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Just Another Teenaged Meltdown

Posted on 11 Aug 2018 @ 4:46pm by Civilian Rebecca Sharpe

Mission: Character Development
Location: Promenade

Paul tried to push his meeting with Ira to the back of his mind. It was proving to be more difficult than he thought. He couldn’t let it affect his time with his wife and his niece; Richard was in a bad shape over Rebecca’s recent behavior and Paul felt a strong need to swoop in and help him figure out what was truly going on.

With his hand grasped tightly around his wife’s hand, Paul and Archie headed over to Rebecca’s new quarters. “How much do you want to bet Rebecca is going to pretend she’s not home so she doesn’t have to deal with us?” Archie noticed Paul was unusually solemn. She figured it was just his concern over Rebecca and she tried her best to lighten the mood.

Paul forced out a chuckle and gave Archie a kiss on the cheek. “I think she’ll appreciate the one-on-one attention that she usually doesn’t get from us.” He pressed the chime to Rebecca’s door then looked down at Archie. He hated not being able to talk to her about what happened with Ira during the meeting. She was the one person he was able to talk to completely and honestly. And she really looked beautiful tonight in her short flowing dark blue dress that covered her still growing belly. He ran his fingers gently over her dark brown hair and gave her another kiss, this time on her lips.

Archie raised her eyebrow as he pulled back and locked eyes with her again. He was acting a little strangely as if this was going to be the last night he was ever going to see her again. “You ok, babe? You seem a little… mournful tonight.”

Paul gave her a closed lip smirk. “Just hoping Rebecca doesn’t bite my head off tonight.” He obviously lied but didn’t want to ruin their evening plans.

When Rebecca had been told that she was hosting her Uncle Paul & Aunt Ari for dinner, she'd spent the day clearing up the already tidy quarters. She'd then spent an hour in the bath, followed by another hour picking the right outfit. She now stood in the middle of her quarters wearing a red dress that Uncle Matt had picked out for her, with red short-heeled strapped shoes, a small amount of make-up, and the earrings that Aunt Ari had bought her for her birthday, with the pendant that matched from Uncle Paul.

At the sound of the chime, she checked her appearance in the mirror, fluffing her hair that she was wearing down, and then flattening her dress down. "Come in!" She called.

"Oh, look! Our baby's all grown up!" Archie exaggeratedly exclaimed as the pair stepped in. She went over and gave Rebecca a kiss on the cheek and eyed the earrings the girl was wearing. "Man, I have great taste!"

Paul rolled his eyes as he followed Archie's greeting and gave Rebecca a side hug. It meant a lot to him that she put effort into how she looked tonight. She always put forth effort but it made him feel better that she still tried to look put together for them. "Well, we certainly can't keep you in here looking like that. Pick a place you've been craving to eat. It's our treat."

"Uhm... I'd really like to try that weird Italian place that opened up." Rebecca said, shyly. "I-err-saw it when I went to meet with Aunt Sully on her lunch-break."

Archie and Paul raised their eyebrows at her. "The one in Sector 29?" Archie asked slowly, nervous over the fact that Rebecca wanted to go somewhere less desireable dressed as she was. It seemed a bit out of character for the girl to even venture out of the pristine Sector 1 Promenade.

"You sure you don't want to go somewhere, uhh, closer?" Paul asked. He was secretly glad he and Archie always carried phasers off-duty.

"I don't mind." Rebecca said, feeling sheepish at her suggestion. "We could go to that grill place opposite the precinct if you'd prefer?"

Archie and Paul looked at each other and shrugged simultaneously. "Italian in Sector 29 it is!" Paul stated, grabbing Archie's hand as the trio headed towards their destination. "Annie and Sully say it's pretty good too. And Annie would know good Italian food."

"So, Becks," Archie gave Rebecca a warm smile. "How's everything going? You like your new place? I know it's been a while since we've gotten to talk."

