Obsidian Command
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First Impressions

Posted on 09 Aug 2018 @ 7:59am by Commander Amaya Lance

Mission: Character Development
Location: Amaya's Office

Ira looked at each moving part of the Ops room. It was a typical Ops system, though much larger than any of the others she had worked in before. No wonder it appeared to have a target on its back the past year. With the amount of space traffic that came in on a daily basis, it was perfect to form a nice bruise on the Federation’s cheek for all of the galaxy to see. This was going to be a wonderful challenge for her.

Standing tall outside of the Commander’s office door, Ira waited patiently to be let in. She had heard good, though slightly interesting things, about this Commander Lance from her Intelligence superiors. Ira always preferred to make judgments for herself.

"Come on in," Amaya called. It seemed to be a regular thing for her to be welcoming new staff to the station.

Ira stepped in and quickly took a strong attention stance in front of Amaya’s desk. Her blue eyes were clear with excitement about getting started but her jaw remained tight and strong with seriousness. “Lieutenant Commander Skovgaard reporting for duty, Commander.”

"Yes, of course. Our new second officer." Amaya smiled pleasantly. "Take a seat, Ms Skovgaard. I was just looking over your file...what parts of it I am cleared to, of course."

Ira's lips remained neutral as she slowly took her seat in the chair. She was slightly confused at being greeted so personally by her Commanding Officer. "Do you have any questions for me?"

"Aside from the gaps in your record, you mean?" Amaya smiled, putting the PADD down. "Why here? You could have chosen an assignment just about anywhere, this seems like an unusual posting for someone of your experience."

Ira raised her eyebrow at Amaya. "I was asked to come here, Commander. Along with helping Commander Malone I was asked to look at the security protocols after the last infiltration of the station by Vale." She paused, wondering how much Amaya had actually been aware of her coming to the base.

"Of course," Amaya nodded. Evidently the woman was all-business. "In that case, take it from me that I hope that you succeed in your goal."

Ira nodded. The Commander at first glance came across as being somewhat of a people pleaser, at least between the jokes and the well-wishes. Those types were sometimes difficult to work with, especially when it came to making important policy changes. "I actually have a few questions, Commander, about your chosen structure here. I noticed you have the Federation Police as the primary Security force on base. What made you decide that?" She had a general idea of what the reasoning was after looking over the previous files but it didn't hurt to hear it straight from the mouth of the Commander.

"You'll learn quickly that I value trust," Amaya replied. "I need to be able to trust my senior officers, sometimes with my life and the lives of everyone on the station. Commander Reed has proven on more than one occasion that he is very well-suited for that position and has earned my trust far above anyone else in that section. Lt. Commander Malone, similarly, feels he is trustworthy and competent. That is enough for me."

Ira gave her another nod, this time in understanding. Trust was something that was earned, and something she personally didn't believe existed in her life. Her arm was enough of a reminder of that. "I understand you got mixed up into that business with the terrorist group. Some personal connection with a Commander Samuels?"

Amaya's lips closed a moment as she pondered the question, and the way it was framed. Almost like an interrogation. She wondered how exactly Ira would have known about the personal aspect of it.

"The personal connection? There wasn't much of one, we were casual acquaintances from a long time ago. So far as I understand it, Commander Samuels was murdered for passing us evidence that led to the terrorist group in question." She didn't elaborate on the rest. Perhaps the woman in front of her knew the truth, perhaps she didn't. Either way, Amaya would maintain the story for the sake of everyone else.

Ira kept her lips neutral as they tried to force themselves into a smirk. "Commander Samuels was an old boyfriend of your sister's. I wouldn't necessarily call that casual." She tilted her head subtly to the side as she felt Amaya's tension and practiced response and lack of awareness of Ira's security clearance level. But she held her tongue at the request of her Superiors. Now wasn't the time to push buttons. It was time to do her job and clear up Obsidian Command's security issues. "I'm not accusing you of anything, Commander. I'm just looking at the facts and any possible security routes that could lead us to secure this place better." Her eyes darkened slightly. "It was Thomas Grey who gave you the PADD, not Commander Samuels." Ok, she needed to poke around just a bit to get a feel for the place.

It was Amaya's turn for her eyebrow to raise. "It seems you have been reading." She glanced about unconsciously, almost conspiratorially. "The senior staff here are good people. They don't need things like that dragging-up. So long as you work here, under my command, you are under orders not to discuss this matter." She chose her words carefully. It wasn't a threat, merely a statement of intent; trust, after all, had to be earned.

Ira wasn’t totally surprised at Amaya’s response. The Commander had a very political mindset, more than likely due to her father, and behaved as if she was trying to save face. Her image towards everyone, including a complete stranger such as herself, was of utmost importance. Though she did find it humorous that she had been given a task by her superiors and was now expected to do it blindly because the Commander was embarrassed. Ira gave her a strong nod, “Yes, Commander,” and waited for Amaya to tread through the tensed air the Commander had developed around them.

"Good. My suggestion is that you report to Commander Malone, he coordinates duty roster and assignments," Amaya said plainly.

Ira gave her another nod. “Do you know when he will be returning after his work on Loki’s surface?”

"Not at this stage. Our rescue efforts are ongoing. Perhaps you should check on the progress our investigative teams are making. Commander Reed might be a good first stop for that." Amaya realised the mild irony in pointing Ira to the man whose role she had questioned, but perhaps that would help the new officer understand the reasoning behind Amaya's decision.

Ira placed her hands on the armrests of her chair. Her bionic arm made a gentle clank as she pushed herself up. “I need to speak with him anyway.” Paul was actually the one who had spoken with Intelligence about the base security issues. It seemed his wife had a connection with her department and he decided to use it. The question of whether Amaya knew about it or not was going to be left unanswered for the moment. “I’m looking forward to helping you out here.”

"I'm sure," Amaya nodded. She could have made a retort that they didn't need the help, but thought better of it. First impressions, and all that. "I look forward to the improvements you'll be bringing to our security measures."

Ira tilted her lip up a bit at the Commander’s statement. It had tensed and defensive written all over it. Seeing how she went from relaxed and the usual response of making feeble attempts at jokes in order to ‘break the ice’ to completely closed off and hard as a rock, Ira now needed to figure out with Amaya was the true her and which one was the facade. How much of it was her attempt at hiding recent wounds or a bruised ego? “Is there anything else, Commander?”

"Nothing else. I'll await your next report," Amaya noted.

Ira turned and walked out of the office and back into the main Ops area. After her first meeting with the suddenly uncooperative Commander she felt her original prognosis was correct: this was going to be a wonderful challenge.


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