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Dangerous Liaison

Posted on 30 Aug 2018 @ 4:40am by Police Detective Steve Sawyer

Mission: The Admiral's Daughter
Location: Grand Ballroom, Onyx Hotel
Timeline: MD-03

Annie ran her finger along the bottom of her lower lip, smoothing out the red lipstick she just applied. Taking a step back from the mirror, she let out a sigh at her reflection. The woman had been through so much the past few months, hell even the past few years. She felt torn at this point; her mind had matured and hardened while remaining in a 21-year-old body. Annie didn’t know what to think of it. Right at this moment, however, it was suiting her perfectly. She was mentally handling herself against a predator while using her perfectly fit frame to tempt him to drop his guard.

Her eyes moved down to the sparkling crystals of the dress that glistened against the dim bedroom light. She never in a million years imagined herself in something like this. The soft chilled black silk material of it laid flat against her skin, hugging every curve and muscle and exposing what little cleavage she was able to squeeze together. The thin black straps exposed her strong shoulders, and the slit that ran from the top of her left thigh showed off her perfectly smooth muscular leg. On her right thigh rested her phaser holster, perfectly hidden under the rest of the skirt. Her hair was set in soft curls that brushed against her shoulders. Her bright cherry red lips were begging to be kissed. She may have to keep the lipstick for a special occasion with Phil…

Annie realized she was dosing off a bit and shook her head back to the moment. She had a job to do, and she needed to keep her head on straight. Tonight, she was Layla again. She was Steve’s woman and she was tempting the heart, or body, of Adam Cross so they could find and bring home Kris and Sean. Then they all could go home to their families.

“You ready, Steve?” Annie called out when she entered the common area of their hotel room. Her tall black stiletto strapped heels clicked against the white tiled floor as she made her way over to the bar area to fix herself a glass of courage.

Steve, feeling a little uncomfortable in a tux instead of his normal leather jacket, stepped stiffly out of his room. He took a moment to pull the cuffs straight.

"As I'll ever be. Been a while since I wore one of these." He took a moment to gaze over her look then snapped himself back into professional mode. "You don't make it easy, you know. Keeping that creep's hands off you..."

Annie smirked as she walked over and straightened out his collar. "You don't look so bad yourself. That receptionist has been eyeing you since we got here." She let out a chuckle. "Though interestingly enough Cross seemed to back off when you staked your claim on me. I don't get it. I can't quite seem to wrap my head around this guy. I mean, he's totally creepy and he runs this entire prostitution sting where he potentially kidnaps his women and forces them into slavery but he's like... I don't know." She furrowed her brows a bit as she stepped back. "You would think he would have a complete disregard for your personal property. Maybe the potential business acquisition is what's keeping his hands off. He loves women but he loves money more..."

"We could play that to our advantage," Steve noted. "Dangle some more cash in front of him, see where it leads." He frowned. "We've still not located Broll or Whitaker, though. Have you heard anything from Butler and Waters?"

Annie shook her head. "They're probably still with one of the girls. I let them know about the dinner so we may see them when we head to the Ballroom." She gave him one final look and a slow mischievous smile. "Alright, let's do this."


Annie's eyes widened at the pureness of the bright white room. It was a complete mask of what lurked underneath them but it looked so grand and elegant. She had never been in a place like this before and her youthful side bubbled up a bit. The excitement she showed Adam was only slightly feigned.

Adam stood up from the lone table that stood in the middle of the vast room. His lips curled up at the sight of Annie, the woman he so desperately wanted but could never have, especially now... "Miss Layla, you look incredible," his smooth voice sang to her as he grabbed her hand and gave it a soft kiss. He then looked over at Steve. "Mr. McQueen, thank you for joining me in what, I would think, will be a celebratory dinner." He then gestured towards the table, pulling a chair out for Annie. "Please, have a seat. I specially ordered a rather large shipment of Romulan Ale for this very occasion."

Steve took a seat, back in his relaxed persona despite naturally clocking entrances and exits. It was strange to be in this place while it was empty. Not many places to hide, it seemed. "Once again, you're too kind, Mr Cross. I'll be sure to spread word of your immense hospitality." He made sure to lean a little more towards Annie, ensuring the visual of being alongside her was clear to be seen. "I take it your lab people verified our product as genuine?"

