Obsidian Command
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Unspoken Beliefs

Posted on 29 Aug 2018 @ 1:56am by

Mission: Character Development
Location: Archie's Office

It could go either way: either Paul did or did not speak with his wife about his conversation with Ira. Ira wasn’t sure but was about to find out during her meeting with Captain Reed. That fact wouldn’t have changed anything major since Captain Reed was the one who had suggested contacting Major Tyris about the security audit. The only thing that would change would be Captain Reed’s response to Ira; she may be a little skewed if her husband did speak with her.

Archie stared at her computer screen at the results of the SAR on Loki III. Poor Malone, she thought to herself. At least her officers were still checking in. No major updates yet, though. It seemed like they were only scratching the surface. Archie felt a twinge of jealousy at not being able to go with them. She would have had a bit of fun going undercover where they were at.

“Captain Reed?” Ira asked from outside of Archie’s open door.

Archie’s eyes moved over to the voice, slightly confused at the greeting. It was very rare for someone to use such a formal name with her. “Yes, can I help you with something?” She looked at the woman up and down, taking in the rather poised and official-looking officer.

Ira stepped into the office. “Captain Reed, I’m Lieutenant Commander Skovgaard.”

Archie smiled widely, glad that she finally came after all of this time. “Hello, Commander,” she stood up and extended her hand. “It’s nice to meet you.” After their ritualistic handshake, Archie gestured for Ira to take a seat and pressed a few buttons on her computer to secure the room. “Can never be too cautious,” Archie chuckled.

Ira gave her a firm smirk. “No, Captain. There is no such thing.” Archie appeared much calmer, less excitable than she expected her to be. Then again Tyris hadn’t worked with her professionally, just outside of work during more informal situations. “I see you and Commander Reed have already made your own adjustments to the security here?”

Archie let off a chuckle. “I wasn’t on the base when the last incident happened but after reading the reports and being involved during the first Penumbra attack I understood Paul’s, I mean Commander Reed’s, concerns over the current security measures. It’s only for our department but at least it’s something.”

“So you came to Major Tyris and requested Intelligence’s assistance since he was working on the case and Vale’s connection to Penumbra,” Ira jumped in.

Archie nodded slowly as her stomach churned a bit. “I did,” she replied, “because Starfleet seemed so laxed about the whole situation, given the involvement of one of their high-ranking Security officers…” she paused, stopping herself from admitting to Amaya’s poor reaction to facing the whole Thomas Grey situation. “I just want to make sure something like that doesn’t happen again. It was a Double Whammy, that’s for sure.” She remained stoic, having learned from Paul how to hold in what really didn’t need to be said out loud.

Ira was very much in agreement, both with the feelings of frustration and with the analysis of where some of the issues originated. But she kept her face rather solid and neutral. While she was a member of Starfleet herself, she worked in a department that, while on the surface was representing Starfleet, actually remained mostly independent from the service.

Ira thought hard but quickly about her next step: was she going to bring up the Commander again? Captain Reed and the CO were known to be very close outside of work. She also saw the torment stirring in Commander Reed towards the end of their meeting. Tyris also mentioned the Captain’s tendency to be rather vocal and impulsive. Mentioning Commander Lance could set off an unintended chain of events that could lead to a rather unstable station environment. Obsidian Command was unstable enough as it was. Ultimately she decided against continuing the topic.

Though Ira did find the Captain rather interesting after reading up more on her and hearing her answer her brief questions. She was a fighter at heart with a tendency to push for control. Her loyalty stretched very far which was clearly evident when she went along on the Marine mission to find and rescue Major Sharpe and his colleagues. She also risked her career to be with her husband. She was also pregnant. The Captain did not appear to be the marrying or mother type. But looks can be highly deceiving…

“Commander,” Archie continued her answer, “I know I don’t really have much say any more about the audit, or whatever it is you’re doing, but I have seen this base at its best and at its worst. And I haven’t even been working here for a year,” she chuckled softly. She paused to gather her thoughts a bit, not really sure where she was heading with it. Maybe it was her own guilt for going behind her best friend’s back to do what needed to be done. “My heart and soul is on this base. My family, my friends… I don’t want to see anyone get hurt that doesn’t need to be hurt.” She locked eyes with Ira, feeling the icy blue chill her blood.

Ira looked over the woman’s face. It was soft, pleading with her. Archie’s face was pleading for her to go about this in the most professional way possible. Whatever feelings or beliefs were beginning to stir up inside her needed to be put into perspective of the job at hand. Paul and Archie had walked a tightrope in order to secure their work and their home at risk of losing their best friend and her trust in them. Their love and work had become so intertwined that one wrong move and the entire Chain of Command could essentially fall apart. Ira’s job was not to break down the system. She was there to plug holes and secure its foundation.

Archie cleared her throat of the nerves and shame that her voice may have given her away. “Would you like to maybe have a drink or something with me after work?” Ira’s firm, distant approach to their conversation made Archie curious about her. She was a lot like Tyris, though she was much more closed off and distant than he was. Archie was also unaware of Amaya’s true feelings about Ira and her slight dislike for her.

Ira paused, hesitating on how to answer that. She tended to not socialize with her fellow colleagues, finding it skewed her thoughts and actions when it came to her work. Ira realized she wasn’t just an Intelligence Officer. The task of securing the base was an auxiliary duty. First and foremost she was the Second Officer onboard. It couldn’t hurt to familiarize herself more with the people she was working with. “Yes, Captain. I would like that.” Her voice was unemotional but her lips continued to push its tight smile.


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