Obsidian Command
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Scratching the Surface

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Mission: Character Development
Location: FCPD Office

Although it was not her intent to bring up a personal inquiry so early in the meeting, Ira discovered Amaya’s reaction to be of some professional interest to her. Workplace unity led by a strong leader is important during critical incidents much like the Thomas Grey incident. After reading the multiple reports from the officers and meeting the Commander in person, Ira couldn’t help but feel like Amaya wasn’t exactly making starbase stability a priority by trying to keep up her own appearance.

Ira’s next stop was with Commander Reed, the man who had put in the request for an audit after fellow Intelligence Officer Nikkos Tyris had discovered enemy infiltration that had been completely disregarded by the Security officers onboard. Tyris had been a ‘friend’ of Commander Reed’s wife for a time and felt gracious enough to assist in bringing Ira onboard to finish what he was unable to. He also gave her a briefing on Commander Reed’s volatile personality: friendly one moment then enraged the next. Tyris also commented on Reed’s egotistical and proud other half: your best friend with a strong grasp on your puppet strings. They are both fiercely loyal to their people and each other and are two of the major players stationed on Obsidian Command.

She wasn’t worried about Commander Reed. He was a typical law enforcement worker and always helpful to his Intelligence big brothers. It was Captain Reed she wanted to look deeper into. Upon first glance, she had a dangerous combination of deep devotion and manipulative influence over others. But that was just from one perspective. Ira always believed in seeing things for herself.

The FCPD office was quieter than usual due to the missing persons investigation on Loki III. It was all hands on deck to assist in the search which forced Paul to park at the office common area computer doing the proverbial paper pushing he had been procrastinating on. It was a bummer Archie was away at a meeting; he sure could have used the eye candy to stop him from going cross-eyed.

His eyes perked up from the latest snooze-fest of a report at the new movement from the office entrance. His lip curled up at the tall poised officer that stood eyeing him. She was incredibly stunning with hauntingly bright crystal clear eyes that could put a hole in your soul.

Hey, Paul was married, not dead.

He stood up slowly and puffed up his chest a bit. “Can I help you?”

Ira’s eyebrows raised briefly. Yes, he was a typical cop with a primal urge to have his ego stroked by any female who comes within close proximity to him. “Commander Reed, I’m Lieutenant Commander Skovgaard...”

Paul’s lips widened to an excited smile. “Ah, yes! The new Second Officer…” He moved around his desk and extended a hand out to her. “Are you all settled into your quarters?”

Ira nodded and accepted his hand in greeting. “I am, thank you.” Her eyes moved slowly around the eerily quiet room. “I would prefer to speak with you in your office, Commander Reed.” They then fell back onto Paul, darkening slightly in preparation of cutting straight to business.

“Of course!” Paul led the woman down the hall to his open office, quickly shutting the door behind them. He pressed a few buttons on his security panel, knowing the woman was going to be digging deep. Neither of them could afford for anything to slip out into the wrong hands. “Please, take a seat Commander.”

Ira nodded in thanks and sat down. She brought out a small PADD and began typing on it as Paul took his place in his chair. He looked her over once again, noticing her perfect hair, her perfect face, and the perfect way she held the PADD with her… bionic arm. He tilted his head to the side in curiosity. “Assignment?”

Ira looked up with her brows furrowed. She then noticed his gaze was focused on her hand. “Oh. Yes, “ she stated with a slight hint of boredom then turned her attention back to her PADD. “Now, Commander Reed, I understand your concern over the safety of Obsidian Command.”

Paul couldn’t help but smirk at the woman. She just smoothly brushed off his attempt at small talk with her as if it was just a fly on her shoulder. “Unfortunately the former Security Chief had an issue with wanting all of the recognition without having to put forth any effort. He had no leadership skills and his officers were pretty much, for lack of a better phrase, sleeping on the job.”