Adam finished pouring the ale into the three glasses that sat next to th extravagant black and white place settings on the table. His smile waned slightly and briefly as he placed the bottle back down on the table. "I was hoping we'd enjoy a glass or two before we got down to business but..." his smile returned as he raised his glass to the pair, "since you are rather eager to strike a deal," he downed the contents of his glass and gently placed the glass back down, "I can make some adjustments." He gestured at the two guards who stood tall at the entrance to the room. "Yes, we were able to verify your product. Not only was it genuine, but it was rather spectacular, actually..."

Annie turned around and saw one of the men carrying a large black case towards them. They looked rather serious and walked with a firm quick step. They weren't like this at the club... She turned back to Adam whose smile remained loose on his face.

Steve smiled thinly back at Adam, still holding his own glass lightly in his fingers. It was starting to feel a little bit like a poker game, though he wasn't sure exactly what cards he was holding. "I thought you might be a little blown away. Perhaps now we can start to make some real progress - I have people just waiting for the word on when we can start the transactions."

"I don't doubt that," Adam had moved his place setting to the side to make room for the box that his men placed in front of him. "You know, when I first saw you two, I knew there was something different about you two, something far different than the usual slime and grime I've had to deal with." He placed his hand on the box loosely, his thumb resting lightly above the fingerprint scanner that would unlock it. "We all seemed to connect rather cohesively. It gave me chills, Mr. McQueen." His grey eyes darkened as they moved back and forth between Annie and Steve.

As Adam spoke the two guards took a step back away from the table and moved to stand directly behind Annie and Steve. Annie's heart began picking up its pace and her mouth suddenly dried up like a cotton ball. She was beginning to feel the walls closing in around them. Adam's voice had begun to change from the usual light-hearted eccentric tone to a strong and dark one.

Adam's eyes settled on Annie, his lips crept up into a mischievous smirk. "Miss Layla, I believe you would have fit right in here. The First Lady of Onyx Hotel, if you will." He sounded slightly disappointed by the fact that Steve had not let him have a taste of her. He paused then let out a quick sigh before continuing. "Oh well, no matter." He pressed his finger against the scanner and the loud click of the lock echoed through the sparse room. The sound caught Annie off-guard, causing her now tensed and nervous body to jump a bit in her seat.

Adam's eyes moved up to his bodyguards. He gave them a firm nod then began digging through the contents inside of the box.

Without hesitation, the two guards quickly drew out phaser pistols and placed them against the upper backs of Annie and Steve. Annie's eyes widened at the coldness of the metal against her bare skin. Her hands remained frozen on her lap as she looked over Adam's now unhappy face. She swallowed roughly knowing this may be it. She was going to die today.

Steve glanced over his shoulder fractionally, but focussed most of his attention on Adam. "There's no need for unpleasantness. If you're not interested in civilized business transactions we can be on our way-"

"Please," Adam placed a hand up to Annie and Steve. "I would suggest not doing anything rash." He placed two pairs of handcuffs onto the table. "I don't know who you are or where you come from but you probably should have known better than to try to fool someone with their own product."

Annie's thoughts burned in her brain. She knew it wasn't a good idea for Steve to have used the drug they didn't know a whole lot about. But now wasn't the time to dwell on it. They had become prisoners inside this crazy man's hotel.

Steve's eyes narrowed at the statement. Interesting that the forensics team on the station hadn't been able to determine that it came from here. The dots appeared to be joining, however it wasn't the best moment to fully thrash that out.

"Detectives Sawyer and Ayers, Federation Security Services," he explained sternly. The game was up anyway, no sense in hiding behind blown cover. "Holding us against our will in this place would be an offense under Federation Law. Not to mention the charges of drug trafficking we have you on. So before your friends get any fun ideas about discharging weapons in a public place, perhaps you need to consider not doing anything rash."

Adam raised his eyebrow at Steve. "So it seems law enforcement has decided to step their game up. I must applaud you for getting this far. I'm honestly a little nervous at how far you would have been able to take your little rouse with this... misstep." He pushed the box over to the side and sat down slowly in his chair. "And you seem to underestimate me. I don't plan on hurting you. At least not yet." His lips curled up at his own joke. "Now, stand up, hands up to your shoulders. Keep in mind if either of you tries to take my men out the other one is shot dead. Understand?"

Annie began standing up slowly, keeping her eyes focused on Adam. Her face remained as neutral and unemotional as possible in order to show him she was not phased. On the inside, however, her thoughts and feelings were telling a completely different story.

