Obsidian Command
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Up Shit Creek...

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Mission: The Admiral's Daughter
Location: Onyx Hotel
Timeline: MD-03

Joey confirmed Celia’s background information on his computer on the radio console. Sure enough, Celia Walsh was the daughter of Marine Colonel Walsh stationed on Deep Space 14. She was reported missing on Loki III a year ago and the case had gone cold. This gave Joey a bit of reassurance that she was, in fact, telling the truth. The whole thing was just crazy and outlandish enough to actually be true. He was also well aware of the fact that this was some elaborate ruse and he was just being dragged to his death. At least the evidence was pointing away from that...

Hand in hand, Joey and Celia walked around the floor of the Casino. Without being too obvious, Celia was giving him the rundown of the entrances to the basement and which areas they happened to be walking above. This was going to be incredibly invaluable to Malone and incredibly difficult to transmit over a radio without being too obvious. He would just have to leave that up to Matt, who had left his tailing duties of them to go back and do the hourly check in with Malone.

Joey and Celia finished up the rest of their briefing over a simple lunch in the hotel restaurant where Joey got the courage to learn more about Celia. He was growing fonder of her every moment they spent together. She was sweet, smart (had just become a school teacher before she was kidnapped), beautiful, and had survived the past year in Hell. He was enjoying this extra bit of time he gave himself with her but it was making it increasingly difficult to make her go back to her room knowing what he knows now. He was afraid he was never going to see her again.

After Celia gave him a kiss on the cheek and a hopeful look of ‘I’ll be seeing you’, Joey headed back to his and Matt’s room ready with the information that had been retained in his brain. His information recall was above average and a skill that had come in handy with his work for FCPD, and it was going to maybe save him during this mission. The difficult part was going to be able to encrypt it but make it easy enough for the Marines to understand it.

Joey was whistling a rather pleasant and upbeat tune as he unlocked the door with his hotel key. At the moment his thoughts had been distracted by Celia’s beautiful innocent smile that he didn’t notice the door was already unlocked. He stepped in, tossing the key onto the kitchen table, and looked around the room.

“What the…?”

The room had been trashed, most noticeably the door to his bedroom had been practically broken in half. “Hey, L.T.?” He moved over to his bedroom then froze at the shadow that had stepped out from the darkened bedroom and practically filled the door frame.

It was him. The guy in the video. The one whose duty was to kidnap these girls and ruin their lives.

Joey immediately reached for his phaser that was concealed on his hip but froze at the sound of the man’s deep booming voice and the sight of the rather large phaser pistol in his hand.

“You touch that, I blow your head off.” He paused as Joey remained frozen. “I would suggest you follow directions better than your friend did. You can probably figure out from looking around the room what happened when he didn’t follow directions.”

Joey swallowed roughly, slowly placing his hands up at chest level. He felt his phaser being removed from his holster by someone else. His heart was beating out of his chest. Where was Matt? Was he still alive? How did they find out about them?

Oh God, I’m going to die…

“Clothes off.” The voice boomed again as the man gestured towards Joey’s shirt and shorts.

Joey’s eyebrows furrowed slightly and the strange request. He was still too in shock and trying with all of his might to process what was going on. Then the muzzle of the phaser that was placed up against his back brought him back to the moment. He then heard a different, more of a higher pitched, male voice coming from behind him.

“You heard ‘im, asshole. Shirt and pants off or we take ‘em off!”

Joey tried to look behind him to catch a look at the other guy but the phaser dug deeper into his lower back and reminded him of the demands. He slowly removed his shirt and shorts and dropped them to the ground. His skin was chilled from the terror as he stood in front of the men in his black boxers. He kept repeating his hope that Celia was safe and would be until the Marines could save her.

At this point, he wasn’t going to be able to.

The man behind Joey grabbed his wrists and twisted them into handcuffs. “We’re going on a little trip, Buddy!” He stated with much enthusiasm.


The men pushed the handcuffed Joey through a hidden door in the hallway and down a turbolift. Joey could only assume they were going down underground by the lift's direction. They three men continued zig-zagging through the inconspicuous white halls until Joey was pushed into the dark, cold, and clammy room. Their footsteps echoed off of the grimy what-use-to-be-white tiled walls and floors. This was the basement: the torture chamber underneath the bright and elegant Onyx Hotel.

“Put him next to his friend.” Joey heard the deep voice order.

As soon as the order came out the smaller man kicked Joey onto the ground, effortlessly unlocked one of the cuffs, and secured Joey’s wrists to a chain that hung from the ceiling and then his ankles to short chains on the floor. Joey was completely immobile with his arms locked above him, his knees in a kneeling position, and his feet locked to the ground. He looked around trying to make out if the friend they were referring to was actually Matt and not one of the others. At least if it was Matt they still had a chance of getting out of there with Annie and Steve still out there.

As the men walked out of the room, Joey looked to his left at the outline of the body in the same position as he was. “L.T.! Hey!” When he got no response Joey realized he may have been knocked out. He began shaking his chains like an alarm bell. “L.T.! Wake up!”

“Relax!” Matt whispered with a bit of force, his voice groggy from his fighting with the men during his own capture. “I’m pretty sure they’re recording everything in here. At least I would if I was on the other side…” He paused and looked over at Joey’s shadow. “You ok?”

Joey nodded. “As good as I can be…” He chuckled a bit at his suddenly terrible luck. “They beat you up pretty good?”

Matt returned the chuckle with one of his own. “Yeah, I’m covered up in bruises. Nothing broken so far. They’ll probably save that for later.” He paused and looked all around the room, trying to take in as much of the darkness as he could. “Hey, at least I wore underwear today.”


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