"Yeah, everything's going okay. Got finals coming up at school, so that's taking a lot of concentration. The new place helps, not having to cramp Richard's style all the time and that." She said, as she grabbed her purse. "I kinda feel that we've been a bit distant since my party, when you told me off."

Archie's brows furrowed. "Told you off? What are you talking about?" She actually felt like Rebecca was more comfortable with talking to her about things after the whole Klingon incident.

"You know, when you thought I was trying to hook up with Old Man Malone?" Rebecca said, suppressing the strong urge she had to bite back. After her chat with Caroline, she was much more aware of her own nasty habit of speaking before thinking, and she was NOT going to be mean to Aunt Ari and Uncle Paul. They were her favourites after all.

Paul let out a loud laugh. If Rebecca thought Malone was old, he was probably ancient to her.

Archie shook her head quickly and placed a hand across Rebecca's shoulder and brought her in close. "No no no! I wasn't telling you off..." She gave the girl a comforting and apologetic squeeze. "I just wanted to make sure you thought about your actions before you did something you were going to regret." Archie knew at the time it was a moot point anyway, especially after hearing about Rebecca's drunken sex-capade. "You were quite drunk and got a little defensive. Your brother and I were just trying to look out for you."

"I know, and although I didn't listen and got into a huge situation, it worked out for the better in a way." Rebecca said, smiling. "If we hadn't done what we did, Hannah and I probably wouldn't have been able to realise who we really were or how we felt about each other. You know what girls at school our age are like, they're always talking about adult stuff, and I didn't want to be left out - so I kinda rushed it."

Archie nodded in agreement. She was starting to realize she and Rebecca had a bit more in common than she thought they did. "Imagine growing up with four brothers. If you think girls are bad..." She gave Paul a playful nudge with her elbow.

"She's right..." Paul laughed in agreement. "I practically spent my teens chasing skirts. And I wasn't nearly as bad as the Porter boys."

"Well, I hate to say it, but girls are just as bad as boys," Rebecca replied. "They like to think they're above it all, but most of the time, girls just talk about 'the D'. I'd like to think that my experiences have made me a little more mature than my classmates. Although, I still have a lot more growing up to do..."

Archie gave her another side hug. "Just try not to rush it. Pretty soon you'll be old like Paul and wish you could go back to being a kid."

Paul rolled his eyes at his wife's quip. Even though he was now considered middle-aged he felt young at heart. He played it off but felt a slight sting in his chest from it. "Well, somebody has to babysit you, Arch."

"You know, I have always wondered why you married such an old man, Aunt Ari." Rebecca asked, innocently enough. "I mean, you're about to have a kid and all, surely looking after the kid and nursing grandpa over here going to be a bit much?" She immediately regretted what she said the moment it left her mouth, and she covered it with her hand in shock. What the hell was wrong with her?! Tears formed in her eyes, and she ran off towards a public restroom.

Stunned at the sudden emotional explosion that came out of Rebecca, Paul and Archie's mouths gaped open as they watched her run into the restroom. "Aw, geez..." Paul moaned. What did they do this time?

"I'll handle it. Just wait here..." Archie was confused as to the reasoning behind her emotional flee after her jest at Paul. However, Rebecca was a pretty typical teenaged girl who was quick with her mood swings. She couldn't leave her alone, so the woman followed Rebecca's trail, nearly bumping into the women that flowed in and out of the busy restroom. "Becks!" Archie's voice echoed as she tried to find where the girl holed herself up at.

Rebecca had locked herself into the stall at the far end of the restroom, and was trying to put herself back together. How could she say something so mean to Uncle Paul?! She'd promised herself that she'd be on her best behaviour tonight, so that what Caz had said wouldn't come true! She didn't want to alienate herself from her family! They were all she had.