Steve similarly eased himself to his feet, keeping his cool, studying the situation. Tactically speaking, they weren't in a position to fight; at short range a phaser blast would be devastating, and he had no way of coordinating timing with Annie. So for now, the best thing to do was comply. Grudgingly.

"You believe this to be a misstep?" he challenged, trying to make sure Adam was on the back foot. "I've told you who we are. You now have no legal footing to hold us on. Think about the hellfire Starfleet will bring down on this place if we don't report in. Your operation is about to be opened up to a great deal of scrutiny." He didn't raise his arms, not yet. "However, perhaps we can cut you a deal. Make some of the more serious charges go away. You like making deals, don't you Mr Cross?"

As Adam drank another glass of the Romulan ale he placed his hand up to cut Steve off. He was in no mood to chat. Even after hearing about the capture of Matt and Joey, he figured he was ahead of their game since there was no knowledge of the underground factory outside of the business. His men were prepared for a fight and would be able to hold off the enemy. After polishing off the glass he placed it down slowly and nodded to Steve. "Stand behind her," he indicated Annie, already having forgotten their real names, "and unzip her dress. Careful with it, though. It's expensive."

Annie's skin crawled at the command. She knew he was capable of doing anything to her and would do it in a heartbeat. This was just adding to her already building humiliation.

Steve felt his face twitch.

"Screw you," he fired back, motionless.

Adam scoffed. "Either you do it," his eyes began darker with longing for the woman, "or I do it."

Steve's teeth clenched. Adam had him a little with that one. Giving Annie a serious but apologetic look, he hesitantly moved behind her. Carefully, he placed a hand on her shoulder and slowly drew the zipper down. He left his hand there on her shoulder, however, making sure the dress remained in place.

Annie's breath shook with fear as she attempted to maintain control over herself. It took everything in her being to stay on her feet.

Adam gave an approving nod. "Good. Now take it off."

"When the time comes, I'm going to kill you." Steve's tone was even. Blunt. He meant every word. Rather than give the man the full satisfaction he wanted, he took a couple of steps to put himself between Annie and Cross, close enough so that he was effectively blocking any view of her from the front. He looked her in the eyes, sensing the fear and knowing there was very little he could do to stop it. Involuntarily he slid his hand down, letting the dress fall to the floor at their feet. He kept his eyes on hers, locking her gaze. Stay with me, he willed at her. Don't let him win.

Adam couldn't help but laugh at Steve's attempts at protecting the woman. "Step aside, please." He tossed one of the pairs of handcuffs to one of the guards. "Move him off to the side if he's not willing to do so on his own. Don't forget to remove his phaser in the process."

Annie's skin chilled from the events that were unfolding as she stood in her black strapless bra and black underwear. Her phaser was the only thing that was bringing her comfort but she knew that wouldn't last long. Her eyes began burning with fear and hatred of Adam Cross.

Steve didn't move. He would make them force him to move before he did so willingly. Even as the cuffs went on, he kept his eyes locked on Annie's. Don't let him win. Don't show him your fear.

The bodyguard, who towered over the already tall and muscular Steve, grabbed him by his wrists and pulled him off to the side, revealing Annie to the hungry Adam.

"Wait," Adam spoke to his bodyguard. "Don't take him away just yet..." He stood up slowly from his chair and moved over to Annie. She sucked in her breath as he moved behind her and pressed himself against her nearly bare back. She could feel his hot heavy breath over her as she reaffirmed her stance and kept her hands steady in the air. She finally closed her eyes, reminding herself to just keep breathing and that everything was out of her control for the moment. Adam slowly moved his hand down to the very top of her right bare thigh and slid down her skin to the phaser that rested inside of its holster. Moving his lips towards her neck, he let out a soft moan that almost sent out a cry from Annie's lips. She bit her lower lip as her eyes opened to look at Steve and show him how truly terrified she was.

Adam removed the phaser and ran the muzzle of it back up her leg to her torso. "Damn shame, I really thought you were special," he whispered in her ear. He then pulled himself away from her and took his seat back. "Take them to the basement with the others."

"I'm going to kill you," Steve repeated, glaring a look of utter disgust at the man. "And it's going to be long and painful. I swear to you."

Brushing off Steve's spiteful words, Adam poured himself another glass of the ale and swallowed his pride and building pressures below his waist. He was desperate for release but knew he didn't have much time. He needed to reassess his movements and plan for what was going to be one hell of a showdown between him and his newfound enemies.


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