Which explains the lack of acknowledgment of Vale’s infiltration of the base…. Ira had to catch herself from stating it out loud, per Commander Lance’s orders. It was a shame and also a rather unnecessary demand. Fortunately, Ira was quick on her feet and always adapted well to new challenges thrown at her. “So Commander Lance had decided to put you in charge of Security, leaving your officers to patrol the public areas and leaving Starfleet Security with the critical areas.”

Paul nodded. “Yes. The Starfleet Security Chief was reduced to having to report to me, much to the dissatisfaction of the former Security Chief. He immediately requested a transfer upon finding out.”

“How did the rest of the Security Officers feel about having to report to you?”

Paul couldn’t help but let out a laugh. “I don’t think you need to ask me. You know the answer to that.”

Ira placed the PADD in her lap. “I much prefer to hear it from the source, Commander.”

He couldn’t help but like the woman. She was a little stiff around the edges but she was fair and thorough. And she was ready and willing to help him out. “For the most part, they are here doing a job with the same goal as everyone one of us. However, their egos like to get the best of them and still haven’t learned to play well with their civilian counterparts. Mostly delayed reports but there are still the occasional shouting matches between our people we have to referee.”

Ira raised her eyebrow slightly. “Is the command staff aware of the issues that still remain between you and Starfleet Security?”

Paul shrugged. “I know Malone had them on a probationary period when he discovered they were the lowest performing department on the base about three or four months back. He is still in the process of trying to clean it up and weed out the problem children. All I can really do is just sit and wait.”

Ira nodded again, taking in everything that was placed in front of her. Paul had a very warm and open energy and he appeared to be at ease with this conversation. Nothing was forced and he answered her questions quickly and thoroughly. And he wasn’t holding back. She could see how Commander Lance would be appreciative of having someone like that by her side though she questioned how or why he would remain loyal to someone like the Commander. Was it out of his duty as an officer?

Her thought brought up the urge to begin discussing the incident when Commander Lance had taken Commander Reed’s phaser from his belt and ran to Commander Samuel’s office. It was never officially established what her intent was with the phaser but it had been clear to both Commander Reed in his incredibly detailed and straightforward report and Ira’s analysis what the intent was. Unfortunately, this particular topic had nothing to do with her current task at hand and would only satisfy her own professional curiosity.

“One more question, for now, Commander Reed,” Ira locked eyes with Paul. “Is Commander Lance aware you had personally requested the assistance of Starfleet Intelligence through Major Tyris instead of her?”

Paul swallowed roughly and nervously began fidgeting with his wedding ring. He had come to realize she already had the answers to her questions but, just like she had said earlier, she needed to hear them straight from the source. Either way, he had no intention of, or even attempting to, lie to her. It was just going to reiterate the fact that he and Archie went behind the Commanding Officer’s back because Amaya wanted to push everything bad that happened under the rug.

“No. When I asked for assistance I had requested specifically for your superiors to advise they had selected the base for a Security audit in light of the recent infiltration. Commander Lance would have rejected my request since she has a habit of trying to hide from less-than-pleasant events.” He felt sick to his stomach admitting to Ira what he had done. It’s for the good and safety of the base, he began repeatedly reminding to himself. “She’s a good CO, Commander. She just has a lot of maturing left to do.”

Ira maintained her eye contact with the man, seeing the look of guilt and desperation over his admission. She had a deep-rooted understanding that loyalty can only stretch so far, especially since he confirmed her understanding of the base Commander. “Thank you for your time, Commander Reed.” She stood up, placing her PADD down at her side. “I’ll let you get back to work.”

Paul stood up quickly, giving her an unsure smile. “Anything you need, Commander, please just let me know.”

Ira nodded and headed back out into the FCPD to begin laying out the pieces to the Obsidian Command puzzle.

As soon as the door shut behind Ira, Paul let out a loud sigh of anxiety from the woman’s questions. He fell back into his chair and raked his hands over his sweating cheeks. He very well could have just sealed his fate on the base, and there was a high chance it wouldn’t be a good one. Paul wanted to talk to Archie but figured Ira would be speaking with her next. He needed to keep this to himself, at least for now.

Maybe asking for Intelligence’s help wasn’t the best idea...


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