Okay, sure she thought she'd been having some banter with her uncle, but she must've crossed the line, she knew she had somehow. Right? She just didn't trust her own mouth anymore, she didn't know if what she was saying was hurtful anymore. She'd been trying so hard to keep her responses as simple and as neutral as possible, but the moment she let her guard down, the verbal abuse had started. She sobbed again as she tried to figure out how she was going to fix it.

Archie pushed behind the various females fixing themselves up in front of the mirrors as she followed the sound of the loud crying, ignoring their glares as she bumped past each one. "Becks?" She stopped at the end stall, noticing Rebecca's shoes peeking out. Knocking gently, Archie leaned against the wall. She kept her voice quiet so only Rebecca could hear. "Honey, what's wrong? What happened out there?"

"I'm sorry Aunt Ari... I didn't mean to be so rude to Uncle Paul... please don't hate me..." She sniffled.

Archie shook her head quickly. "You weren't being rude. We were all joking around..." She paused, hoping her words helped calm her cries down a bit. "We would never hate you, Becks. You know how much you mean to me and Paul."

Rebecca opened the stall door to let Ari in, but went back into the stall. "Caz told me that I've been hurting people with my words, and that I'm driving my family away from me. I'm scared of loosing the only people in my life that matter to me. So I've been trying so hard not to say anything hurtful or spiteful, and been very careful... then I said such mean things about Uncle Paul..."

Archie's eyes softened as she looked at the girl's eyeliner that was running down her cheeks. She gave Rebecca a smile and gently wiped some of it away with her thumb. "I think what your sister means by that is sometimes your voice and words come off as a little entitled like you're better than others. You know who you sound like? And I don't want you to freak out. I'm just using it as an example. But you sound like your mother. And she's the most entitled, mean, spiteful, and selfish person I have ever met. You are so sweet and generous and loving and full of such excitement when you want to be." She patted down Rebecca's slightly frazzles hair. "You've been through a lot of changes and stressful situations, especially with what's going on with Richard. You're only human, but we just want you to be the best human you can possibly be."

She was turning into her mother?! Of all the things she could become, her mother was the last person alive she'd ever want to become! The mere thought made her so unhappy and mad at the same time, she had no idea what to say. She grabbed hold of Ari and just cried into her chest, unable to form any words, just wanting to get all of her mother out of her through her tears.

Archie stumbled a bit as the girl threw herself into her, letting out a slight 'oompf'. She was not expecting this reaction, but she sure was grateful for it. Wrapping her arms around Rebecca, Archie rested her head on top of hers and began rubbing her back gently. "It's ok, sweetie," she cooed. "Sometimes you just need to take a break from trying to hold everything in." Archie kissed the top of her head and squeezed her arms tightly around her.

After a few moments that felt like hours, Rebecca released herself from her hug and wiped the back of her hand across her eyes. What little remained of her mascara was completely ruined, and she laughed. "I bet I look a right state now, don't I?" She asked.

Chuckling, Archie helped dry off her cheeks some more. "You're not the first girl to cry in a public restroom, nor will you be the last." She opened up the stall door and grabbed Rebecca's hand. "Come on, let's go grab Paul and have ourselves a fun dinner. If we stay here any longer he may wander off and wind up at Sam's Bar without us."

Rebecca smiled, and tried out a quick joke; "You didn't tie him up to a lamppost before you came in you mean?"

Archie threw her head back and laughed. "I probably should do that next time..."

She waved over to Paul who was standing and looking concerned over what had happened with Rebecca. He spotted the pair and pushed himself off of the wall he was leaning on across the Promenade. "You alright, Becca?"

"I'm fine Uncle Paul." Rebecca said, smiling. "Sorry I was rude before. I got caught up in the moment, and my mouth engaged before my brain." She leaned in and gave him a hug. "Aunt Ari was worried if we were too much longer, you'd wander off."

Paul playfully messed her hair up to reassure her. "Oh, you're alright. Though I will say that as much as I love you I am so glad my kid is going to be a boy."


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