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The Trial (Part 2)

Posted on 25 Aug 2018 @ 6:35am by Lieutenant Commander Kerry Malone & Lieutenant Colonel Richard Sharpe & 1st Lieutenant Quinn McKenna
Edited on on 25 Aug 2018 @ 8:36am

Mission: The Admiral's Daughter

"The Government calls Doctor Angela Barnes to the stand."

A human female in her mid to late forties came up from one of the seats and took a seat in the witness stand. The bailiff administered the oath, and then turned the witness over to Tucker.

"Doctor, you had the opportunity to observe the Major when he was in rehab, following an incident here on Obsidian Command." Tucker said. "Could you describe your findings?"

Dr Barnes nodded. "When Major Sharpe arrived at our facility, he came voluntarily following an episode of what we describe as Post Traumatic Stress. He'd experienced an episode where he'd lost control of his emotions following a powerful flashback to an earlier traumatic experience, where he'd attacked several holographic characters and scaring his wards and friends who he was with at the time. As the clinical consultant at the Luna facility, I was sent to assess the patient since he'd been augmented."

"Major Sharpe has undergone full micro-cellular gene re-sequencing, where his DNA has virtually been re-written to a bespoke program. His genetic enhancements cannot be undone by current modern science, and his abilities are quite extensive."

"Doctor." Tucker asked. "Would you say that his genetic enhancements are akin to that of a Borg drone, like my colleague here would have us think of him?"

"Absolutely not." Barnes said. "His level of enhancement far exceeds that done by the Borg on their victims. Many of his fellow marines underwent what they termed as 'Borgification' as their enhancements were done much more crudely than the Major's was. They do not exhibit many of the traits that Major Sharpe does. His enhancements would enable him to tear a Borg drone limb from limb by himself with no substantial effort involved."

"I see." Tucker said. "So, would you consider the Major to be a hazard?"

"I would have to ask how you intend to define 'hazard'." Barnes replied. "In my professional opinion, Major Sharpe is a walking, talking weapon. Were a similar patient presented having been genetically enhanced by their parent or other person, they would be locked in a secure wing at the Lunar Facility. However, in almost all those cases, the subject has no higher functioning capabilities, whereas the Major clearly does. At the time of my assessment of the Major, I believed he was safe to return to his home."

"Thank you Doctor." Tucker said, then turned to Quinn. "Your witness."

Quinn stood and looked to Doctor Barnes.

"Doctor, you said that you believed Major Sharpe was safe to return to his home, correct?"

"Yes, that is correct." Barnes replied.

"Do you still believe that this is the case?" Quinn asked.

"I do." She replied. "Major Sharpe voluntarily sought treatment for his traumatic stress for fear of his outbursts hurting not just someone he cared about, but people in general. He not only sought treatment for the trauma, but actively communicated to the Luna facility that he was going to this treatment spa, and would someone from the facility like to examine him. This of course I did, and he was fully cooperative and helpful in this regard. It is my personal view, and one I still maintain, that he has full control over his capabilities. Especially in light of the realization from his own science team that each time he uses his abilities, it depletes his body of a much needed enzyme to live, and slowly kills him."

Quinn managed to refrain from smiling.

"Which abilities are you referring to, Doctor? Just the sword, or are you speaking to Major Sharpe's augmented abilities in general?"

"Oh, Major Sharpe can produce the sword without too much strain. If however he were to use any of his genetically enhanced abilities for a protracted period, say longer than five minutes, it would start to deplete a special enzyme in his blood, which with prolonged use, would cause the Major to die." Barnes replied.

"And what is this enzyme you are referring to?"

"It appears that one of the modifications made to all the 'contestants', for lack of a better word, in the game, in order to prevent them escaping - they made them all dependant on an enzyme that they provided only in the game arena. It was in the food and water." Barnes explained. "If their bodies were not provided with this enzyme over a period of 48 hours, they would die, whilst steadily getting sicker and sicker as time went on until that time period elapsed."

"I see. And how would Major Sharpe replenish this enzyme?"

"At the moment, the only way he can do so is via a direct injection of a synthesized compound created by Commander Lance." Barnes said. "My best people are working on making it more sustainable, but long term, Major Sharpe requires this treatment daily to stay alive. If, however, he uses his abilities, it drains the enzyme from his blood stream, and also has the added affect of making his body more resistant to the treatment we're providing. So basically, if he uses his abilities for several days at a time, he'll effectively kill himself by the end of the third day, and there won't be anything anyone can do for him."

"So in summation, the more he uses his abilities, the greater the danger to his life, Doctor?" Quinn asked.

"I would say that's a fair summation." Barnes said.

"Thank you, Doctor. Those are all my questions." Quinn sat down, again resisting the urge to give Tucker a smug look. His first witness had effectively massacred the argument of Sharpe's augmentations being a threat to the public.

"Unless you have any final questions for the Doctor, Mister Tucker... next witness?" Jarvis said.

"I have no further questions for this witness, but I would like the option to recall this witness." Tucker said.

"So ordered." Jarvis said. "Call your next witness."


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