Obsidian Command
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Reservations - Part One

Posted on 07 Aug 2018 @ 12:30pm by

Mission: The Admiral's Daughter
Location: Onyx Hotel
Timeline: MD-02

Joey was in awe with the white granite of the luxurious hotel entrance. He had never seen anything so grand, so elegant… His already somewhat sheltered life didn’t prepare him for this.

“Close your mouth, dude!” Matt nudged him as they walked with their bags stacked roughly on the hovercart down the hallway. “Can you be anymore obvious?”

He snapped his mouth quickly and adjusted the bag awkwardly over his shoulder. “Sorry, L.T.. Just a little… overwhelming…” His voice was quiet, trying not to give away their motives.

Matt looked over at Joey and shook his head. “I hope that L.T. is out of your system.”

“Damnit!” Joey smacked his forehead after realizing he slipped up yet again. “Ryan, Ryan, Ryan… you’re Ryan for now.” He was frustrated with himself and was beginning to doubt his supervisor’s decision to have him come along.

“And you’re Jack. And if anyone asks we’re just a couple of bachelors on a trip before I tie the knot next week.” Matt was the one who had come up with that cover, knowing it would be easy enough to maintain. And it kind of made him feel good that he got to pretend he was engaged to MacKenzie. It helped him test out his personal theory.

Joey let out a nervous sigh as they approached the reception area and the beautiful tall blonde receptionist waiting excitedly to help them. Her crisp white shirt was just cut low enough and her white skirt was just cut high enough to tease and entice whoever was going to walk through the doors.

“Welcome to the beautiful Onyx Hotel & Resort…” The woman chewed on her lower lip as she eyed the two men. “Do you have a reservation?”

Matt gave the woman his most alluring smile. It was time to turn on the charm from back in the day before he and MacKenzie got back together. “Actually, we don’t. But we were hoping you’d be able to help us. I’d hate to miss out on seeing your beautiful face because you turned us away.” He gave her a sultry wink as he leaned forward on the reception desk.

Joey stood back and felt both awkward and ashamed that he would never be able to talk to women with such ease like how Matt could. He continued to look around the massive lobby area and felt for the radio panel that rested in his shoulder bag. It was still there and intact.

The receptionist let of a closed mouth chuckled as she tapped on her screen. “Looks like we do have some vacancies... “ Her bright blue eyes moved slowly back up to meet with Matt’s.

“Before you ask, money is no option. Looking for three nights.” Matt jumped in to answer the woman’s impending question. He once again thanked the Federation for footing the bill.

The receptionist sucked in a quick breath. The gentlemen were both young, good looking, and apparently had bottomless pockets. Mr. Cross always valued this particular type of guest. ‘Always brings in a good vibe,’ he would tell her. ‘People flock to young jet setters and are more open to suggestion.’ After what had happened the day before, she was eager to please him in a less physical way. “You gentlemen are in luck. We have one of our two bedroom suites available. Pool side view, VIP access to the club…” She then grabbed a PADD and slid it over to Matt. “And, only for our most esteemed guests,” her voice was hushed as if she was telling him one of her deepest darkest secrets, “a selection of beautiful women for your pleasure. All included, of course.”

Joey’s eyes widened. A selection of women?! His stomach sank at the thought of their gut instincts becoming reality. Adam Cross was back at it again and using the same tactic as before. Kris may be one of them. He tried to take a peek at the PADD but Matt’s broad shoulders were blocking his view.

Matt raised an eyebrow at her as he scanned the images briefly. “And when we’re ready?”

“Just call the front desk and ask for a French lesson.” She let out another delicate giggle, her chest slightly bouncing and causing her white lace bra to peek up from underneath her shirt.

The men’s eyes moved simultaneously to the woman’s modest reveal. Joey swallowed roughly. Matt let out a quiet stimulated hiss. They were both in for a long and tempting assignment.

“Now, just need your names and a form of payment and you’ll be all set.”

Matt and Joey remained distracted by the vision that was standing before them. Matt then realized what she asked of them, “Oh!” and reached into his pocket, “Ryan Vaughn.” He then nodded towards Joey, whose eyes remained frozen on the woman. “And the idiot next to me is Jack Fuller.” He glared at Joey to bring him back to their job.

Joey felt Matt’s frustrated eyes and immediately turned to him apologetically. “Right! Sorry… this place is just so… beautiful.” He gave the woman an awkward lopsided smile as he handed his identification card over.

The receptionist wasn’t phased by the men’s involuntary ogling. She was rather used to it. “Well, Mr. Vaughn, Mr. Fuller, you’re all set.” She handed the men their cards back, slid over the room key cards, and flashed them a warm and glistening smile. “We look forward to serving you. Please, enjoy your stay.”

Matt tapped his room key on the granite counter, gave the woman one last wink, and turned to grab Joey and drag him up to their room before the drool started pouring out of his mouth.


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