countered. "So, you're the second officer eh? Must be a new thing, I didn't hear about it before I left."

Ira paused for a moment, curious about the fact that he was not advised of a personnel change. Her face remained unphased by the unsurprising communication breakdown. "Well, I am here now. I went ahead and familiarized myself with the crew roster and with the active investigation on the planet's surface. I think there are a few changes we could make to make Operations a bit more streamlined..."

Kerry picked up a blank PADD and began tapping on it. "What suggestions do you have in mind?" He asked, looking at her expectantly.

Ira pulled up one of the chairs and began typing on her own PADD, "Commander, I spoke with Commander Reed about the issues he's been having with Starfleet Security. I understand that Starfleet Security is still handling the critical areas of the base. But with the absence of a Security Chief the officers have been taking advantage of the lack of leadership. We either need to pull a new Security Chief in right away or have one of the Federation officers take over."

"I was under the impression that Commander Lance had appointed Commander Reed as head of Station Security. He is therefore in charge of both civilian and naval security forces, with the senior most naval officer reporting to him as like the 'deputy chief'." Malone replied. "I figured Reed would've mentioned to me if he were having issues with the naval personnel."

Ira’s eyes darkened. “The Commander told me he did speak with you. The manifest shows that spot is still vacant with no acting Deputy Chief and no requests for transfers listed. My understanding with the setup was he was only overseeing the critical areas and not directly managing them.” The conversation was not helping her already disappointed view of how Starfleet was handling their operations. “Commander, I don’t understand how there is still a disconnect between the three heads of this station after one of the biggest security breaches in Starfleet history.”

"Commander Lance transferred all Station Security operations over to the FCPD. She consulted me after she did so, but it was her decision. My understanding of that arrangement was that FCPD were in charge of station security, and if there were any personnel issues, they would be brought to me to address. At the moment, Lieutenant Goddard is the senior naval officer attached to Security, so he should be nominally in charge, even if its not an 'official' appointment." Malone replied, his tone becoming heavy. "Personally, I resent the implication that we are taking station security lightly. We're doing the best we can with what we have."

“I’m going with what I’m seeing, Commander.” Ira didn’t miss a beat with her response. “Either Lieutenant Goddard needs to be replaced by one of the civilians or all of Starfleet Security needs to step down entirely from the critical areas. Commander Reed is in the same predicament as you but he is not being given the personnel needed to do his job and do it well.”

"The station's critical areas need to be manned by Starfleet personnel. We can ask the marines to cover them if that's your intention." Malone said. "I'm sure if you speak with Major Sharpe, he'd be willing to help you out with that. I don't think we should have civilian police officers 'standing post' however."

"As long as the issue gets handled, Commander," Ira looked back down at her PADD. She was satisfied with the solution though still concerned it took her being direct with him to resolve the problem. "They performed extremely well during both incidents involving Penumbra and the rogue Starfleet Officer..." She looked back up at Malone after feeling a rather stern look coming from him but decided to continue with her To Do list. "Do you have any updates from the away team on Loki?"

"They were due to check in an hour ago, and they missed the check in. If they haven't checked in within the next fifteen minutes, we will need to bring the cavalry down on the planet to get them out." Malone explained.

Ira nodded. "I was looking at the blueprint of the Hotel, the one that was submitted to the Loki government before construction began." She quickly pulled up the information on her PADD and handed it to Malone. "I noticed an inconsistency when compared to the aerials that were taken by the Fighter Squadron. On the far west wall of the hotel there is an extension that matches the footage of the service elevator that is not on the blueprint. According to the Loki government all building blueprint additions and changes need to be updated for their files.”

"So, you're suggesting there's additions to the structure we're not aware of?" Malone asked, looking at the PADD. "What're you thinking? Underground structure?"

"It's too big of a coincidence to be just an empty room." Her eyes moved from the PADD to Malone's face. "It could also be a storage room that was just recently added so the changes may not have been submitted yet. But you never know with a man like Adam Cross and his history. It really could be anything at this point."

"Very interesting intelligence. Major Sharpe will find this useful when he's planning any extraction missions - assuming of course, they're down there. It could just be a wine cellar." Malone said. "The burden falls on the Major's shoulders for this one."

Ira went to reach for the PADD but decided to leave it up to Malone to send the information to the appropriate party. “It is never a good sign when an officer misses a check in.”

Malone nodded in agreement. "One you can just about explain away, but two is a concern. Lieutenant Butler and I made an arrangement that if he missed two check-in's, I'd knock the doors down."

“Actually, now it will be Major Sharpe knocking down the doors,” Ira stated dryly as smirk slid on her lips.

"Well, he does have the disposition for knocking down things." Malone chuckled. "Bit of a Neanderthalic oaf is our Major."

Ira raised her eyebrows quickly at his apparent miss of her small joke at his expense. Her lips tilted up once more as she stood up. “He’s not the one lying on a bio bed in the Infirmary, Commander.” She paused as she looked him over again. They seemed to have gotten along well, and he didn’t push back too much during the voicing of her concerns. She was rather surprised at the crew’s response to her so far. She still had a long period of adjustment to this type of work environment. Anything could happen. “Do you have any orders for me? Besides breaking you out of here?”

"Dinner, tomorrow evening." Kerry said. "Bring a PADD. We should flesh out some of your suggestions, and work together on improvements that will make the running of this station significantly better. An outside perspective to our problems is always a good idea."

This is a rather peculiar offer, Ira thought. An offer of dinner when there was plenty of time during their shift to have such a meeting. The woman had been through numerous dinner meetings with criminal targets while working undercover so it seemed to not fit in with the Starfleet model. However, the informal environment intrigued her as it would offer her a chance to figure out this strong hardened personality. While their initial meeting was rather productive, she could see them butting heads in the future. This would be a good time for her to be able to figure him out. “Yes, Commander,” she stated slightly blandly.

"Excellent." He said. "1900. Try not to be late."


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