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The Trial (Part 3)

Posted on 25 Aug 2018 @ 6:36am by Lieutenant Commander Kerry Malone & Lieutenant Colonel Richard Sharpe & 1st Lieutenant Quinn McKenna
Edited on on 25 Aug 2018 @ 8:37am

Mission: The Admiral's Daughter

"The Government calls Commander Paul Reed to the stand." Tucker said.

Paul stood up from the section directly behind Richard. He and Archie had front row seats, giving him as much support as they could. Paul at first had been nervous about the trial itself, having witness obvious open-and-shut cases getting turned over on their heads during various points of his career, but after hearing the Prosecutor's request to recall the witness, he realized this will more than likely turn out in Richard's favor. He straightened out his Class-A uniform jacket and walked confidently with his shoulders drawn back, giving Richard a wink as he walked past the defense table and quickly stepped up into the witness stand.

Once he'd been sworn in, Tucker went straight in for the questions. "So, Commander Reed. Not only are you the Chief of Security for Obsidian Command, but you also are Major Sharpe's best friend, is that correct?"

Paul glanced over to Richard with his lips in a loose smirk. "Yes, Commander."

"Were you present when Major Sharpe lost control of himself in the Holodeck whilst enjoying a program with his sisters?" Tucker asked.

"I was, Commander." Paul had learned throughout the years to keep his answers short and sweet whenever he testified, no matter what type of witness he was. He wasn't a fan of Tucker's somewhat sneering tone of voice during his questioning.

"Please describe for me the events that transpired, and I remind you, that you're under oath." Tucker replied.

Paul cleared his throat and turned his seat to better address both Tucker and the jury. "Major Sharpe, Lieutenant Matt Butler, and I were with Rebecca and Caroline while walking through a holosuite program. The girls had gone off while the three of us were talking. Next thing we knew we heard Rebecca scream; there were a couple of male holograms that had gone rogue and were trying to lure Caroline away." He paused, letting out a quick breath before he continued. This next part needed to be worded very carefully. "Richard saw and went to go help his sisters. In the process, he had a flashback of his entrapment on the base. He began fighting the hologram. Lieutenant Butler went to stop Major Sharpe by grabbing Sharpe behind in a bear hug and pin back his arms, which is a typical police response to try to break up a fight. Sharpe was confused by the sudden movement, believing Butler was attacking him instead of trying to hold him back, and Sharpe threw him across the room. Sharpe immediately realized what had happened and decided he needed to seek professional treatment."

"Is that all that happened, to the best of your recollection?" Tucker asked.

Paul gave him a closed-lipped smile. “To the best of my recollection, Commander Tucker.”

"I have here a statement by Rebecca Sharpe, your niece and Major Sharpe's sister, on the events of that day, which I offer into evidence as exhibit B." Tucker said, brandishing a PADD. "She stated, and I am quoting her directly here by the way, that Major Sharpe went into an animal frenzy at the sight of his adopted sister Caroline being manhandled by holographic characters. Despite your best efforts to reign him in vocally, and the then Sergeant Butler's 'take-down' attempt, Major Sharpe resisted all attempts at bringing him back to reality. He, as you already said, threw Sergeant Butler across the room, but her statement says he threw him 'as if throwing a rag doll, and were it not for the holographic tree that arrested his flight, he might have carried on for some distance.' Her statement goes on to further state that Major Sharpe slashed down the holographic characters without due regard for what was going on around him, and eventually crumpled into a heap of despair."

"Tell me Commander Reed - were this person anyone other than Major Sharpe - would you, as a professional law enforcement officer, consider this man to be a clear and present danger to the population of Obsidian Command?" Tucker asked.

Paul raised his eyebrow slightly at the man's overdramatic 'interpretation' of Rebecca's statement, making it sound like he was the one who wrote it and not a 17-year-old girl. "Which Major are we talking about? The Major back then or the Major who spent three months in a care facility in order to prevent a PTSD episode and went willingly into custody at the start of this whole thing?"

"So, you're absolutely confident that Major Sharpe is fully cured, will never go on a rampage, and will never endanger another living soul so long as he lives?" Tucker asked, incredulously. "No wonder Obsidian Command has a security problem..."

"Objection!" Quinn called out.

"Sustained." Jarvis said. "Counsellor, you will refrain from making derogatory comments about the witnesses competence."

"I apologize, your honour." Tucker said. "I have no further questions for this witness."

Quinn took her turn next.

"Commander Reed, how long have you been on Obsidian Command?" She asked.

Paul relaxed himself a bit, not feeling so on the defense to protect Sharpe from the Prosecutor's low blows. "Five and a half years, Lieutenant."

"And how long have you known Major Sharpe?"

Paul glanced over to Richard. "About four months, give or take."

"Have you ever known him to be violent, outside of his line of work?"

He moved his eyes back to Quinn and shook his head. "Never."

"Alright. Let's go back to the incident with the holographic characters, since my learned friend's concerns seem to revolve around that." She paused.

"Would you agree that Major Sharpe lost control of his emotions when he saw the holograms, 'going rogue' as it has been put?" She asked.

Paul gave himself a moment before he answered with a firm, brief answer. "Yes."

"And immediately after realizing he had lost control, you said that he sought help?"

He nodded strongly. "He did. Signed himself into in-patient treatment at a special facility."

"And have you seen Major Sharpe experience any further lapses in emotional control since taking the initiative and seeking professional help?"

His lips twitched up a bit in pride at how far his best friend had come since that incident. "I have not."

"Thank you, Commander. I have no further questions." Quinn sat back down as the bailiff allowed Reed back into the gallery.

"Next witness, Mister Tucker?" Jarvis asked.

"The Government has no further witnesses, and rests its case, your honour." Tucker said, standing then sitting.


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