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The Trial (Part 1)

Posted on 25 Aug 2018 @ 6:33am by Lieutenant Commander Kerry Malone & Lieutenant Colonel Richard Sharpe & 1st Lieutenant Quinn McKenna
Edited on on 25 Aug 2018 @ 8:36am

Mission: The Admiral's Daughter

=/\= BEGIN LOG =/\=

Quinn McKenna sat, waiting and trying to hide the anxiety she felt over this trial. The gallery had plenty of observers, and now they were just waiting for the proceedings to formally start. The accused would be lead in first, followed by the jury, and finally the judge when he was ready.

She had been surprised not to receive any threats or "just you wait till I tell the Admiral what you did" messages, though she supposed that would come after the verdict... depending on what it was.

One of the doors hissed open and an MP walked through, indicating that they were bringing Sharpe down. He had been taken back into "custody" the morning of the trial, just to ensure that everything ran smoothly.

Richard appeared in the court-room wearing his Grade A uniform with ribbons and qualifications on his chest. For such occasions, the marine Grade A uniform hadn't changed much in nearly four-hundred years. A dark olive green jacket and trouser suit, with a light olive green shirt and a tie. Dark shined up shoes completed the ensemble with a green peak cap, which was placed under his arm. He was flanked on either side by MP Sergeants in similar apparel.

They escorted him to the defendant's table, and Richard took a seat next to Quinn, placing his cap on the desk in front of him. He looked over at her and gave her a smile. "Nervous?" He asked.

"A bit." She admitted, tapping her fingers on one of the stack of PADDs in front of her.

"I have full faith and confidence in you Quinn." Richard said. "Win or lose, you never gave less than your best. What happens now, is up to the twelve professional peers."

"Thank you, Major." Quinn said. As if on cue, the jury filed in, some looking bored, some looking tired, some looking intrigued. They sat and less than a minute later the judge came in.

"All rise." The clerk called, waiting until the judge and everyone else had sat back down before reading out the file. When she was done, Jarvis nodded to Tucker.

"The prosecution may present its case." He said.

"Thank you, your honour." Tucker said, and rose from his chair to stand in the space between the desks and the bench. "Ladies and gentlemen of the jury. The case before you today is not an easy one, by any stretch of the imagination. What we have here is a highly decorated marine, who whilst out on a routine mission to protect an embassy, was abducted alongside many of his marines, genetically enhanced against his will, and forced to fight other beings in a death game."

"After being rescued, almost all the marines who were saved have now left the service, and have elected to undergo specialist care for what happened to them. Many deformed beyond all hope of returning to normal life. Major Sharpe however, has elected to stay in Starfleet, and attempt to continue his life as if nothing happened." Tucker continued.

"Whilst the government does feel sympathy for the Major's plight, and we do accept that whilst this was involuntary, the Major is a genetically enhanced human being. His abilities outstrip that of any regular human being. They outstrip that of an enraged Gorn. He is stronger, faster, more agile than anyone alive. He has heightened senses, intelligence, memory, reflexes, vision, and hearing. He has a considerably reduced pain threshold, and can even self-regenerate tissue that's damaged. To add to all of that, he can spawn a lethal weapon in his hand with just a thought."

"Whilst I am sure he would prove an asset to the Marine Corps, he represents a clear and present threat to everyone." Tucker explained. "Even allowing for his own personal restraint, which is questionable at best - as the prosecution will demonstrate - but he is an enhanced soldier. If we allow one enhanced soldier, we open the doorway for other enhanced soldiers. We open the Pandora's box to our enemies to create enhanced soldiers. Far worse than the Jem'Hadar."

"The Eugenics War was a terrible thing in our history, but we learned from our history, we banned Eugenics. Anyone who does genetic enhancements is locked away, and the poor subjects - if they survive - are placed in care in our Luna facility. We have laws against the use of Genetic Enhancement for a reason. We allow Major Sharpe here to run free, we are undoing over three hundred years of history."

Tucker gave Quinn a sadistic smile, and sat back down.

Quinn rose calmly, moving between the tables and placing her hands on the lectern.

"The version of events presented to you by the prosecution is essentially correct. Major Sharpe was abducted on a mission to protect an embassy. He was taken to a place where prisoners are augmented and forced to kill each other for sport. He is also correct that nearly all of the marines that survived the ordeal have left the service. Major Sharpe is one of the few who were lucky enough to not be permanently crippled by the experience."

She paused for a moment, reading the faces of the jury. They were listening.

"This is where our points of view begin to differ. You will hear the precedent case of Doctor Julian Bashir used extensively today, as it is the only successful case where an augmented human escaped punishment. It should come as no surprise that this will be an important piece of the puzzle."

"As with Dr. Bashir, Major Sharpe was augmented without his consent. He had no intent or desire to undergo this ordeal, and it would be ridiculous to suggest that he did. Many marines under the Major's command died during this 'death game', and there is no evidence to suggest that Major Sharpe wanted, wished or desired for any of this to happen. Without intent or wilful blindness as a substitute, there is no crime."

Quinn paused again, taking a sip of water. "I would also present for your consideration the case of liberated Borg drones. Seven of Nine, Captain Picard, and dozens of others were assimilated into the Collective, augmented, and then later liberated with varying degrees of Borg implants remaining in their system. Seven of Nine in particular retained many enhanced abilities, such as her ocular implant and nanoprobes. Upon returning to Earth she was not shunned as an enhanced or augmented human, because she was an unwilling participant in that augmentation, just like Major Sharpe. She, like other reformed drones, were welcomed back into the fold and allowed to serve in Starfleet or wherever they wished. No reformed Borg drone has ever been charged with being an augmented human, yet they are mechanically augmented just as Major Sharpe has been, and against their will, just as Major Sharpe has been."

"Major Sharpe presents no greater danger than any of these other examples, and as the prosecution even admits, is a decorated veteran and hero of the Marine Corps and the Federation. The only precedent to be set here today is allowing victims of criminal acts to avoid being victimized twice. It would be unethical and go against the very foundations of what the justice system and the Federation stand for to convict a victim of a heinous crime of a criminal offence."

She sat down again, without so much as a glance at Tucker.

The judge acknowledged both arguments, then indicated for the Prosecution to begin its case.


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