Obsidian Command
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Reservations - Part Two

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Mission: The Admiral's Daughter
Location: Matt and Joey's room, Onyx Hotel
Timeline: MD-02

Joey collapsed onto his bed, his eyes directed towards the white ceiling above him. He needed to give himself a moment to get his shit together. The shock of everything -the pristine hotel, the beautiful receptionist, the list of women at their beck and call- made his head spin. The radio had been set up and the first message to Malone had been sent. They made it to the room and this was going to be more than just checking out a lead. He rubbed his hands over his face. He felt like he was in a dream and needed to wake up before things went horribly wrong.

“Jesus, this place is insane!” Matt called out from his own bedroom. “You can’t expect Adam Cross to be legitimate and build a place like this without it being touched by dirty hands.”

Joey sat up and looked at the black sheets and blankets that covered the mattress. “So, what do we do now? Just wait for Annie and Steve to show?” He slowly made his way back to the common area of their suite: white walls filled with black and white furniture inside of a kitchenette, a large living room with luxurious couches and chairs, an entertainment center, and a fully stocked bar. He was tempted to break open one of the beers but had to remind himself of his and Matt’s drinking policy during undercover work.

“We should wait until they check in. Then we should give ourselves a tour, figure out where everything is, and anything that sticks out to us.” Matt unzipped one of his bags and pulled out some swim trunks and a towel. “The Federation bought this place for us, we might as well use it. I could definitely use a rinse off in the pool. I feel like a wet mop in this humidity.”

Joey plopped onto the couch, feeling his stomach churn from the nerves. “You think that’s a good idea? Shouldn’t we stay in the room?”

Matt stuck his head out from his room. He understood the guy’s rookie concerns, especially when he was feeling and acting like a fish out of water. “We need to act as normal as possible. As long as we check in every hour or so with Malone we should be good. We’ll need to keep an eye on Annie and Steve too which would keep us out of the room.”

Letting out a sigh, Joey swung his feet onto the arm rest. “Did you see Kris in the list of women the receptionist gave you?”

Matt shook his head. “Fortunately no. It’s only been a day since they were more than likely taken. If she is going to be used as a prostitute she probably won’t be featured for a couple days or so.” Matt threw off his sweat-soaked shirt and tossed it on the ground in his room. “We can walk around, hit the pool, maybe check out that club the girl told us about. VIP status, baby!” Matt let out a howl.

Joey couldn’t help but laugh at him. “You going to use that list to your full advantage?”

Matt smirked. “Nah, Sully’s more than enough woman for me. She transferred over to Sector 29 just so that we can be together. That’s some dedication right there…” He quickly changed out of his pants and into his blue and white striped swim shorts. “I can’t be an idiot again and expect her to stick with my dumb ass.”

Joey chuckled. “Yeah… you gonna marry her or something?”

Matt let his pause sink in a bit. Was he ready to say it out loud? Would he be jinxing his good luck streak by telling Joey that it was the one thing he couldn’t stop thinking about since the night she told him she belonged to him? “Yeah… was thinking about it.” He finally answered.

“And another one bites the dust…” Joey replied with a longing sigh.

Matt walked back out in the living room with his swim towel draped around his shoulder. “Welcome to growing up and getting old, Waters.” He raised his eyebrow at him. “Though that sounded more like a jealous sigh than a disappointed sigh.”

Joey’s eyes moved up to the ceiling as he began tapping his fingers on his chest. “Let’s just say I’m not exactly as, uhh, smooth talking with the ladies as most of you guys in the precinct are. I see an attractive woman, I open my mouth, and word vomit comes out. Like, I start rambling about the latest FCPD security update and how I was able to hack into Captain Reed’s computer so that whenever she began typing on it a video of Jason Voorhees would pop up without warning.”

Matt threw his head back and laughed, remembering hearing Archie’s scream and curses when the first video popped up and scared her. “That was pretty awesome though…”

Joey’s eyes twinkled in amusement and pride. “Yeah but not exactly something that brings in the ladies.”

“Look, Waters, here’s my advice. And I feel like I would qualify to give it.” He gave Joey a smirk. “The right woman for you is worth the wait. All of those extra women, the fillers… they’re not worth wasting your time over. They don’t care about you, and you don’t care about them. There’s no point in that. You’ll know who that woman is when you meet her and make her laugh or impress her with your techno-babble.”

Joey sat up on the couch and tilted his lips up a bit. “I guess…”

Matt looked his face over, then shook his head. Joey was young and eager and not like most of the officers they worked with. It was refreshing. He couldn’t help but want to help the guy out. “Look, we’re going to be surrounded by loads of stunning women. I mean, top of the line. I’m not going to say to use them to your full advantage but it probably wouldn’t hurt to practice talking to them. I’m not sure how deep their conversation skills are, them being prostitutes and all, but at least it’ll keep up our cover and help get your confidence up for when the right woman comes along.”

Joey raised his eyebrow and tilted his head at him. He had a lot of respect for Matt and looked up to him. He was a great leader and respected the officers that worked for him. And he was going out of his way to help him out. “Thanks, L.T.”

“Anytime, Waters. Now get your ass into your swimsuit. We’re going on a little adventure.”


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