Obsidian Command
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The Verdict

Posted on 25 Aug 2018 @ 4:44pm by 1st Lieutenant Quinn McKenna & Lieutenant Colonel Richard Sharpe

Mission: The Admiral's Daughter

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The jury took just over an hour to render a verdict, and notified the bailiff that they had reached a consensus.

Quinn had waited outside with Sharpe, and the two sat back down now, waiting for court to reconvene.

"How did I do?" She asked the marine.

"I think we're about to find that out." Richard said, taking his seat. "But for what its worth, I think you made it very difficult on them."

Quinn didn't respond, channeling her energy into maintaining a calm appearance. She was more used to being on the other side of the table, in Tucker's position. Though she didn't think she was nearly as much of an ass about it as he was.

"All rise!" The clerk called as Jarvis re-entered the room. The jury followed through another door shortly after and sat down.

Jarivs gestured towards them. "Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, your verdict please."

It seemed like everyone was holding their breath as one of the jurors rose, though Quinn figured she was imagining it.

"We the jury find the defendant, Major Richard Sharpe, to be not guilty of all charges." The juror said.

"So be it. Major Sharpe, you are free to go without any encumbrances or restrictions on you. I do hope you learn to manage your... condition... appropriately." Jarvis stood and left the room without another word.

Quinn had visibly sagged in relief, like a sail that had finally lost the breeze.

"Nice work Counsellor." Tucker said, as he packed up his things. "You managed to get an extremely dangerous individual released out into the universe, representing Starfleet no less."

Richard glowered at him from beside Quinn, but said nothing. What he'd really like to do was put his fist through the man's face, but he doubted he'd survive another court-martial.

Quinn ignored him completely, standing and silently packing away her things before turning to Sharpe.

"If they give you any more problems, let me know. Good luck." She said quietly before offering her hand.

"See you around the station, Lieutenant." Richard said, accepting her hand. "You'll have to let me treat you to dinner as a thank you for all your hard work."

Quinn nodded. "I appreciate that. Go home to your family, Major." She gave a nod before walking out, looking for whatever reason like she was having to exert some immense effort to keep it together.

Tucker, who had been watching, looked confused, but simply shot Sharpe one more withering glare before leaving himself.

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